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22 lb ice walleye! 14.8 lb walleye video, Early river walleyes tip

If you’re receiving this Target Walleye/Ice email — covering the best of walleye fishing during open water and the best of ice fishing during hard water — for the first time, a friend probably signed you up! Target Walleye/Ice is brought to you by Al and Ron Lindner, Jim Kalkofen and other walleye and ice fishing nuts like you.

Today’s Top 5


22-lb wallysaurus!


Trav Tourond iced that wallysaur north of Dryden, ON, measured 34.5″ x 22″, estimated at 22 lbs! Caught in 35 ft using a Lunkerhunt Bento Bait (dace):

Current ON record is 36.5″ x 21″, 22.25 lbs — caught on the Niagara River in 19-and-43 by Patrick Noon. Trav’s measurements are close, but the fish was live-released — so not an eligible record. #Stout

14.8-lb ‘eye video.


This is the exact reason why people come from all over the world to fish a walleye-factory like Erie. Caught pulling Smithwick Perfect 10 Rogues behind Off Shore Tackle planer boards. Check out the belly on that bottomsucker — gawsh.

Great Lakes are no joke.


Speaking of Erie — those bassin’ boats can’t hang on the big water. Sounded like their bilge pumps went out = no bueno — glad everyone was okay!

DIY ice-fishing wind block.


Ace guide and none-too-serious dude Tommy Hicks shows how he combats wind to stay warm-n-mobile on the ice. Lucky for Tommy it doesn’t matter how ridiculous you look as long as you’re comfor on the ice lol. Pretty cool idea:

Careful Tommy, sleds can get airborne:

Expensive tow….


And you thought your wedding photographer was expensive, these pics probably ran the guy about $10k!


1. MN: 2016 Mille Lacs walleye regs announced.

New regs designed to let the lake recover and avoid an early shutdown like last year:

  • Catch-and-release only
  • Artificial lures only
  • Night ban 10 pm-6 am beginning May 16

One lawmaker plans to introduce a bill to override the new regs, saying the DNR is “doing everything they possibly can to destroy the economy around the lake.” He wants it changed to a 2-fish limit and live bait.

2. IL: Perez/Tregoning win Cabela’s MWC on Illinois River.

They scratched up a shallow-water pattern while most others struggled:

> Water temperatures were hovering just above 50 and walleyes were in pre-spawn mode. “We fished jigs and floater rigs in a riprap area that had the right combination of current and baitfish.”


3. ND: 7 rescued on Devils Lake…

…after the ice suddenly broke apart. All okay.

4. OH: Maumee River run in full swing.

5. Erie walleye hatch at record numbers.

6. MN: Rainy River warming up.

Things will heat up as more pre-spawn lake fish slide up into the river.

7. KS: Length/creel changes considered.

8. CO: Spawning project = 130 million fertilized eggs.

Has an 80% hatch rate and helps to stock 40-50 lakes.

9. What makes a good walleye lake (video).

10. How to fish the new Rapala Shadow Rap Shad.

No need to over-work it — less is more.

11. Interpreting your sonar.

Have you ever wondered what causes those diagonal lines? Find out here.

12. New Frabill Drainer bait bucket design.

13. Add flavor/scent/color to any crankbait (video).

The type of deal that will give you the “Why didn’t I think of that” feeling.

14. Correctly store your ice auger in the off-season.


1. MN: Northwest Sports Show, Mar 30-Apr 3.

Minneapolis Convention.

2. UT: Free walleye fishing seminars, Mar 30.

Salt lake City at the DNR auditorium.

3. OH: National Walleye Tour at Lake Erie.

Sandusky, Apr 21-22.

4. ND: 40th Annual Devils Lake Walleye Tournament, Jun 24-26.

5. MN: Ultimate Fishing Camp, Jun 28-Jul 1.

A chance to get in the boat with top walleye pros Ted Takasaki, Perry Good and Tony Roach to name a few. #DreamComeTrue

Tip of the Day

Early season river walleyes.

> My favorite scenarios are rivers that flow into larger bodies of water, such as the Rainy River at Lake of the Woods or Detroit River at western Lake Erie. Main lake walleyes will gather at the river mouth in late winter — moving upstream toward spawning areas as the ice recedes.

> I typically start my search at the river mouth and work my way upstream, checking channel edges and a variety of current breaks. Main-channel holes attract waves of migrating fish and often “recharge” several times during a day of fishing. Don’t overlook anything that blocks the current or offers winter-weary walleyes a chance to rest and feed.

> Top tactics include vertical jigging — either from an anchored position or while slipping your boat downstream with the trolling motor — keeping your line as vertical as possible. Long-shank leadheads like Northland Fishing Tackle’s Slurp! Jig and round-headed RZ Jig are hard to beat because they hold live and artificial tippings well in the current.

> Tip jigs with a 3-5″ scented soft-plastic trailer, which gives walleyes a target in the turbid, relatively dark waters common in spring river fishing. Northland’s Impulse Paddle Minnows, Ringworms, Smelt Minnows and even old-school creature designs will all trigger bites. Sweeten the presentation with extra scent and flavor by skull-hooking a shiner or fathead minnow on top of the plastic piggy-back style.

Quote of the Day

When they’re biting, anybody can catch them, but that doesn’t happen all the time.

MN DNR fish chief trying to tackle the question as to why Minnesotans love walleye so much.

Wouldn’t they’d be called “bass” if they were biting all the time?? (Lol!)

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Finned out = awesome:

Great ice stuff!

More great stuff!

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