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Best spots in the Midwest, Communicate by transducer, Bigguns of the week

Today’s Top 5

Top early-spring walleye destinations in the Midwest.

Looking for a spring destination with open water (maybe even right now) and good walleye fishing? Us too. Here’s 5 killer early-season spots that kick out solid fish every spring — in no particular order:

1. Rainy River (Baudette, MN)
2. Fox River (Green Bay, WI)
3. Mississippi River (Pools 2-9)
4. Maumee River (Maumee, OH)
5. Devils Lake, ND

Click the pic below to read the full write-up:

Guess how many eggs a female walleye lays?

Short answer: A bunch.

Long answer:

> “Female walleye will lay 50K to 60K eggs for every 2.2 lbs of their body weight. This means that a 5-lb fish could lay up to 300K eggs. A 10-lber will produce over 500K! ${“[“}#EggCannons]

> “Walleye are broadcast spawners, which means that the females drop their eggs out on the bottom and the males come along later…. The parents abandon their offspring and provide no protection for the little ones.

> “Only about 5-20% of the eggs actually hatch, and approximately 1 of every 10K survive to adulthood…why it’s important it is to release pre-spawn female walleye.”

Matt Foley approves of this message:

Bigguns of the week!

Eric Boysen (@edboysen) joined the 30″ club with this 10-lb 2-oz Manitoba greenback that scarfed his “UV pink tiger” Northland Stand-Up Fire-Ball Jig. Bonus points for the OG Target Walleye trucker hat, dude! [fist-bump emoji]:

Tyler Bryan (@highwildnfree92) struck bonus SK gold while chasin’ burbot with a 1/4-oz Lindy Rattl’N Flyer. Ever think you’d see the day where people are accidentally catching ‘eyes while burbot fishing…instead of the other way around??? Diggin’ it:

NWT pro Dylan Nussbaum slammed the Lake Erie walldawgs on Bandits and Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogues trolled 20/20 with 1-oz snap-weights. #EggWagons

For you visual learners, here’s what “20/20” means in this case:

Ever see this many ponies in one place??

Check this pic James Lindner sent me from a boat show down in AL:

Yup, that’s 2,000 Merc-ified ponies on the back of that rig. Hope that guy or gal has a gas sponsor lol. #ChaChing

That’s cool and all, but the 1-hp rig looks preeeetty relaxing if you’re not in a hurry:

Ultimate ice-fishing ATV???

Meet Sherp, a Russian go-anywhere ATV. Is it really worth $120K to outdo your fishing buddies? Yes. It’s always worth something to do that!

If you wanna check one out in person, Sherp ATV is gonna be showin’ out at Woodland Resort on Devils Lake, ND Apr 10. #RoadTrip


1. One of the better “Throwback Thurs” pics I’ve seen.

Here’s Dave “The Godfather of Ice Fishing” Genz back where it all started:

Tough to imagine where the ice industry would be without all Dave has done…so a big thank YOU man!

Case you didn’t know. Their 2019 goal is to collect and fertilize 126 mil eggs from fish they collect in reservoirs like Pueblo Lake, Chatfield and Cherry Creek.

3. MN: Park Rapids Fishing Expo happenin’ Apr 12.

Free admission with a chance to meet fish-heads like Chip Leer, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, Jason Durham and more.

4. ND: Heard NDSU started a fishing team.

The founder/club prez is Lucas King, son of NWT angler of the year Brett King. Which for some reason instantly makes me think of this meme:

5. MI: Red swamp crayfish might invade the Great Lakes.

6. OR might help fund outdoor biz startups.

> Outdoor industry leaders say the bill would allow outdoor startups to overcome a harsh business climate. Most angel investors and venture capital funds target companies in the medical and technology sectors. Startups in consumer products, and especially outdoor gear, get less attention.

Keepin’ it local on the Detroit River and for the right species. 😉

Tip of the Day

Measure depth from the TOP of the ice.

Quickie tip that helps me get dialed in on the bite fast and eliminates guesswork (transducer-cable variable) so everyone’s communicating on the same page:

Can mean the difference between an “okay day” vs “great day” when fish are cruising a specific contour, or if you’re breaking down a shallow flat/lake where a 1-3′ depth change is big.

Quote of the Day

…toothy gamefish which are highly desired by anglers because of the taste of their meat.

– That’s an article explaining what walleyes are to trout/salmon guys over in New Yawk. Said walleye were illegally stocked — but thriving — in Skaneateles Lake…makes ’em worried how it’ll impact the trout/salmon fishing.

Meme of the Day

Anyone else excited to finally see some dang grass again?! Heck, I might not even cut it for the first month-ish of the walleye season…. #priorities

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Future fish tacos brought to you by the Freedom Tackle Hammered Minnow Spoon. No word if @6mile.netboy is sharing or not:

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