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Al’s favoritest bait, Intense laker vid, Furry walleye caught

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Today’s Top 5

Frosty ice melons of the week!

Clayton Schick thwacked this 12.64-lb (32″) wally-saurus on the brand-spankin’ new “crawdad glow” 3/8-oz PK Spoon:

Hope Striker Ice staffer Kim Jarrell used the pliers for this one. Thing has already got her gloves in its belly:

This 29.75″ greenie lunch-boxed a LIVETARGET Golden Shiner Rattlebait (glow/white) after shooting up and leaving “about a 3-inch vapor trail” on Jake Caughey’s Humminbird ice unit. #FinnedOut

Mammoth laker under-ice vid.

It’s one thing to stick a 40+ inch lake trout, but imagine watching the battle RIGHT under your feet through ultra-clear ice:

Incredible fish. Love that there was zero hesitation on sending her back home:

Al’s all-time favorite walleye bait.

Al was asked: “If you could pick only one walleye lure, what would it be and why?” He’s been dreaming of open water in his Lund, so he had plenty to say:

> “When the water temp gets to around the high-50s in the Spring of the year, all the way to almost ice up in fall, the Rapala Jigging Rap is my favorite bait. I never go on the water without one tied on…ever.


> “It produces fish for me all-season long and in most cases out-fishes most other baits. Simply the most amazing walleye-producing lure I’ve ever seen.”


Al has spent thousands of hours fine tuning the technique, so when he talks…listen:

FishUSA has ’em in some custom colors — got any of these in your tackle box yet?

Do you remember this group-greenback pic?

Looks like they were having no fun at all:

Buds from all across the ice belt met up to chase Winnipeg greenbacks for a few days. While taking a last-day group pic, a big-red blob came through on the graph — dropped down a #7 Rapala Rippin’ Rap (pearl grey shiner) and it was game on.

Toughest part was deciding who outta the big group was going in for the grab:

If you back the camera off a bit, you can see just how many helping hands there were surrounding that heavy hookset:

Okay, there were quite a few, but not THAT many lol. The last pic is actually from the ICOG (Ice Castle Owners Group) get-together on Upper Red Lake last weekend.

Furry walleye caught?

As seen in WI’s Door County. TW fan Dalton Karl said, “The legend of the fur-bearing walleye…caught on a Rapala Jigging Rap.” Imagine that thing running up the hole! Probably the only time you could ever catch a walleye fishin’ with corn:


1. MWC schedule out.

Registration is now open for the Masters Walleye Circuit. There’s 9 stops including Devils Lake, Green Bay, and Detroit River. #HeavyHitters

2. AIM registration open.

Tourney series with a very cool catch-photo-release format. Check the full 2017 schedule for ND/MN/WI right here.

3. Lose in tourneys and still win $$$.

If you’re making tourney plans for 2017 and have a LEER truck cap/cover — or are thinking about getting one — sign up for the Cover Cash program. Gives you a shot at making dough even if you don’t win. Talkin’ to you, Jason Rylander lol.

4. MN: Nebulus aids Lake Ida ice rescue.

Glad they were okay. That Nebulus starts out looking like a handbag, but turns into an infla-orange raft thingamajigger when the cord is pulled. Definitely a lifesaver — you’d think all sleds/ATVs in the ice belt would just come with one:

5. Aloia joins Hard and Soft Fishing.

Tony Aloia was hired as the new VP of Marketing for Hard and Soft Fishing. You maybe haven’t heard of them, but you have for sure have heard of their brands Acme, Beaver Dam, and Kalin’s to name a few.

Tony got his start in the fishing industry as an NAIFC tourney angler while pro-staffing for several companies. The difference is now he gets to fish a lot less. Lol right Tony? Congrats man!

6. MI. The DNR is coming to your home…

…television. The newest season of “Wardens” is relocating to MI after spending the last six seasons in MT. Can’t have it in WY ‘cuz there’s like 27 people in the whole state, and MN/WI/ND/SD would probably be too rowdy….

7. Ever seen a bait-feeder spinning reel?

Sort of like the old bait-clicker baitcasters. Okuma makes one called the Avenger that lets you disengage the spool so the fish can run — then just flip the switch and your normal drag is engaged. They’re perfect for set-lines or deadsticks. Here’s the In-Depth Outdoors crew putting it to work:

9. Boat show attendances way up.

You guys aren’t getting sick of ice feeshin’ yet, are you? #HalfWayThrough

Fishing Reports

1. MN: Lake of the Woods.

> Most catching in 29-31′ with glow red, pink and gold rattling jigging spoons. Deadsticking a plain hook (try glow or colored) with a live minnow or small glow jig is also catching fish. Some big eelpout continue to come in.


> NW Angle: Everything has frozen up and travel is good. Resorts are fishing in 21-30′ with a nice mix of walleye, sauger, and perch. Best colors have been glow red, silver, pink, green and gold. Try fishing current areas in 14-16′ for the evening bite.

> Slab crappies are being caught in good numbers on the Ontario side in 30′. Work through the resorts and stay on the ice road.

Here’s another 17.1-lb slab o’ poor man’s lobster caught this week:


2. ND: Devils Lake.

> We’re currently sitting with around 20″ of ice. All of our access points have been cleared again. ATVs with chains and pickups are getting around in some areas, but there’s still some areas with good snow drifts.


> Perch fishing’s been good. Focus on the basin areas in deeper water or fish in the submerged trees with small blade baits, Genz worms, or tungsten jigs.

> The early-morning and late-afternoon bite for walleyes has been best. Northland Buck-Shot Spoons, Acme Kastmasters, and Clam Blade Spoons have been working well. Less light is getting through to the water thanks to the snow cover, so walleyes are biting later into the morning.

Tip of the Day

Uncut Angling is back after a mini YouTube hiatus. This time he’s sticking slobby-pothole perch (and tons of eater walleyes) in Western MB. Caught our eye with a slight modification he does to his jigging spoons:

Aaron flip-flops the the extra snap and split ring on his Acme Kastmaster Rattlemaster to give the treble hook a little more swing. Also lets you pop the hook off to thread a minnow head (or plastic) over the shank.

Lots more info and Wiebe-only quirkiness packed in this YouTube video:

Quote of the Day

When everybody else is whining about how bad the bite is…I put a Jigging Rap on and catch 30 or 40 walleyes in the middle of the afternoon.

– That’s Al Lindner talkin’ ’bout his all-time favorite walleye bait: The Rapala Jigging Rap. Said it doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the summer, sunny, or glass calm, it straight up catches ’em. Know anyone that needs one?

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

What’s more rare: A jumbo that size in central Minnesota, or a fisherman NOT wearing a hat?? She ate an 1/8-oz VMC Rattle Spoon in glow orange fire UV:

#SelfieNation #BaldHairDontCare #SpitShine

Check this stuff out!
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