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Snag-free crank storage, Late fall river tip, Open water burbot

Today’s Top 5

Can walleyes get tonsillitis?

Gonna be lots of ice cream and popsicles in this 31″ waldo’s future. Via Pandelis Kolkas aka @somdreamscometrue:

Don’t know if it’s contagious, but maybe someone oughta tell @ccprestie to wash the slime off his Simms jacket….

Here’s a lengthier look at that brute:

Picture-in-picture isn’t just for football games….

Love this shot from fish-head Forrest Leitch who’s been whackin’ em on the Rainy River — the bite’s been nutso and Forrest is #SavingMemories one IG post at a time:

His buddy Michael Dallager stuck that one pitching a “pink/white” AuthentX Pulse-R on a 3/8-oz VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig. #LiveBaitForWhat?

Also diggin’ the caption under this film strip:

> Forrest: “Commence high-fives and fist bumps.”

One or two fish might be a fluke, but these boys are on ’em…when they’re not in the deer stand that is:

Burbot eat Jigging Raps?

Everything does, so not surprised..until you tell me it was an open-water burb….

Was talking with Rapala’s Dan “DQ” Quinn the other day and somehow got to chattin’ about burbot (happens more often than it probably should lol). Told me he was out with Ryan DeChaine — video magician behind Wired2Fish — when they came across something special:

> DQ: Speaking of burbs, check out the attached pic of Ryan DeChaine! He caught it on a #7 Jigging Rap a few weeks ago. We saw fish boiling near the surface over an 85′ hole…figured they were tullibees — and they likely were — but on the edge of the hole in about 65′ there were some solid marks suspended at 25′. Dropped it down and 2 hops later his rod doubled over.

Jealous! No doubt he’ll be back there late Feb to track down 25 or 30 of its friends.

Use peanut butter jars to store crankbaits snag-free.

Speaking of Wired2Fish vids….

Little off the wall…but if it’s how Alex Keszler does it, it’s worth watching — guy is one heck of a tinkerer! Here’s how he uses the “Kesz jar idea” and some rubber bands to store a whole pile of cranks…without tangling:

Get the creamy peanut butter so you don’t chip the paint off those crankbaits lol.

Side note: Why the heck are peanut butter jars still shaped so you HAVE to get it all over your knuckles? Can think of a million ways it could be done better. Here’s a few:

1) Make the jars wider instead of taller. Duh!

2) Have a lid on both ends….

3) Design ’em to push the peanut butter to the top of the jar — I mean the “technology” is already there:


While you were in the deer stand…

…Jake Caughey and his buddies road-tripped to Pine Falls, Manitoba and beat the snot outta some Lake Winnipeg greenbacks:

> Jake: “Sunrise” color Northland Stand-Up Fire-Ball Jigs with little blades and “white” 3/8-oz Fire-Ball Jigs tipped with frozen salted minnows worked well. Even caught a couple on a #7 Rapala Rippin’ Raps because we had a bass guy with who couldn’t sit still (Justin Ohotto) hahaha.

> Heard the bait hadn’t moved into the river yet…based on reports from our Canadian buds Eric, Dan Goulet and Matthew Gelley…so we went to the mouth of the bay. Worked our way farther out following little points and curves in the old river channel, stopping at each spot. Best depths were 16.5-18.5′.

Nicely done, fellas!

Knew I should’ve jumped in the truck and made it up there! Didn’t “catch any deers” last weekend, but did get to gaze into a Buddy Heater — in a box blind — and daydream about ice fishing. #ClicheHuntingPics

Was my first time hunting in a heated shack — now I see why everyone likes deer hunting napping so much lol.


1. Pure Fishing sold for $1.3 BILLION.

Means new owners of brands like Berkley, Stren, Fenwick, etc. Get this: The company who bought ’em owns Hot Topic (“pop culture inspired fashion”), Belk (clothing, jewelry, shoes) and Staples (office supplies)…. More info soon-ish.

2. MB: Lake Winnipeg walleye fishing…

…adds more than $100 million [!] to Manitoba’s GDP every 2 years. Yup, you read that right:

We’re talking about spending on only one species — walleye — in only one of
the zillions of lakes in Manitoba. Shows just how important it is to manage the resource….

That stat is from a Winnipeg-based Probe Research study covering everything from spending on tackle, beer and boats to views on how good — or not-so-good — the fishing has been lately on the Red and Lake Winnipeg.

Big thanks to the Hooked Magazine crew for hippin’ me to the study. Way more info and full survey results here.

3. 2019 NAIFC schedule dropped.

That’s the North American Ice Fishing Circuit. First stop of the season = Lake Darling near Alexandria, MN.


Just saw the Bro Roadshow schedule — crazy he still finds time to hit the ice.

5. Closer look at the Eskimo Pistol Bit.

Pairs with a 1/2″ high-torque cordless drill. Thing is crazy light: the 6″ weighs 3.2 lbs — 8″ weighs 3.9 lbs. Brings a whole new meaning to “run and gun.” #PunIntended

6. MN: Ultimate Panfish League (UPL) schedule.

  • Jan 6 – Chisago Lake
  • Jan 27 – Lake Sarah
  • Feb 10 – Lake Pokegama
  • March 3 – Clearwater Lake

7. Late-fall jumbo perch tips.

Don’t need to wait until the lake freeze over to catch ’em. Full Dave Csanda write-up here if perch jerkin’ is your thing.

8. Did you enter our Simms giveaway yet?

Here you go! Have a shot at winning a SIMMS Challenger Insulated Jacket and Bib set worth $600-ish! It’s worth waaaay more than that if you’re cold and wet on the lake WITHOUT one lol. #Dibs

Waterproof, toasty warm (300g PrimaLoft insulation), crazy light, and a big thing to me is it doesn’t limit movement.

Click here to enter. Share the link you get for bonus entries. Good luck!!

Tip of the Day

Full MidWest Outdoors write-up here, few fishy excerpts below:

> As water temps drop, walleyes and saugers will make a fall run upriver — similar to the spring run. They will locate near deeper holes…and start dropping deeper into them as the temperature drops.

> First thing to do is to locate these deep wintering holes…using a good contour map of the section of river you’re going to be fishing. If you have mapping on your GPS unit, you can locate them that way.

> When you have a narrow area where current passes through, you have an increase in the speed of the current. With the increase in speed, a washout hole will be created.

> Any time a river makes a bend, you can count on a hole being on the outside of it. When flowing water is forced to turn at a bend, the current will dig out a hole.

I picked a random stretch of the Mississippi River (thanks Arrow Mapping!) and highlighted the first spot I’d be scanning:

> Run the length [of the hole[ with your electronics. You’re searching for a key depth to mark the fish on your graph. Look to see if the fish are located at the head, tail out, along the edges, or in the hole. Often, the upstream fish are most aggressive.

> If you find a bunch of active fish in a certain area of the hole, you can start to run a pattern — jump from hole to hole fishing the particular area you found them.

Keep reading here for the specific techniques Phil Piscitello uses to catch ’em.

Meme of the Day

Hang in there:

Quote of the Day

He’s picking up pointers from the fish, while I’m learning more about him.

– Loved what Joel Nelson said ’bout this on-ice father/son time in his Yetti Fish House. As usual Isaac stuck the big one. 😉

That type of fish will make you forget the football game is on….

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Braden Arsenault’s been sharpshooting ’em with an “orange tiger glow UV” Freedom Tackle Turnback Shad:

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