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Ever try ice fishing ‘eyes with plastics?

I know a lot of people have (finally) been playing ’round with plastics while ice fishing for panfish, but they can work just as good-er for walleyes….

Walters typically come through in small pods, so lot of times you can boost the number of fish you catch simply by being able to instantly drop back down on ’em…instead of dinking around with live bait.

Of course I wouldn’t mess with it on an “off” bite, but can work awesome when fishing jigging spoons more aggressively — constantly keeping ’em moving.

The particular combo below is an Impulse Minnow Head threaded onto the hook shank of a 3/8-oz “red dot glow” PK Spoon:

Pull the treble hook off and thread the shank through the middle of the Impulse Minnow Head, so the hook eye just pokes through the top. You can fish all day with this setup since the fish can’t pull the threaded minnow head off.

Recommend pre-rigging several different spoons from the comfort of your kitchen table (wife permitting lol) ‘cuz split-rings and cold fingers don’t mix.

Or maybe get a Northland Minnow Head Hook so you don’t run out of Band-Aids — also helps keep the swinging motion of the hook since the plastic can’t cover up the split-ring to restrict that motion:

Give plastics a shot the next time you’re on a decent bite. The best way to boost your confidence using the “fake” stuff is when you’re already on fish….

6 must-have jigging spoons for hardwater walleyes.

No doubt there’s a pile of jigging spoons out there…’cuz they straight-up catch fish! You’ve probably already got your faves, so did any of ’em make this list of 6 tried-and-true options that have been putting walleyes topside for years?!

I’m confident this lineup of jigging spoons could pluck walleyes through the ice on any lake, anywhere. Heeeere we go — straight off my ice rods and into this write-up:

Showed some of my favorite fish-catchin’ colors below — in no particular order:

Fave size: 1/8-oz

Darts and flies outside the hole to cover a ton of real estate, yet fishes heavy enough for the feel/control you skilled spooners are lookin’ for. Super-loud brass rattles make a different kind of “ting” on its alloy innards. Tie on a “techni-glo red” in dirty water and you won’t look back:

Fave size: 3/16-oz

Rattle-bearing jigging spoons have taken over the tackle trays of most walleye-nuts, but don’t forget about those silent options when times get tough. It’s all about the flash and flutter, and the VMC Tingler Spoon’s got it all. Works especially well in clear zeeb-infested water, during a cold-front or on heavily-pressured fish.

I’m a sucker for the bigger 3/16-oz size, but don’t be afraid to drop down to 1/8-oz when the fish are super fussy. #SilentButDeadly

Fave size: 1/4-oz

Stainless steel BBs + Pyrex-glass housing = a unique clacking sound that calls ’em in from waaaay out. Slices through the water and has just enough flutter to seal the deal on picky-eaters:

Fave size: 1/8-oz

Great 1-2 punch in a single bait: can be fished “soft” when there’s slow-moving fish on the graph…or sped up and pounded. Unique “knuckle” bend gives it that tasty tumbling action on the drop, and the small metallic attractor blade adds flash and sound. There’s a reason it’s guide Brad Hawthorne’s all-time favorite spoon….

Fave size: 1/8-oz

Really don’t think this OG needs an introduction…it’s literally been ringing the dinner bell since 1999! Noisy brass rattle gift wrapped in holographic or UV finishes, can’t go wrong. There’s something special about that “purple tiger” color – flat-out catches ’em in clear or stained water. #Dibs

Fave size: 3/8-oz

Every walleye fishermen should own a 3/8-oz PK Spoon — especially in the “red dot glow” color — it’s THAT good when fished aggressively.

I work it just like you would a rattlebait through the ice: Start out high (say 2-3′ off bottom) and run a series of big rips before letting it flutter back down…then rock it in place for 5-ish seconds if it takes that long to get whacked….

When you realize how much $$$ you’ve spent on jigging spoons:

Add an extra split-ring to your jigging spoons.

Here’s a simple but super-effective spoon hack Brad Hawthorne uses to ice more of the fish he sees on his graph. Read the full Joel Nelson write-up here — also talks about adding blades and swapping out stock hooks for Glow Resin Trebles. Here’s few split-ring tweakin’ excerpts:

> At first I started tinkering with creating some separation in my baits, mostly on account of seeing bites where walleyes focus so heavily on whatever you tip your spoon with.

> Long dropper-chains work well for perch, but are often overkill. Adding just one more split-ring — between the existing split ring and hook on most spoons — can dramatically increase the number of fish you’ll convert.

> The action was just incredible [thanks to the] freedom that extra split ring gives the business end of your lure and bait.

> This is a go-to for lethargic fish. With stamped metal spoons that flutter or wobble on the drop [like the VMC Tingler Spoon], the effect can be even more impressive.

> Most of these spoon types have a bend in them, creating that wiggle. Add another split ring to these baits and you can still get that motion, but dropping on a tighter line causes the same bait to coast off past the edges of the hole…enticing fish that aren’t directly below you.

> Multiply the extra couple of feet you cover off to the sides by the number of holes you cut in a day, and you’re really getting at more fish in the same water. I really like these baits when fishing new areas or scouting.

Lots more info from Joel and Brad on spoon tweaks right here.

Use brighter glow spoons for mid-winter walleyes.

Little early to be talkin’ mid-winter bites, but I know some of you are planning out your trips for later in the season. Thicker ice and snow pack + dirty water = less light penetration, aka lure visibility.

That’s when Jon Thelen turns the night light on for ’em — to make sure they can see the presentation — with a Lindy Glow Spoon. (Spoiler alert: He gets thrown around by a true Lake of the Woods GIANT towards the tail-end of this video.)

Reminder that the Lindy Glow Spoon lights up from the inside out — the light goes IN the spoon. It sort of relaxes me…like the Hatch Baby night-light thingy in our nursery:

Man if that ain’t a sign I need to get out ice fishing ASAP, I don’t know what is lol.

How Canadians “lace-up” for early-ice.

More proof Canadians don’t go anywhere without maple syrup or hockey skates (lol). Cool Jay Siemens video — if you’re lookin’ to kill 12 minutes at work — where he and Lake of the Woods guide Jamie Bruce hole-hop with skates. The hockey-stick ice scoop had me rollin’ lol:

Jay Siemens is a big-fish junkie with an eye for catching fish through the lens. He’s best known as the OG videographer for Uncut Angling, but was a full-time fishing guide at SK’s Wollaston Lake Lodge before becoming a full-time shooter. More info on Jay’s journey here.

Now he’s ramping up his own YouTube channel and kicking out some quality content. #Cinematic


1. We lost Mike Thill.

You know the name if you’ve ever fished with a slip-bobber. RIP fishing brother.

2. Lake Erie Fall Brawl winning fish.

Clarence Mitchell Jr. won the Lake Erie Fall Brawl with a monster 13.7-lb bruiser that ate a pink and purple Bandit. Towed home a tricked-out $100K [!] Warrior boat for the big-fish honors. Congrats man!

Also meet the 10-yr-old that won himself a boat with an 11.3-lber he caught trolling a Bay Rat. #Stout

3. ND: What are you doing this weekend?

Lol! Talkin’ the new Fargo Ice Show happenin’ RIGHT NOW and the rest of this weekend. Great deals on gear, fishing seminars and lots of giveaways which you can check on their FB page.

Word from Fish Addiction staffer Anthony Kleinwachter is the “entire concourse is filled, can only see half the vendors in this shot” from earlier this morn…while everyone was still sipping their coffee:

4. MN: Upper Red Lake walleyes gettin’ bigger?

Known for having zillions of eater-sized fish, but seeing more above-average fish caught. AnglingBuzzard Nick Lindner played a little hooky — with some boys from the Northland — and got into a few rather impressive whitetails.

Click the pic to see Nick’s Vlog from the day:

Sounds like the best bait of the day was the new “super-glo redfish” Northland Glo-Shot Jig — I also plan on trying one for ‘pout later this winter….

5. MN: Arrowhead Ice Fishing Show, Duluth, Dec 7-9.

Kicks off today. Thanks goes to Twin Ports area guide Jarrid Houston for the heads up [fist-bump emoji].

I’ve mentioned Quik Measure Pro before — guys who make the transparent, self-adhesive rulers you can slap right on your fishing rod….

Well, I got to playing in my garage (what’s new?!) and started slapping ’em on just about every fishing-related thing I own — cooler, rod case, fish-house sled, you name it. Why? ‘Cuz the less things I have to carry from hole to hole, the better.

Their larger/wider 36″ Transparent Boat Ruler found its way onto my ice chisel. That way I can quickly check ice thickness — while “spudding” my way out — by hooking the lip of the chisel on the bottom of the ice:

Cool product, fellas! Keep doing your thing.

8. Love this new vid from Rapala.

> We are all witnessing the change right in front of us with High School and College teams growing faster than we can chase them. Youth anglers are independent, social, smart and filled with creativity! And that is all a good thing!

> At Rapala we say…embrace them, talk to them, educate them, support them, fish with them, and most importantly have FUN with them!

Vid brings back a lot of memories and makes me want to fish right now. #passion

9. Raymarine has new Element tech.

10. Buy an Ice Armor suit and get free $180-ish boots.

A pair o’ Clam Sub Zero X Boots rated to -40. Awesome deal if you’re in the market for a new suit — more deets here:

11. Looking for Midwest fishing reports?

The crew from AMSOIL is kicking out a ton of current videos — all in one spot — and updating it constantly.

12. Last chance to get in on…

…our Garmin Panoptix Ice Bundle giveaway!

If you want to see why this unit is an actual “game changer,” you’ll wanna check out this REALLY good Uncut Angling video. #MicDrop

Tip of the Day

From Jason Mitchell:

> “One of the most common mistakes anglers make is letting the lure settle too much between strokes. The longer the lure hangs, the more the lure turns.

> “On the next stroke, the lure comes off a different direction and this direction is unpredictable. One second the lure is 6” in front of the fish and then the lure shoots towards the fish disappearing…game over.

> “Remember that walleyes don’t back up that well and they need room to turn around, this is why staying in front of the fish is so crucial.

> “Don’t let the lure settle at the bottom of the jig stroke. Start your up stroke before the lure settles so that the lure dances and the cadence and direction of the dart or swing becomes locked into one direction and becomes predictable. The target becomes much easier for fish to hit.

> “The moves that pull fish into the cone angle from 20′ away often have to change as a fish gets close. This understanding of how to use tempo and cadence to find fish while reading your electronics to trigger fish will help you catch a lot more walleyes this winter.”

You can keep reading Jason’s walleye-infested article by clicking here.

Quote of the Day

If you stay in the bath too long your fingers will look like prunes.

– That’s Josh McFaddin’s caption under this Jay Siemens shot:

Know if I were a fish, I’d be swimming in the opposite direction of that saw-wielding Winnipegonian….

Shot of the Day Year?!

How ridiculous(ly good) is this prop-wash shot from Tom McMurray? That’s his buddy David A. Neill releasing a 14.5-lb [!] Bay of Quinte gravel lizard he stuck on a #12 Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk — wowza:

Can tell they’re fat when the scales are all stretched-out like that. Hats off, fellas!

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