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Auger-powered sled!, Iced-in pickups, Green or blue walleye?

Today’s Top 5


Is that cool or what??

> To use what Adam Ford calls the Ice Auger Machine, ice fishermen just uncouple the motor from their existing auger, and mount it on the front of the cart. That motor then powers a chain drive that turns the rear wheels.
> The current prototype is fairly simple, weighing in at around 105 lb (48 kg) and traveling at a maximum speed of about 10 mph (16 km/h). Adam tells us that he’s working on an improved model which he plans on selling in a limited run in order to fund large-scale production. It will incorporate features such as a lighter tubular aluminum frame, a chain guard, foot rests, and a seat that swivels sideways once the cart has stopped, giving the user a place to sit while they fish.
Watch the vid here:
Wonder if it would work with the awesome StrikeMaster Lithium Lazer?



Luckily nothing bad happened…to people:

> The driver of a pickup truck drove out onto freshly formed ice on Lake Erie off Stony Point Sunday and became stuck when the vehicle partially broke through the surface. The driver of a second pickup apparently went to help when his vehicle partially broke through and also became trapped.

> Monroe County Sheriff’s Lt. Brian Angerer said no one was injured after the two trucks became stuck about 200 yards off Ave. E in Stony Point. However, since there was no way to safely determine if someone was in distress at the time, the sheriff’s helicopter flew over the scene to make certain no one was in danger.


Ike doesn’t like pouts.


Bass and Rapala pro Mike Iaconelli hit the MN ice this week, and this was his least favorite fish….


‘Eyes IN the water.


Jan. 2 was a cool MN day, but Tom Davis and Mark Schutz found some walleyes in flowing water. The ticket was floats with suckers drifted with the current. Not everybody fishes on top of the water — these guys were IN it.



Can’t tell if that’s a green- or blue-backer or both, but it’s a nice fish!


> Our survey team has expanded the High Definition map coverage into the MidAtlantic and NorthEast regions with new, Version 1 Editions for anglers. In addition to these two regions, we’ve added a new PLUS version of these products as well. The PLUS series allows for aerial image overlay on High Definition waters in addition to all of the LakeMaster features.

Awesome name, guide converted a rehab facility into a fishing lodge.

Ice News

> A sturgeon caught on the St. Croix River [with a shiner] was 75″ long and estimated to weigh about 115 lbs…. Sturgeon are not in season, so the big fish was released back through the ice.

> Minnesota’s lake sturgeon record is a 94-pound, 4-ounce fish caught in the Kettle River in 1994 that measured 70″ long with a 26.5″ girth.

Mike Halter of Rapid City, new state record tiger trout @ 3.225 lbs (19″ long, 12″ girth), caught at Lake in Custer State Park where previous record was caught (1.2 lbs). Caught with small jig with a worm and two kernels of corn.

3. NE, UT: Ice clinics next few weekends.

For ice-heads.

RIP fishing brother.

Out of Sunset Lodge in the NW Angle of MN’s Lake of the Woods. Check out this vid of a nice walleye catch and more:


1. IL: Silver Lake this weekend.

2. MI: Mackinaw derby Jan. 17.

3. WI: Wissota Ice Classic Jan. 17.

4. MN: Ice Extravaganza coming.

The Brainerd Jaycees $150,000 Ice Fishing Extravaganza is Sat, Jan 24, 2015 — don’t miss it! More info here.

5. WI: Battle on the Bay.

Sturgeon Bay, Jan 31.

‘Eye Candy

No info on it, but that’s a big lizard!

Tip of the Day

No need to drill blind.

From SD guide Eric Brandriet, Dakota Prairie Angling, 605-880-2485:

> Like always, mobility has been key. By using my Humminbird 688ci ICE Combo, I have been able to key in on certain “areas of areas.” Fish-holding spots often in the winter are as simple as areas that fish funnel through or fish hang around. With the addition of a Dakotas LakeMaster Chip, the ability to look at the specifics of an area is easy. The days of drilling holes aimlessly on a big lake basin are gone.

> Many guys don’t know or realize that there are SUBTLE lake basin structure pieces or changes that will hold or funnel fish during the winter, just like summer. Setting up or drilling holes in these areas is KEY.
> Having a key piece of fishing equipment like a Humminbird 688 ICE Combo packed with features simplifies the process of finding these areas. Now I know what is below me before I drill any hole with an auger. This cuts down time scouting and allows more time with the jig rod in hand.

Quote of the Day

It was probably the most humbling experience.

Guy talking about ice-fishing the sight bite at West Lake Okoboji. Also said:

> “These fish here are sight biters, if we can see them, they can see us, and they can see way better.”

Shot of the Day

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice laker:


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