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Victoria’s Secret jig wins, “Finding Bigtrout”, Monster Erie ‘eye

Welcome to the Ice Force IceBlaster, your 2x/week email with the best ice fishing info IN THE WORLD! Enjoy!

Today’s Top 6

1. Victoria’s Secret jig wins.

Greg Sullwold and MidWest Outdoors’ Greg Jones won the Chisago Lake NAIFC Open with a full bucket o’ ‘seeds, ‘gills and crappies for 8.23 lbs.

Winning bait was a CHROME 3mm through-the-head Mormyshka and pink Lindy Munchies Tiny Tail microplastics. Sullwold called the chrome-pink combo “Victoria’s Secret.”

Best start rippin’ up the interwebz for NOS cuz that Lindy rubber is DISCONTINUED. Call Lindy, tell ‘em to bring it back!

2. Finding Bigtrout.

Well, the Scooby Doo gang never do find bigfoot but thanks to these guys we know monster trout DO exist:

Just shy of 44”. Caught somewhere close to White Otter Lake, ON, where a catch & release record was winched last year.

Vid notes:
> Warning: Salty language.
> Bet you could find that point on Google Earth…just sayin’.

3. Monster Erie ‘eye.

John Gillespie, 32 inches, 12 pounds – ‘tween islands and mainland?

4. Sight-fishing for tigers…


Awesome just doin’ it, but the Uncut Angling guys surprised a young fan to take him fishin’. Props!

5. Blaster on location.

Yer scribbler lived out of perms and portables most of last week, Swiss Cheese’d up at least three northern MN counties. Lots o’ R&D.

‘Eyes and slabs in some grim conditions. Like -50 WC. Blair Fish Project fer sher.

6. Boshold…dude!?

Explains why he didn’t fish NAIFC on Chisago. A little Barry White, bow-chicka-wow-wow….



1. CN couple lasts the night…

…on Lake of the Woods.

2. WI: Great Lakes trout school.

Last week to sign up for Eric Haataja’s classroom and on-ice clinic on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1. E-mail Eric at or call 414-546-4627. $175 but you may get on fish like this!

3. MT: Fort Peck ice tragedy.

RIP ice brother.

4. CO: Free ice fishing class.

5. NH: Free ice class.

6. MI: Saginaw Bay school.

7. MT ice derbies.

8. MN: Ice Castle Classic.

1st = $10K. Over $75K in prizes, Feb 8, on Lac Qui Parle Lake.

9. MN: 2014 Brainerd shots.

Cool shots of the world’s biggest ice derby.

10. ND: Devils Lake tourney recap.

11. Kids cash checks.

Ice marketing whiz Brooke Droese’s kids win the thang!


Fishin’ Reports

1. WI: Milwaukee Bay.

Eric Haataja and clients are still spankin’ ‘em.

2. CT: River pike…with Lab.

3. CO: Lake Granby.

Lakers heating up…gobbling PKs.

4. IN: Goliath ‘gills.

5. MN: LOTW.

Texted in by Reed Ylitalo, Wings & Walleyes Guide Service:

> “…spent three days up on Lake of the Woods out of River Bend Resort. Put a lot of saugers topside and pumped out some nice walleyes and lots of whitefish. Cold temps and blowing snow kept us mostly in the big house.

> Fishing at the end of the road – 9 miles over Pine Island in 36’. Had to be actively jigging and watching your flasher to pick off active fish. Gold Slender Spoons, gold and green Buckshot Rattle Spoons and prototype Fergies.” –

6. ND: Devils Lake.

Jason Feldner texted:

> “Weather has been up and down along with the fishing. High-pressure systems seem to be the best for perch fishing.”

> “Best fishing this week was in Stump Lake, connected to Devils. 28-30 feet in the trees best.”

> “Walleye fishing has been good on the main lake in 10-14′.”


Deals of the Day

Tip of the Day

Gord Pyzer: Big-water lakers.

> “On giant lake trout lakes like Lake Huron, Georgian Bay and Lake Superior…lake trout typically grow big dining on large silvery baitfish like ciscoes….”

> “One of my favorite big fish presentations is jigging a relatively large spoon like the Williams Ice Jig that’s the same size, shape and color of the herring the trout are devouring. My favorite is the Nu-Wrinkle half gold/half silver.”

> “Another great, big winter trout option is skewering a swimbait. My favorites include the X-Zone Swammer, Bass Magnet Shift ‘R Shad, and Berkley Hollow Belly swimbait – onto a 3/8- to 1/2-oz jighead.

> “…I let them plunk down into the mud and silt, sending up a fish-attracting cloud of debris.“

> “I always keep my eyes glued to the sonar screen. When I suddenly see a trout shoot in and chase after my bait, instead of stopping the retrieve and making it easier for the trout – which is the natural reaction of most folks – I reel even faster and try to take the lure away from it.”


Quote of the Day

I never expected all of these professionals to open their tackleboxes and show us what they use….

Mark Martin Ice Fishing Vacation/School attendee. Pretty cool. These guys have far LESS, in some ways, than you would imagine.


Shot of the Day

Raise your hand if, for the first time in your life, you wish you were a walleye.

How ’bout now??



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