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Snub-nose muskie, Found fishable ice, Bro’s split-shot trick

Give a warm fish-head welcome back to Striker Ice! They have a mega $925 sweepstakes going on right now that’s for sure worth checking out. Really digging the new look of their Climate suits — more on that below.

Hope you have a fun + safe weekend! Especially if you’re heading into the woods with the rest of the orange army chasin’ da 30-pointer. #backstraps

Today’s Top 5

Fish storm of the week!

Kickin’ off today’s email with another “parade of pigs” jammed full of shots sent in from Target Walleye/Ice fans:

Shout out to TW reader Daryl Bauer, the Fisheries Outreach Program Manager with Nebraska Game & Parks Commission. Daryl’s been sneaking around shorelines of NE reservoirs catching after-dark slaunches up to 28″ and “still trying for a bigger one!” Asked him what he’s been slingin’:

> Daryl: “Ain’t no secret, I’m tossing minnow-imitating crankbaits…Rapala Husky Jerks are the gold standard! Absolutely LOVE IT when I feel a big walleye thump that bait in the middle of the night — cannot get enough of it!”

And it runs in the family….

> Daryl: “My son caught this fish last night on a reservoir in north-central NE. The fish are fall fat and beautiful.” Love it fellas!

Jeff Fitzpatrick whacked his new PB walldawg (29″) on Mississippi River’s Pool 2 this past week. Said their best fish have been coming on big swimbaits in some pretty stiff current. Congrats dude!

Zach aka @riggedupoutdoors has been putting the crush on big Rainy River gravel pigs — including this stout 30.5″ toad mama! — pitching a VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig paired with a “pink/white” AuthentX Pulse-R paddle tail:

That 30.5-incher ^ was no fluke…Zach’s had a handful of 70- to 100-fish days over the last couple weeks with plenty o’ piggies mixed in. #RoadTrip

Yup, all different fish. Look closer at the fins….

People are already ice fishing!!

While you were mowing your yard, Bryan Bogdan (owner of Wekusko Falls Lodge) found fishable ice…in October! Sure he’s waaaay up in Manitoba…but I did the math and could be there in time for the evening bite tomorrow if I left right now lol.

He’s cracking 25″ rainbows [!] on Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps — a super NON-boring way to catch ’em:

Should probably note that it’s always a good time to wear a flotation-assisting suit like the Striker Ice one B-Bogs is rockin’. Flat out: If you ever break through the ice, it will help get you back out instead of weighing you down.

Btw there’s than just trout way up der in Manitoba…. Here’s Bryan’s last 30-incher of the open-water season, keeping an 8-month streak alive of sticking 30+s. Seriously. This one scarfed a Rapala Jigging Rap:

Ice tip: Cold-front walleyes.

Seems we usually get one major cold snap — with single-digit temps — that finally locks lakes up with fishable ice. No doubt you’ll be rarin’ to get out there, but the fish could be sluggish after that first nasty front of the season.

Gotta slow down: Not necessarily how you’re jigging…try slowing down the action of the bait. Deadsticks and sloooow, buttery-fluttery spoons work great when things get frigid. One of those sticks o’ butter is the Lindy Quiver Spoon ‘cuz it’s made out of tin [!] and flutters back down really slow — looks like an easy meal for Mr. Walter:

Yup, I said it’s made outta tin. Only person I know that doesn’t find that cool:

Ice-nut Jon Thelen’s thinking: If it were summertime and temps dropped 40 degrees, you’re probably not going to rip crankbaits…you’re going to fish slow. Same type of deal in winter, but need to think vertically instead of horizontally.

More info plus a quick look at the Lindy Quiver Spoon underwater in this vid:

How the Lund Alaskan got its name….

Okay, I don’t actually know the real story…but this can’t hurt:

> Corey Schwanke: “My son’s caribou from interior Alaska…decided to tow it to a better place to butcher. This 18′ Lund Alaskan has had a lot of fish blood spilled in it, but this was the first caribou….”

FreakZilla of the week.

Seen plenty of “merp” walleyes floating ’round the web over the last few years…but check this snub-nose muskie sent in by TW fan Josh Reischer. #Aggressive

> Josh: My buddy Marty Vlietstra caught it with me in early Sep. This is the second snub-nose musky I’ve seen in my boat…have caught snub-nose of every other species too. Always wondered what causes it…figured it must be a genetic mutation, but who knows?!

Maybe they took their dentures out?


1. Note from Al Lindner.

> “I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ to all who came to this year’s Fishing Careers Workshop — it was truly a memorable weekend. God bless.”

The amount of passion towards the fishing industry in that room was incredible:

Huge thank you to everyone that attended and to those that made it happen! #Blessed

2. MT: Gov Cup spots filled in just 5 hours.

Were taking the applications by phone — some people said they literally called 200 times in a row to get through. Insane.

3. MN/SD: Big Stone walleye fishin’ open year round?

That change was proposed earlier this year — now sounds like it’s happenin’ according to this FB post:

> Chris Domeier: In early Oct SD’s Game, Fish and Parks Commission approved the continuous season effective Jan 1, 2019 for the SD border waters. MN DNR Fisheries is planning to have the continuous season effective March 1, 2019 and our rule-making process continues to move forward.

4. MN: New food stamps released

Cost just $5 and can be redeemed for all-you-can-eat walleye, all season long:

That’s the new 2019 walleye stamp — it’s an optional $5 add-on and:

> DNR: “All the funds from walleye stamps go toward the cost of purchasing walleye from private fish farms for stocking into lakes.”

5. New Garmin GPSMap units.

Brings big-boy features (found in mega salt-water units) to smaller 10″, 12″ and 16″ displays. #Technology

And they’re lookin’ goooood:

Better gitcha one before Joel Nelson buys ’em all up.

7. Traditions Media hiring project manager.

Love some of the job requirements they listed:

  • Play well with others
  • Motivated and self-governing (if you need babysitting, don’t waste our time)
  • Cool, like people enjoy working with you

Lol! More deets here.

8. Polaris gets a minority stake in FLW.

Interesting…. If you didn’t know, Polaris also bought a big pontoon boat company back in May.

9. Lake algae being removed with aluminum sulfate

Between that and zeebz, imagine how clear lakes will be….

10. Shareholders Sue Gander Outdoors Ownership.

Here we go! Have a shot at winning a SIMMS Challenger Insulated Jacket and Bib set worth $600-ish! It’s worth waaaay more than that if you’re cold and wet on the lake WITHOUT one lol. #Dibs

Waterproof, toasty warm (300g PrimaLoft insulation), crazy light, and a big thing to me is it doesn’t limit movement.

Click here to enter. Share the link you get for bonus entries. Good luck!!

Tip of the Day

For those of you bundled up and still heading out, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl’s got a whole pile of creek chub pulling tricks — you maybe haven’t seen before — for fishin’ in the rocks. Crazy cool:

Meme of the Day

All good things must come to an end:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Kevin Trott said this 23-incher was caught by Sarah Egli on a jig and minnow on Eagle Lake, ON and “most likely woke her up from a nap.” Lol #FishFlopFriday

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