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Shout-out to fishing moms, Walleye hornets are real, What Tony Roach is throwing

Today’s Top 4

Shout-out to all you fishin’ moms!

It’s (somehow) already Mother’s Day weekend…where does time go?! Saw this “Mother’s Day wish list” posted on a friend’s FB and had to add a bonus line to it — make it ALL happen fellas [!] and not just one day of the year:

Speakin’ of fishin’ moms…

Was scrolling through the #TargetWalleye hashtag feed over on the Instagramz, and came across this amazing post from @home_on_the_water. Said they were soaking bobbers off the dock on Devils Lake, ND when his wifey nabbed this 22″ waldo — had the kiddo snuggled-up in her MOBY wrap:

How cool is that?! Wasn’t baby’s first time on the water:

> Jared Pokrzywinski: “…my wife who was 40-weeks pregnant…still icing Devils Lake walleyes on HT Enterprises tip-ups the evening before she went into labor…24 hours later we had a beautiful baby girl!”

Love it! Happy early Mother’s Day to all you fishin’ moms out there!!

WTHeck are murder hornets?

First the coronavirus, now “murder hornets?” Guess they’re nothing new?

> “If you ask a walleye they’ll tell you they’ve been in the U.S. for decades!”

Those Salmo Hornets are known WALLEYE killers. They make a rattlin’ version too.

And here’s a few “hybrids” that DH Custom Baits has been growing in his lab:

Btw case you’re wondering how to get rid of murder hornets = an army of praying mantises? Lol:

Don’t see that everyday!

1)  Whole bunch of NOPE going on with this Cedar River, MI walleye Brandon Field caught trolling in 10-12′ with a “clown” color Smithwick Suspending Elite 8 Rogue:

> Brandon: “…fish was released. Had no idea what was wrong with it…honestly it looked like when salmon run up the river to die and they start deteriorating….”

Any DNR biologist folks reading this that know?

2)  This monster albino crappie was caught somewhere in AR. Pic was shared on Facebook by Cody Bret, but couldn’t track down any other details. Super cool!

An office chair I could get down with:

Now hopefully Trent Stefonek (guy who posted the pic) isn’t too busy daydreaming to actually get some work done….


1. Past AGLOW prez Martin Jaranowski has passed.

Can’t find a link so here’s a screenshot from the email that AGLOW (Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers) sent out. Rest in peace fishing brother:

2. Some fishing industry trends during COVID-19.

Now that everyone has stocked up on “essentials,” most other product categories are down by as much as 70-80%…but some fishing “retailers and manufacturers have seen 50-100%+ increases in their eCommerce business during the end of Mar and Apr.”

3. MD lifted motorized boating ban.

4. Suzuki DF300B outboard wins top product award…

…from Boating Industry Magazine. Has those crazy contra-rotating twin propellers:

Few reasons why it’s more better-er…per Suzuki’s website and comments from some folks that also run ’em:

> Incredible grip and lift….thrust sucks the windshields off the rest out of the hole.

> Spreads the propeller load for better efficiency at low speeds…especially when docking or trolling.

> Crazy stability…better handling and turning at high speeds. Runs straighter and tracks truer than a single prop.

> High reverse thrust allows the boat to reduce its speed and stop quicker.

Was surprised to hear from a couple guys that the props didn’t affect their top-end.

5. OH resumed non-rez license sales.

6. Lowrance has new C-MAP Contour+ maps.

> …include expanded coverage on 10,000 U.S. lakes and 8,900 lakes with 1′ contours — more than twice the number included in the previous C-MAP US Enhanced embedded chart.

7. Mark Courts caught a brown, toothless walleye.

Proof folks will do anything to kill the time ’til walleye seasons open up everywhere (lol):

8. to partner with the NPAA.

> “…the world’s largest U.S. based website for finding and booking a professionally-guided fishing trip…. Fishing charter searches can be filtered by location, budget, availability, and target species, allowing users to find only the most relevant available trips.”

Looks pretty southern heavy right now — think there’s only 1 guide registered in MN? — but I’d guess a partnership with the NPAA would see a bunch more walleye-y locations added.

9. ID: Reminder it’s illegal to transport live fish.

And even more illegal-er to play “bucket biologist” and dump ’em into a different lake, like some folks are apparently doing in eastern ID.

10. Yo cold-water grubbers.

Showed you the Kalin’s Tickle Tail swimbait in the last TW, and just saw they have a Tickle Grub too. Those tentacles are supposed to vibrate with the slightest movements = sloooow cold-water grubbin’:

11. WA: $300 mil in “fisheries assistance” dished-out.

> “U.S. fisheries support 1.7 mil jobs and generate $200 bil in annual sales. This relief package will help America’s fishermen and seafood sector recover from this unprecedented challenge….”

12. DC: Senate committee bill proposes $$ to fight Asian carp.

Lock and dam infrastructure bill:

> An Asian Carp pilot program to address and prevent infestation of this invasive fish in the Great Lakes area would be authorized at $35 million, as well as a comprehensive study of the Lower Mississippi River System.


I slipped-up a couple Target Walleye emails back…. Said something ’bout how the Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Walleye Deep Diver comes in 14 different colors, but forgot there’s actually 15 now that they’ve added a fish-sexy “blue chrome” color to the lineup:

$250 PK Lures Giveaway!

Here we go! Enter to have a shot at winning this $250-ish stack of walleye goodness from PK Lures! Yup, PK is more than just GREAT ice-fishing spoons…they make killer open-water stuff too! Here’s a small sampling of their stuff, but can check it all on PK’s site:

Takes just 10 seconds to enter — can share the link you get for bonus entries. Good luck! Highlights

Tip of the Day

What Tony Roach is throwing this weekend.

Full breakdown of T-Roach’s starting lineup — when and where he throws each — in this Rapala blog post. Few excerpts below to get you started:

> A lot of the females have already spawned, but the males are going to be spawning like crazy on that sand-to-rock transition….

> I stay pretty shallow this time of year — less than 10’…. Look for feeder creeks coming into lakes, rivers that dump into lakes, or even wave action on shorelines in shallow water. Anywhere you’ve got current, you’re going to find walleyes loaded up in there.

> That’s what’s great about fishing this time of year — you don’t need the greatest of electronics to find walleyes. You can follow the shorelines and don’t need to go out in the middle of the lake to find a specific hump or spot-on-a-spot.

> The fish are generally along those shorelines, because they’re just getting done spawning, or still in the process of spawning, depending on where you’re at in the state.

> A lot of shiners and smaller type of minnows are in spawning and up shallow, so I tend to use (especially in clear water) a lot of natural-color baits = the shiner colors, minnow-type of patterns….

> In low light, or stained water, that’s where you’re going to want your ‘fire tigers’ and brighter colors.

Keep reading Tony’s bait breakdown here.

Quote of the Day

“I’ll never stand on an X, I’ve seen too many Roadrunner cartoons.”

– Stuart Dean’s comment under this Chris Olmscheid social-distancing post:

Gotta do what you gotta do to get on the water!

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Know WI fishin’ guide Troy Peterson is on ’em when his “hero shot” gets interrupted by another Off Shore Tackle Planer Board falling back. Heck of a problem to have, dude!

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