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Uncut Angling went under, Alabama rig walleye fail, Jigging Rap wins bass derby

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Today’s Target Walleye is out!
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Today’s Top 5
We almost lost Uncut Angling 😳
Aaron Wiebe (fishing YouTube superstar) broke through the ice on a solo crappie mission. Luckily he was able to make it out, but lost all of his stuff and almost lost himself…. Scary. Glad you’re okay, man!


In typical Wiebe fashion, he went back out 6 days later — in a boat this time ‘cuz the lake had opened back up — and was able to retrieve most of his gear. Used his Garmin LiveScope unit and treble hooks on a muskie rod to somehow snag his sled, auger, camera gear, etc.


Heads up: If you’re only clicking to see the footage of him breaking through the ice — you won’t…not yet anyway…. For sure still worth a watch:


> From Aaron: “BE SAFE!!!!!!!! (do as I say, not as I do, PLEASE)”
A “walleye bait” won the Table Rock FLW bass derby.
We talk a lot about bass fishing for walleyes, so pretty cool to see the reverse pull off a big-stage win:
Bass-head Cody Huff was dropping a “chrome blue” color #9 Rapala Jigging Rap on big largies suspended 40-70′ down over anywhere from 50-100′. He said “a hop or two at most was all it took to trigger them, and oftentimes they’d pounce on it as soon as it got to them.”


So basically exactly how we use smaller #5 and #3 J-Raps to catch late-fall crappies…. 🤔


Not the first time a Jigging Rap has won a big bassin’ event. Jacob Wheeler won the 2017 Cherokee BASS Elite with it, and also fished one in the 2015 Hartwell Classic where he got 7th. Know it’s been used in a lot more solid finishes like that but those bassin’ folks don’t want to talk about it much yet — rightfully so!
“Alabama rig walleyes are the fish of 10,000 casts….”
Well, you asked for it:
Annnnd I did NOT deliver lol.


The bad news: There’s ZERO fish caught in this video.


The good news: You get to watch me slowly, painfully, lose my dang mind…
Honestly wasn’t gonna post that video considering it was a complete bust…but hey, that’s fishing. And most “fishing shows” don’t show you the struggle and defeat that probably happens more often than not.


Serious side note – What’s up with spider webs floating in the middle of the lake? I’ve never heard anyone talk about it, but I CAN’T be the only one who gets slapped in the face by them?!?! Drop a comment on the YouTube video and let me know.
Buddy Heater fan hack.
Never know what you’re gonna come across when you’re deeeeep in a YouTube watchfest, but luckily this time I came across one of the slickest Buddy Heater modifications I’ve seen so far.


The dude fashioned-up a “battery free stove top fan” to his heater to move some pretty serious air — without using any batteries. Pretty cool:
Not positive, but I think this is the fan he was using? Lots of options out there.
Know you’re from “up north” when…
…local breweries and restaurants use hub shacks for outdoor seating LOL.


Spotted at Excelsior Brewing Company (top) and Jack Pine Brewery (bottom) just up the road from me in Baxter, MN. Welcome to the Midwest!


…a bunch of folks I’m seeing in my Facebook feed:
Be safe out there!


Btw that book is called Walter: Under the Ice by Bob Allen. We love his stuff.


‘Cuz it’s current zero bag limit (believe it’s been in place 6 years) has been helping the walleye population make a rebound, but they’re still working to “restore a self-sustaining level of natural reproduction” too. The DNR is asking for more public input.



😩 Ugh. The 2021 show dates will be Dec 10-12.



Case you’ve got any laying around lol. They use ’em to make their hand-tied dressed hooks and will pay you cash for ’em, or double the cash value in Mepps lures:


High-res 1920×1080. Believe for saltwater, but I know plenty of freshwater fish-heads that’ll be all about watching Netflix and YouTube videos while trolling lol.



> …1st-year hiring projections of 200 office staff and 120 direct labor employees…BRP’s move is expected to largely negate the company’s Sturtevant job losses earlier this year.


> Project Ghost aims to provide more usable space in the deck area of boats with an unseen and integrated engine…increased deck space due to unique architecture, flexibility in layouts, open rear access, and the outboard engine being completely out of sight.


> …revolutionize the recreational and fishing pontoon industry with a “family of boats under 20′ in length.”



Cool idea! I’ll take 2:


On White Bear Lake.


> “Residents earlier this year raised concerns about ice anglers accessing White Bear Lake at the beach, including their behavior and noise levels.


> In response, ice anglers crafted an online petition and lobbied city officials to keep the beach access open. Closing the Mahtomedi beach access would be dangerous “as more vehicles will attempt to travel across the lake from other accesses instead of the short distance this access provides…”



> Zero down, rates as low as 3.99% APR for up to 180 months.



Live on Frabill’s Facebook page Sun, Nov 22 @ 7pm CST. Really hope Steve Pennaz and Brian Brosdahl are able to talk KVD into ice fishing this winter — dude could probably vertical jig a jerkbait and catch 120 walleyes lol.




Aro-whats??? How do these live fish get into the US in the first place?



…cool keep-your-ice-hole-open gadget from Cold Nation Outdoors called the Ice Defense Pro Series. It circulates warmer water from below and “creates thermal flow on the surface to defend against slush and ice build up.”
Things really do work slick. I couldn’t believe how light it was — adds absolutely no weight to the unit — and didn’t drain my flasher battery at all. For sure worth checking out if you’ve got a few buckaroos burning a hole in your pocket that you’d rather have burning a hole in the ice….


Funny enough I actually went to college with Ana Leschishin from that vid — small world! Back then she NEVER stopped talking about crappies, so it’s nice to see her chasing fish with teeth.
Tip of the Day


The newest AnglingBuzz ICE video is all about set-line strategies. If you don’t have 45-ish minutes to watch the whole thing, at least check out a few of Brad Hawthorne’s rattle reel hacks from 15:12-17:52, including how he:


1) Makes crankbait-snap depth markers,


2) Uses “depth bombs” as a drag system, and


3) Snipes the lights out of bouncy-balls to make motion-activated lights inside his rattle reels.


Quote of the Day
Was sent this relatable snap from Kail Lavigne of Twin Cities Walleyes Unlimited:
Today’s ‘Eye Candy
Pretty sure I’d be making the same face as this grumpy waldo if my wake-up call was a hook to the face. From Jake Billings (@jthooker.outdoors) on Insta:
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