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Fishing stimulus checks, Jason Mitchell’s slip-bobber tricks, Make old rods new

Today’s Top 5

What can you get for $1,200…?

Sounds like the first wave of coronavirus stimulus checks/payments were sent out…so we wondered what $1,200 can get ya in the fishing world. Here goes:

Can gitcha 500 of 1/4-oz VMC Neon Moon Eye Jigs and 139 packs of 4″ Impulse Smelt Minnows…which you might actually go through depending how many snakey northerns are hanging out in your 7-14′ cabbage patches:


How about a Humminbird HELIX 7 Chirp Mega SI GPS fish finder…with a new LakeMaster chipCisco Sure-Lok Electronics Mount…and still have enough dough left for a few tanks of gas:


Wasn’t all that long ago that a Side Imaging unit would cost you upwards of $5K! Crazy.

Deck-out your rods with 9 new size-30 Okuma Helios SX spinning reels:


Load up on 160 of the big #3 Moonshine Shiver Minnows:

Could get 9 of EVERY color (14) Yo-Zuri makes in the Crystal Minnow Walleye Deep Divers:


A set of 30 Off Shore Tackle Planer Boards. Wonder what the world record is for most boards being ran at the same time…know some fishing charters that get pretty wild:


Or maybe get your inner John Hoyer…stocking up with 171 Berkley Fusion19 Snap Jigs and 100 packs of 3.4″ Berkley PowerBait The Champ Minnow:


Wanna give a BIG shout-out to John Hoyer for the inspiration for this Top Item!

Btw you could get all the above X 11 if you picked up just one of these NWT “stimulus checks” lol:


Hoyer’s not one to brag so someone’s gotta do it for him. [shoulder-shrug emoji]

6-yr-old nets 30.75″ walleye!

Fish was the bigger part of a Lake Sakakawea double that Matt Liebel (Liebel’s Guide Service) and his son Mason caught trolling with a Salmo Rattlin’ Sting:


They got the whole thing on video — his son Mason’s energy level has me jacked up to get my 1.5-yr-old daughter out in the boat!

How to restore old cork rod handles. 

Looking for another quickie garage project while you #StayAtHome? Here’s how Joel Nelson makes his rods look new again with some OxiClean…


…and a good sponge. Awesome tip!

When you don’t even need hooks to catch ’em….

This walleye smacked that Salmo Rail Shad so hard the bait was stuck in its mouth — reeled it in with no hooks engaged. #Pinned


Which I believe would be the BBQ equivalent to this:

First time I’ve ever seen…

…boat graphics on a truck. Spotted at our local Brainerd, MN Menards:

Wonder if anyone’s ever put truck graphics on a boat?


1. TTI-Blakemore VP Steve Campbell passes on.

At 62-years-young. Steve served the company and fishing industry for 40 years:

> “Even though he was the vice president, Steve was also in charge of procurement. He got all the pieces and parts to Road Runners and other lures — the packaging, the hooks and anything else that was required to make product. It was a very demanding and time-consuming job, but he did it with grace and humor.”

Comes just 3.5 months after TTI-Blakemore prez Wes Campbell passed on at the age of 65. Their dad (John Campbell) invented the Tru-Turn hook in 1958. Prayers, fishing brothers.

2. TN: Deputy’s truck set on fire at the ramp.

Makes me sick:

> “They could’ve just stolen my crap, busted my windshield and gone on. But now my fishing is over — I have no way to transport my boat and fishing is my stress relief. From a personal standpoint, my 6-yr-old son was a $300K baby. He spent a month in NICU. My wife and I are finally climbing out of that financial hole and this happens on our 7-yr anniversary. I work law enforcement and don’t have a big budget.

> “There’s a lot more things going on in the world than my truck burning…. I learned my lesson about liability insurance. And I’ll just fight through it and recover. These folks got away with a GoPro full of fishing footage, a small tool set, a motorcycle helmet and about $2.50 in change. They burned my truck to the ground just for that.”

Freakin’ vandals. If you can spare a few, a GoFundMe account has been setup to try to get the decorated officer a replacement truck.

3. MI: Motorboat ban lifted following MUCC suit.

> MUCC attorney Aaron Phelps: “Our case was very straightforward — MI boaters and anglers may not be threatened with criminal charges based on an arbitrary interpretation of a poorly written executive order…to do so violated the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution and we are pleased that our federal lawsuit was well-received by the governor.”

> The new order explicitly states that outdoor activities, including boating, are now allowed while “remaining at least 6′ from people from outside the individual’s household.”

4. ON: Boating and fishing is allowed…

…BUT most accesses are still closed?

> “…unless you happen to dwell on a shoreline and have a means to winch or drag your boat off the bank, options for getting afloat are few.”

5. MN: LOW resorts welcoming back guests.LOW = Lake of the Woods. Here’s some more info on the changes they’ve made to keep folks safe and covered in fish slime.

6. Brunswick’s designing + distributing masks to hospitals.

> “BBG has donated 15K masks to first responders and hospitals in 3 different communities where Brunswick Boat Group manufacturing facilities are located.”

7. MN: Charity MN Fishing Challenge still on.

Happening May 30 on Gull Lake. Last year team’s raised more than $421K [!] and all proceeds benefit a great charity: the MN Adult & Teen Challenge.

Lots of great prizes — heck you would win a new Lund boat for not even catching a fish…

> Each team that raises $500 will get their name in a drawing for a brand new Lund boat powered by Mercury and loaded with electronics from Minn Kota and Humminbird!  For each $500 raised, you’ll get another ticket in the drawing!

*** Gary “Mr Walleye” Roach not included

8. MN: How you can make walleye fishing even better.

Can’t catch ’em if they aren’t there…. Buying a $5 optional walleye stamp helps raise money to supplement the state’s walleye stocking efforts = especially important this year with the 2020 walleye egg-taking operation cancelled due to COVID-19.

> Purchasing a walleye stamp is voluntary…helps fund an account dedicated only to walleye stocking. The money helps the DNR buy walleye from certified private producers that are stocked in MN lakes. Customers can buy walleye stamps any time, even if they already have a license.

> With MN having about 2 mil acres of walleye-populated water, about half of which have strong self-sustaining walleye populations, stocking walleye improves fishing where natural reproduction doesn’t occur as much….

My kind of “food stamps!” #WalleyeDinner

9. Buck Knives has a Healthcare Discount program.

Up to 50% off for “doctors, nurses, CNA’s, technicians, technologists, health administrators, EMS, and support staff.” Awesome stuff! More info here.

10. Gami’s got new Superline Swimbait Heads.

Comes in 1/8- to 1/2-oz with their beefy 4/0 and 5/0 Superline hooks:

11. MN: Yo Brainerd Lakes Area folks!

I’d still say one of the best ways to improve your walleye fishing skills — and reeeeally learn the local lakes — is to join a fishing league. In the Brainerd Lakes Area that = Walleye Wackers, and they still have a few spots left. Laid-back crew, but chock full o’ serious sticks.

I’ve been fishing in this league for 6-ish years now and always look forward to it! And with many of the state’s tourneys put on hold **cough** thx coronavirus **cough** it’ll be nice to have some friendly competition mixed in while fishing locally. And yes, they’ve taken steps to follow social-distancing guidelines.

Here’s a look at the season schedule.

Feel free to reach out to me (Brett) if you have any Qs, too.

12. SD fish-cleaning stations still closed.

13. Garmin Q1 growth up again, and again.

Revenue for their marine segment grew another 22% in Q1 of 2020.

14. FishLab’s got a promo going on.

Spend $75 or more and get a free “work shirt.” I dig it:

Know it’s pretty bassy…but is it just me or would a 24-27″ walleye go fin-over-tail for this FishLab Bio-Gill weedless swimbait in the cabbage weeds? #BassFishingForWalleyes Highlights

Tip of the Day

How J-Mitch slip-bobbers fussy spring ‘eyes.

> Jason: “So often early in the season when trends are going the wrong direction…trends like water temperature or unstable weather. I find that I will still catch some walleyes up shallow by pitching jigs with bait, jigs with plastics, swimbaits, crankbaits, etc…but the bite is a tough grind. Going back through an area with slip-bobbers…often saved the day….”

Waaaay too much quality info to fit in this quick-read of an email, so click the pic below to get Jason’s full scoop:

Quote of the Day

“Keep casting boys, I got this.”

– That’s Jessie Baker aggressively Rapala Rippin’ Rap-ing her way into a silent boat (lol) on Green Bay. #FinnedOut


Keep showing those fellas what’s up, Jessie!

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Kayak fishing isn’t just for bass-heads and skinny-water panfish…. Mega props to Michelle Ginn (@michelle_christine13) for getting it done from the ‘yak [!!!] with an 8-lb CO walldawg:


These dudes rescued a deer from the middle of a slushy lake. Must be how you turn a Lund Alaskan into a Lund Midwestern:

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