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102 lbs wins Green Bay, Walleye-sniffing dog!, Open water Jig Raps

Welcome to Target Walleye! Target Walleye is a daily-ish roundup of the best stuff in the walleye world – collected by folks like the Lindners, Jim Kalkofen and a few other walleye nuts, and delivered directly to you. Enjoy!!

Today’s Top 3

Rohloff-Lewis win with 100+ lbs!

Scott Rohloff (above) and Cam Lewis, 102.23 lbs, won the AIM Weekend Walleye Series  Alumacraft Championship on Green Bay Sept. 6-7. Also won the AWWS Wisconsin Team of the Year title. Stout!!

> Fishing breaks and humps in 14- to 38-feet of water for two days near Green Island…decided to cast to the rocky areas using Rapala Jigging Raps…. They noted that this is a great presentation to use during a cold front when the trolling bite slows down.

> Fishing slowly and using their electronics to find fish, the team carded five fish for 46.94 lbs on day 1. They trumped that on day 2 with a massive 55.29-lb limit…. Their smallest fish on day 2 was 28.5″ and the card was topped off with 30.5″ and 30.75″ fish.

2nd-5th techniques.

> 2nd: Matt and Jason Miller, near the islands in Door County, trolled crankbaits and spinners to catch their fish, purple Reef Runners their best bait. Structure in 19-21′.

> 3rd: Lynn Nicklasch and Mark Kumorkiewicz, Larsen’s Reef in 25-45′ depending on the wind. Used crawler harnesses, fished deeper in calm conditions and moved up shallower when the winds picked up. Spinner color and speed were also factors….

> 4th: Ryan Dempsey and Mario Nanna…did some jigging, spent much of the tournament trolling.

> 5th: Mike and Mike Gengalo Jr., crankbaits and spinners on Oconto Shoal and Larsen’s reef. Bigger fish on Larson’s.

Walleye-sniffing dog??

Watch out KS poachers, Roby’s on duty:

> “I’ve trained her to hit on walleye…believe it or not people smuggle out those fish.”



1. 4 walleye guys in FFHOF.

2015 class: Mike Gofron (IL), Mark Martin (MI), Tom Zenanko (MN), Dave Csanda (MN). Congrats guys! Here’s Al Lindner on Dave:

> For 37 years, Dave has been one of the pioneers in the world of walleye. When he started in the walleye game, the average walleye boat was still 12’ or 14 ‘ backed by an 18 hp engine. Some still had oars! Each step along the way of the modern angling revolution, Dave was there.

> His writings and instructional editorial style reported on every new advancement. In fact, Dave himself was among the first to use trolling boards for walleye. Because of his position as the Dean of Walleye Fishing Writers, much of the vocabulary we take for granted today was coined by Dave. Hats off to one of the greats!

2. WI: Walleye Weekend raises $211K.

3. Erie walleye hatch above avg.

Perch about average.

4. SK: SWF will control walleye hatchery.

5. UT wants more fish kept.

> 12 years ago, anglers kept 16,000 walleye at Willard Bay Reservoir. In 2012, only 1,500 walleye were kept.

6. MN: Zebras found in Cass Lake.

7. Great lakes Asian carp SWAT team.

Walleye Calendar

1. WI: NWT Championship.

  • Sept 18-20, Oshkosh, WI
  • All Day Saturday – Ranger/Evinrude & Triton/Mercury Test Rides at Menominee Park
  • Approx 4:15 pm NPAA Kids Clinic – Bring your kids out for a free rod/reel/t-shirt!

2. IL: Vet fishing day.

> Spring Valley Walleye Club will hold its “Take a Vet Fishing” day beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 20.


Tip of the Day

Al Lindner: Open water Jigging Raps.

Given how the AIM tournament was won, here’s Al, who we believe is the guy who first stumbled onto this – and btw the same bait was used by Brandon Palaniuk recently in a Bassmaster Open on Erie:

Quote of the Day

I made four casts and I had a 24, a 28, a 26, and a big sheepshead.

Keith Kavajecz talking, on the day he won the Cabela’s National Walleye Tour (NWT) on Bays de Noc, MI. Not a bad 4 casts!


Shot of the Day

Caption says it all – quality boulder toad!


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