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22-ft walleye, Sweet NJ muskie, Trophy merganser??

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Today’s Top 5

1. 22-foot ice walleye.

New trend in ice houses??

> Wally the Walleye is luring in plenty of attention from drivers on highway 174. The 22-foot ice fishing hut shaped like a fish sits on the ice of the Ottawa River near Petrie Island. It is the joint creation of Oziles’ Tackle Shop and the Petrie Island Ice Fishermen’s Association.

> Originally crafted as a motorized float for the Orleans Parade of Lights, Wally took about two weeks to be built. MacIntyre decided it was too good to go to waste and was then retrofitted to become a fully functional ice fishing hut with room for two people.

> Some features include salad bowls for eyes and home plumbing pipes that are used as skis to help move it around.

2. Sweet NJ ice muskie.

Bearing in mind NJ ain’t exactly MN, that’s a heck of a nice’un:

> …close to 48 inches long and 25 pounds. The fish was released….

> “I was jigging for walleye when (the muskie) happened to latch on.” The muskie fought for 20 minutes…. DaCosta said he was fishing in the center of Hopatcong in 25′ on top of some well-known humps on the lake bottom.

3. Guy hooks trophy…merganser.

4. Great Lakes record ice shot.

This NASA shot cool or what? Click to see bigger/more.

5. Unfortunately worded….

Note to self: Never, ever use “fatty” in photo caption of wife.



1. IN: NAIFC derby this weekend.

Lake Maxinkuckee Feb. 14-16.

2. MN: Kids’ tourney Feb. 15.

3. Canada Open registration.

4. WA: Ice fishing festival.

5. MN ice fishin’ musical.

> In the musical, Marvin, a bachelor, and Lloyd, who is married, go ice fishing on a Sunday morning when a local television star is planning to visit their ice shanty as part of his TV show. In one song, “The Guy on TV,” Marvin even sees himself as the next cable network star.

Sounds scary realistic….

6. IL: Cold weather = hot sales.

7. MN: New Team Extreme site.

8. MI: Ice fishing clinic.

9. Architecture kids’ cool shacks.


Fishin’ Reports

1. MN: LOTW reefs still hot.

2. NH: Cool smallie vid.

3. ME: E Grand Lake trout.

4. PA: Kahle Lake crappie.

5. WA: Potholes.

> Yellow perch, some walleye, and a few burbot are being caught by anglers using Swedish Pimples tipped with a maggot, night crawler or perch meat.


Deals of the Day

1. Ice Force apparel sale.

2. Gitcha Bait Pucks on sale!


Tip of the Day

Gord Pyzer: Giant pike tips.

> Always use a leader when you ice fish in any lake that harbours pike – even when pike are not the intended quarry and you’re fishing for some other species.

> The best I’ve found is called Surflon Supreme but I am sure there are others.  You can buy it in various diameters and strengths, right down to ultra slim 13-pound. So it doesn’t hinder your presentation when you’re jigging… Use it, and you’ll not only save your lures from being bitten off but you’ll land all of those happy, accidental pike.

> Fluorocarbon line is another option worth considering. Anytime I am jigging for lake trout in waters where trophy pike are a possibility, I’ll fish with an 8- to 10-pound main line, with an 18-inch length of 12- to 15-pound fluorocarbon as a leader.

> The biggest northerns have a much cooler thermal preference than their small and medium size brethren…are cool-water-loving predators that often behave like lake trout, stalking the water column in search of pelagic prey like ciscoes, smelts and whitefish.

> While lake trout, walleye and yellow perch will typically appear and quickly swim up and bang your bait, northern pike will characteristically rise up ever so painfully slowly.  Much slower and much more deliberately than you’d ever imagine.


Quote of the Day

I fought the biggest fish right to the hole, but it was too long and wide to squeeze through.

– Gord Pyzer. Not sure if this is a good prob to have…?


Shot of the Day

When this happens, all is right in the world. 13.5″ of shweet!



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