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Long arming controversy, Big bait crappies, Fishing rod gets revenge

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Today’s Top 4

Long-arming controversy.

Do you “long arm” or hold your fish way out for pics? If so, you’ve probably got a whole pile of not-so-nice comments from a keyboard fishermen or two:

But a 10-lber is still a 10-lber whether it’s touching the camera lens or you’re holding it behind your back. You can’t hide big:

Now that’s how you hold a walleye for a pic! Photoshopped? Nope. Just a generous hold — with a wide-angle lens — that puts the emphasis on the fish, not the angler.Kyle Steinfeldt cracked that plump greenback on a 1/2-oz disco gold powder-painted Flutter Spoon poured from a Do-It Mold in 18′. Awesome fish and shot, man!

Use BIG baits for BIG crappies.

 Scott Glorvigen’s favorite way to sniff out big crappies is using big baits:


> …They draw fish in and get bit. Cast-and-retrieve tactics dominate lipless crankbaits’ use, but many of these lures also work well in vertical presentations…making them deadly weapons under the ice.


> The noise factor (vibration and water displacement) is key to calling aggressive crappies to the lure. Start out by working the bait with an aggressive lift-fall cadence…when a crappie approaches, pause the lure in place to trigger a strike. That’s when the bite typically occurs.


> Baits in the 1/8-oz, 1.5″ class are perfect. Shades of pink, green, orange and purple are hard to beat. I’ve had success with fluorescent, glow and UV finishes under different conditions, so it pays to have a variety colors.


Scott’s favorite crappie killers include the Rapala Slab Rap, Northland Rippin’ Shad and Bill Lewis Tiny Traps, pictured left to right:

> Rattlebait fishing isn’t a sit-and-wait or finesse affair — it’s an aggressive approach for quickly covering water and picking off big fish.


> Start by selecting lakes known for producing large crappies. From there, focus classic crappie holes with easy access to open water. Bars and large inside turns are also worth checking. Depths of 25-35′ are best.


> The fish are usually on the move, and often filter into these types of feeding areas late in the day especially in clear water. The trick is hole-hopping to pick off the most active fish as they pass through the area.


Scott’s got a lot more info and video of ’em in action right here.


Battered fishing rod gets revenge.

Bummer Tim, but for sure better than being attacked by your Rapala Jigging Raps. Tell Jiggy to gitcha a few new ones, and let us know if any need a new home….


Mille Lacs Lake dino spotted.

Things got a little Jurassic Park-ish at the Women on Ice Mille Lacs event. Photog-magician Hannah Stonehouse Hudson captured part of the madness:

We’re getting used to seeing giant-toothy critters brought topside out there, but that’s a first. Hope Rikki made it outta there in once piece.



Lots of people/vehicles have been busting through. Ice quality is just as (or more) important than ice thickness — be safe!

Striker Ice suits float, which these guys found out first hand:

> “Last weekend there were 4 fatalities in NH from people falling through the ice. I feel that I owe you a BIG thank you for keeping mine and my brother’s names off of that list. Both of us were wearing our Striker Ice bibs and jackets.


> “The ice conditions were a bit inconsistent, but we didn’t realize just how bad it was until our ATV broke through in 25′. The ice thickness went from about 6″ to 1” in the span of just 20 yards.


> “My brother fell all the way in and I watched as he dropped up to his neck in the water, then quickly bobbed right back up to mid chest due to the buoyancy of his suit. He was able to quickly roll out of the water and onto the ice in seconds.”


Glad you two made it out safely! It’s always a good time to own a flotation-assisting suit, but especially now when ice conditions get dicey. Here’s why Ice Force pro Brad Hawthorne runs the Striker Ice Climate Jacket and Bibs:

2. MN: Core sampling Mille Lacs for answers.

> “…Researchers drilled 7 core samples from the lake floor…hoping to look back at least 50 years at what was going on then and now — specifically since the invasive species, spiny waterflea, was discovered there in 2009.”


Fishing pressure had nothing to do with it….

3. WI: Rapids team state high school champs.

> “Over 700 athletes from 70 teams across the state competed Saturday. This is the third year in a row that the Wisconsin Rapids Co-op won.”


4. WI: Battle on ‘Bago cancelled.

5. River rats: New Moxi colors.

There’s six new colors of the AuthentX Moxi and Pulse-R from B-Fish-N Tackle. Give off a ton of vibration/action and work great in dirty water:

Ryan King has already been putting ’em to work on the river. #OpenWater


> “Finding fish in a river system with murky water and strong current usually is a struggle for most. One key to remember is fish are lazy, especially river walleyes. They will be as shallow as possible or as deep as possible to escape the current.


> “It’s easier to target the shallow fish — pitching AuthentX plastics to any rocky outcrop or break off, targeting the slack water will produce fish.”


Can’t wait to try ’em on the Rainy River in a month-ish….

6. Tony Roach’s favorite LX-7 feature.

Hint: It’s not the built-in smoothie maker.

7. Humminbird training workshops.In the Twin Cities and Chicago, IL. Learn how to REALLY use your Humminbird from The Technological Angler. Guy can run ’em with his eyes closed:

8. Top 10 ice lures of all time.From the guys over at In-Fisherman. Some heavy hitters on there, and over half of ’em are part of the Target Walleye/Ice family. #TheGoodStuff


Headline of the Day

Lookout for icecats if you’re ice fishing in Alberta.

Down here we just gotta worry about the neighbor’s dog.


Tip of the Day

Matt shows off his beard and talks about how he works his favorite walleye bait, the Clam Blade Spoon. Can fish it a ton of different ways to get aggressive AND fussy fish to eat it:

They also make a Rattlin’ version. Works!


Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Love those forehead crinkles. No offense Jeff lol:

Caught it on a secret new jig he’s been working on for the Jeff Jig’s and Flies lineup. Sorry if that was supposed to be on the down-low, Jeff!


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