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Today’s Top 5

Slush melons of the week!

Kris Gaune cracked this chunk of emerald goodness on a “glow tiger shrimp” Northland Rippin’ Shad. She was just a hair under 30″ and rather photogenic:

Big-pike junky Andy Nemo Winder wrassled in this 40.5″ x 22″ SK gator about 5 minutes after he plopped down a BaitCloud ball. Make sure they’re legal where you’re at before you pop the bubbly. Awesome fish, Andy:

Mike Schneider stuck this mammoth brown trout on 4-lb (!) Sufix Invisiline Fluorocarbon while sight fishing in 8′ with a jigging spoon. Mike said it was a 20-minute battle — we’re glad he won:

This NY melon looks like it caught just as many jumbo perch as Casey McIntosh did:

Sight-fishing walleyes!!


Everyone else moved out deep when the bite slowed down, but Ice Force pro Mike Schneider slid up on top of a small rockpile in 8′ and witnessed something incredible:

> “I’m fishing by myself in the video — holding my phone in one hand, the rod in the other. Can’t give you the number of fish I saw, but it was a lot. Burbot, browns,and walleye.”

How many walleyes can you count:


> “I was using a Rapala Slab Rap to call them in, and a spoon up high as a dead stick. The Slab Rap’s effectiveness blew me away. I shared it with a couple guys that were having a slow day and that bait turned their day around.”

You won’t be getting those back anytime soon! Hope you’ve got a pile of ’em at home:

DIY ice-fishing rod holder.

Guide Cody Roswick says the formula for being efficient on ice is pretty simple: clamp + hair tie = rod holder. Awesome idea:

Because parents don’t frame pics of their kids playing video games.

10-weeks old and already marking fish on Lake of the Woods. #RealLifeVideoGames

Target Walleye/Ice on AnglingBuzz.

TW’s main man Brett McComas hopped on #AskTheBuzz to chat the following topics:

  • Is live bait ALWAYS better than plastics?
  • What do I need to know to catch a bunch of burbot?
  • What’s the best way to hook a live minnow?
  • What’s the best line strength for walleyes?

Solid info, and you’ll understand where the Target Walleye/Ice emails get their sense of humor from…. Glad to see Brett wore the standard-issue burbot uniform:

After all the burbot talk, AnglingBuzz host Nick Lindner HAD to get out to chase ’em with Brett and he stuck the prettiest darn burb we ever did see:


1. We lost Carmen Macdonald.

Shoot. Carmen was a principal in OR-based Vaunt Marketing which works with Okuma and other fishing brands. We barely knew him but he was an energetic, and passionate guy. RIP fishin’ brother.

2. MN. Support metro walleye fishing!

The weather is going to be flawless for the Kraus-Anderson Walleyes on Ice tourney on Tonka. You know it’s a good cause when Al is cheesin’ like this:

Forgot to mention they’re biting out there. Here’s 1 of 7 that David Joshua caught while fishing a Minnetonka weedline — betcha he’d love to ice that one Saturday:

3. MN: New pike regs for less hammer handles.

> “The intent of the new reg, spread over three northern pike ‘zones,’ is to reduce the number of small ‘hammer-handle’ northerns that infest too many state lakes.”

Good news unless you’d rather keep catching a bunch o’ these:


  • Northeast zone: Limit of 2, with one over 40″. Must release all 30-40″.
  • North-central zone: Limit of 10, with two over 26″. Must release all 22-26″.
  • Southern zone: Limit of 2, with a minimum size of 24″.

Click here for more info and a breakdown of where each zone runs.

4. Lake Erie: 2017 the best walleye year yet?

> “The combination of large fish remaining from ’03 and an influx of two large year classes of young fish [2014 and 2015] will give us incredible fishing for the foreseeable future.”

5. MI: Sturgeon season over in 1 hour.


Hope you didn’t blink!

6. New Clam Guppy Flutter Spoon.

Looks awesome underwater:

Can’t wait to use ’em on shallow late-ice panfish. FishUSA has ’em in stock.

7. Winnipeg walleye smackdown (video).

Gotta be more PBs broke on “Big Windy” than other other place. Don’t head up there without a handful of LIVETARGET Golden Shiner Rattlebaits.

*Hint – especially the new glow series.

8. New tip-up hook keeper.

Doubles as a hair tie….

9. MN: Al’s take on license fee increases (video).

Tell ’em Al!

10. Release fish, not lures.

Take the pledge to pitch your worn-out soft plastics in the trash, not the water.


Have a shot at winning this pile of Yo-Zuri loot worth over $200! Including all 12 new colors of their Crystal Minnow Walleye Deep Divers, Topknot fluorocarbon, Superbraid, and more! Just enter your email addy, then share the link you get for even more chances to win. Good luck!


Fishing Reports

1. MN: Lake of the Woods.

> Walleyes are biting in 29-31′ on glow red, pink and gold jigging spoons. A deadsticked plain hook (glow or colored) and live minnow has complimented the jigging spoons well. People aren’t complaining about the bonus jumbo perch!


> Fishing has been good up at the NW Angle. The morning/evening walleye bite on the MN side has been best in 13-20′ on rock reefs and points. Move off structure midday to 22-30′.

>Big crappies are being caught in 30+ ft on Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps, and small jigs with plastics/minnows. Work through the resorts and stay on ice road.
Jenny stuck this 40.25″ pike while fishing inside the Igloo Bar on the ice in front of Zippel Bay. No where else you can do that lol:

2. ND: Devils Lake.

Now’s a good time to head to Devils — check the size of these yellow bellies:

Google knows what’s up:

Tip of the Day

Check local regs! If it’s not legal — or you get queasy easy — gitcha some Impulse Perch Eyes instead. Sounds nasty, but they work well and stay on the hook:

Meme of the Day

Easy come, easy go:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Love this shot. Wally is about to be put into a Rapala Jigging Rap-induced coma:

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