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Monster ‘eye and whitefish, Siamese pike twins, 16″ inch crappie

Today’s Top 5

Here’s a 30-plus!


Wow! #happyforyoubutjealous



Another wow, never seen one that big before! Tom Gruenwald on Big Rideau Lake, ON:



A little gross but amazing — would you eat it/them?



The guys from Uncut Angling — awesome:



Where? Lake of the Woods of course:

Ice News

1. MN: Downsize this month.

2. WY: Angler dies at Flaming Gorge.

RIP fishing brother.

3. MI: Man saved by friend….

…after falling through ice hole.

4. MN: Ice burglars arrested…

…after their car went through the ice. We can’t make this stuff up….

5. Walleye circles bait.

Amazing how you can watch how many times this walleye circles the bait before eating it:

6. John’s ice shack.

It’s on tracks!


This week:

1. WY: Burbot Bash on Flaming Gorge.

2. MN: Ice Fishing Extravaganza Jan. 24.

3. ME: Long Lake Derby Jan. 24-25.

4. SD: Walleyes Unlimited derby at Sheridan.


5. MN: Jan 31, Holes for Heroes charity derby.

6. MI: Bays de Noc derby, Feb. 7.

7. Walleye U dates.

Walleye University will be presented at SCHEELS stores in:
> Sandy, UT on February 14th, 11282 S State St, 801.948.7080
> Grand Forks, ND on March 7th, 2800 S. Columbia Road, 701.780.9424
> Billings, MT on March 21st, 1121 Shiloh Crossing Blvd., 406.656.9220
> Omaha, ND on April 18th, 17202 Davenport St., 402.289.5666



‘Eye Candy

One of several shots of gals cracking some big slithards!

Tip of the Day

> Most of us skimp on our ice rods and reels. Pros like Nelson don’t. “I made the switch to custom rods about a decade ago and haven’t looked back. At $75 to $100 an ice rod, these are spendy, but can make all the difference.”

> “I use Tuned-Up Custom Rods, but there’s a number of ‘noodle’ rods out there that allow you to detect bites which would otherwise never be seen (especially panfish).”


Quote of the Day

The premise of the sport is very simple: try to stay warm however possible, drill a hole, set a line in the water and hope for the best.

Guy being dead serious about ice fishing. Huh?? More like: prepare, be safe, hunt, kill, bonus round!

Shot of the Day

Bro smacked this huge slimy codfish on MN’s Lake Winnie with a Northland Sliver Spoon and minnow head:

Gotta check this stuff out!

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