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Tune your tungsten, Deer hunting meets fishing, Line diameter vs lb test

Today’s Target Walleye is out!
Sorry for the late send! And please excuse any issues with the formatting — we had to switch to a new tool, still working out some bugs…. Have a great weekend!
Today’s Top 4
Do you “tune” your tungsten?
Ice-tourney pro Lawrence Luoma does, and he’s probably iced more panfish than all of us combined [seriously!] so I’m listening. Can you spot the differences?
1. Thoroughly cleans the eye (more on that below).


2. Always sharpens the snot out of the hook. Especially important if there’s any over-spray paint.


3. Carefully [!] bends the eye to 90° so the jig hangs more horizontal. Says horizontal always gets more bites.


4. Also “opens up” the hook for better hookups. Notice how the hook tip is actually pointing slightly above the jig’s eye?


Gotta be careful when tuning tungsten — and even expect to break a few in the process — but Lawrence says tuning the jig this way also allows for him to use a snell knot…. Pretty sure he’s the first person I’ve heard talking about using snell knots on ice jigs.


Takes some time to tie, but says it helps keep the bait perfectly horizontal. Like how Dave Genz always shows to straighten your knot by sliding it back on the eyelet…. When you snell, even the fish can’t move the knot.


Couple other notes….


He’s always using 3mm tungsten (or even smaller) on pressured lakes.


But says when they “get up north like where the NAIFC Championship is, then you can go bigger. Sometimes that bigger profile is key when there’s really big sunfish….”


If he’s bumping up to a bigger profile, he likes switching to lead because it’s lighter and easier for bluegills to suck in. Bet ya never thought of that! I hadn’t….


One more thing….


The final trick he didn’t talk about, but I’m gonna, is the importance of a reeeeally good ‘stache:
How awesome is that? Lawrence can for sure pull it off — wish I could.


I’m thinking that ‘stache has gotta be part of his pre-tourney plan…. Think about the intimidation factor when dudes with a ‘stache like that are NOT smiling — can’t say I’d recommend fishing too close to any of these fellas during a tourney:
Lol! Thanks for all the info, man!!
When fishing and deer hunting collide….
Where our deer hunters at?! Know there’s a few of you hitting the stand this weekend, or maybe reading this from one right now…. Good luck and be safe!


Here’s a few of our favorite snaps over the years from when fishing and hunting collide — enjoy!


1. Hope you’ve got your spot dialed in like TW fan Curt Hoffbeck, who still might have the best deer-stand location ever:


> “Went down to the river to put up some game cams for bowhunting and it dawned on me that big ‘eyes are easier to get this time of year than big bucks. Fished some backwaters on the river and got some fat 26- to 27-inchers and saugers.”
> “They were hitting VMC Neon Moon Eye Jigs with 4.5″ Go-To Hoochie Koochie tails (lemon lime and white). Cheers to fall…the best time of year!”


Here’s what Curt’s stand must look like with Down Imaging lol:
2. How ’bout that time Tim Koski went deer fishing on the Rainy River??? Pic sent in from TW reader Zac Bernier. Bet it fought like a 67″ sturgeon:
3. And don’t forget to bring your Otter Sled with to deer camp this year:
Ice Force pro Will Roseberg ^ is smarter than he looks. Kiddin’ man! Sort of…lol!!


Same goes for you waterfowlers too:
I never shot enough geese to need a dang sled (lol) but back in the day I used one to float out decoys and gear when trekking ’round in waders.
Saug-zillas of the week!
1. They don’t get much fatter than this 17″ Mississippi River pork chop! Shared by Walleye Nation Creations:
Fish looks uncomfortably full, yet still ate that “cotton candy” color WNC Death Jig. #SugarRush
2. Sure it’s a rather-generous hold, but keep in mind @andrew_spok is like 8′ 4″ tall lol. Sounded (in the comments) like this fish was just 3″ shorter than the MN state record at 20.75″:
Caught her using a 3/8-oz Northland Fire-Ball Jig (short shank in blue/white) tipped with the biggest fathead in the bucket. His setup was an Elliott 6′ 6″ ML fast-action and Daiwa Tatula 3000 spooled with 10-lb Sufix 832 to an 8-lb fluoro leader.


Said he was “fishing a current seem in 10′. No rhyme or reason…just looked good lol.” Awesome fish man!
What happens when you try to take “Bro’s” hot hole….
Hmmm…Nick Lindner must’ve been fishing the bent-rod pattern again lol:
Always knew Brian “Bro” Brosdahl was a Grumpy Old Man. 😉


But with the number of big fish coming in [!] I’d guess you’ll see a new leader a half dozen more times by the Nov 29 end date.



…and fished with them LOL! Really funny story from Job Vigil.



You already know (and probably really love) the OG Shiver Minnow…now Moonshine just released a “Fat Bottom Series.” Not much info gliding around out there on ’em yet, other than this from Moonshine Lure’s FB page:


> “The name speaks for itself on the design. This design was a request of the pro staff and many others. The gliding action is outstanding on this bait. It comes in 3 sizes for now (2.5, 2, 1) and only available in glow.”
Keep you posted as I learn more.



Joel Nelson hopped on the Fish House Nation Podcast to answer a bunch of common questions when it comes to pulling a wheelhouse.



…but dropping.



Least this time he was targeting fish with teeth…BIG teeth:
Next time you’ve gotta target fish with BIG eyes…. Lol awesome fish, dude!



> We are issuing a voluntary product recall of the Rambler 20-oz Travel Mug with Stronghold Lid after learning the lid’s MagSlider and mug contents can be expelled if the mug is filled with hot liquid, sealed with the lid, and agitated or inverted, which can pose an injury hazard.



…the Berkley Hit Stick so special — from Keith Kavajecz:


Get rid of ’em!


> “Wilder Harrier is partnering with American commercial fishing groups in Illinois to supply Asian carp for its new dog food formula. The pet food company hopes its efforts will spearhead the mitigation of invasive Asian carp throughout North America.”



FishUSA has ’em buy 2 get 1 free right now.



Not our giveaway, but saw that Mr. Heater + Clam + Vexilar teamed up to give away some GOODS, including:


> “Clam Outdoors C-360 Hub Shelter, a Buddy FLEX heater and cooker, a Vexilar FLX-28 ProPack II, 2 x Jason Mitchell Rods (dead meat and meat stick), and 2 x Folding Tripod Chairs.”


Details over on Clam’s Instagram page here or can click on the pic below:
Tip of the Day


Something to keep in mind when spooling up for the hard stuff. Important to know the difference no matter what line you’re using, but Lucas is specifically talking about the new Clam CPT Frost Ice Line. Vid’s a couple years old but solid info:
Yo Lucas — you know most people’s desks are usually covered in papers, not fishing gear…right? Lol keep doing your thing man!


Everyone else…hang in there:
Speaking of ice fishing line, here’s Jason Rylander talking a few reasons why you might want to consider running different colors:
Controversial Quote of the Day
“Catching big fish from a private lake is like shooting a high-fenced deer.”


-That’s He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named venting ’bout how anyone can catch (or shoot) a biggun once they’re in there, it’s the whole getting access thing that’s the tough part. What say you?


The same guy that’s hardly blinking at 10.5″ bluegills probably passed up this buck the night before — on the same property lol:
Of course you still gotta find ’em and make ’em bite…but we’re all up for that challenge:
Today’s ‘Eye Candy
In honor of ice season coming in hot — or, well…cold — here’s a throwback pic to Zack from Devils Lake, ND (not sure what area lake he was fishing?) — iced this MASSIVE ‘gill on a “red glow” color PK Predator Tungsten Spoon:
That’s a smaller 1/16-oz panfish version of the known walleye slayer:
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