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Greenback tanks, 51 inch ice muskie, Ripping big ice walleyes

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Today’s Top 4


Greenback tank parade.




Lake Winnipeg, MB of course. Would seem that now would be a good time to go….

Welcome to the 30″ club, Laur K.:

Shot off the bottom and inhaled a Golden Shiner Live Target in 11ft.


Zandy D.’s 30.5 inches of awesome:

Nabbed a Northland Tackle Live Forage Rippin’ Shad.


Matt and a 31-inch lifetime ‘eye:

> 14′ on a custom-painted rattlebait by Monster Eye Lures.

Check out this 51″ ice muskie!




Muskie hunter Nicholas Colangelo is at it again, with this 51″ ‘skie caught out in western PA:

Was one of six muskies landed that day — fair to say he’s got that bite dialed in! You might remember his big one from last year, a 53×29:

One fish, two fish, white fish, white fish.




These IL folks got into not one, not two, but FOUR white ice cats:

One had a pierced lip:

They were lunchin’ a Clam Bomb Spoon loaded with euro larva.

Frozen fish swims again.




Guess it can happen — no way to do this justice except to watch the video:

Now if we could just figure out a way to do that with our bait?


Ice Fishing

1. NH: Winnipesaukee derby is on.For Feb 13-14 despite not much ice right now.

2. MN man dies from CO poisoning in ice shack.

RIP fishing brother.

3. ON: 2 inches of ice on Lake Simcoe.

4. OH: 2 anglers rescued off Erie ice floe.

5. QC: ‘Pimp ma cabane’ TV pilot.

Guess “cabane” is French for ice shack? Sort of like a home reno show.

6. Lapland ice fishing record.

No idea what this fish is but at 9.23 kg (20.34 lbs) apparently it’s a new ice fishing record in Lapland. Was caught in -24 C weather, which is -11 F. No shack.

7. Aqua-Vu infrared lights up the dark.

Underwater viewing with the Aqua-Vu Multi-Vu HD in 28′ to 33′. Under the ice, cloudy day AND on the pitch dark waters of Lake of the Woods:

8. How to have the best-running auger on the lake.

9. Fishing small stocked trout lakes…

…with the Northland Impulse Helium Mayfly.


Headline of the Day

Hardy Russian ice fisherman, 69, survives two days unsheltered in blizzard on frozen sea.

> He also jogged up and down the ice, drank Schisandra tea from his flask and ate salted pig fat with garlic to keep warm through the night. Strong winds that would sweep you off your feet prevented him from building a snow shelter….


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‘Eye Candy

Jake Hammer with a pair o’ UT tub-o-lards:

They fell for the Rapala Rippin’ Rap.

Tip of the Day



Here’s Ice Force pro Andy Fiolka, an expert on the glacial lakes in and around Aberdeen, SD but you can use these tips anywhere:

> Fiolka finds walleyes most often around “shallower structure toward the peak walleye times of early morning and late afternoon into evening.” That peak bite window is generally from about an hour before dawn or dusk until about an hour after. This month, the majority of Fiolka’s walleyes have come out of 15 feet or less, “and sometimes as shallow as 5 feet.”

> He targets bottom transitions — areas where the lake bottom changes sand to rock, from mud to gravel, or goes from shallow to deep quickly. The bottom in one recent hot spot went from 20 feet to 8 feet in about 10 yards.

> “A lot of [SD] lakes are mudholes, so any good depth change is good. Those walleyes can sit all day down deeper there and then at night come up and push perch up shallow. If you can find a really steep break that flattens out on the top and bottom, the walleyes a lot of times will set up on that break.”

> Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps are “my number-one go-to bait for walleyes. I have one tied on two different rods all the time. One in Glow Yellow Perch and another in either Pink Tiger UV or Green Tiger UV. I have so much confidence with those.”

> Fiolka fishes Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps on clear, 6-lb Sufix Ice Magic mono. He uses a small VMC crankbait snap which allows him to switch out color patterns more quickly.

> Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps nab bruiser perch as well. “A lot of times, you’ll find bonus perch in your prime walleye area. And the big ones, they’re not shy of the Ultra Lights. I’ll often catch both species on them in the same spot on the same night.”

Quote of the Day

Deader than a [bleep] doornail. Every one of them.

Canadian who killed a muskie on the Detroit River, was caught and reported by other fishermen and was fined $1,000 and is banned from fishing for 2 years. Apparently said that muskies eat all the good fish…like suckers??

Shot of the Day

Maybe someone should drill him a hole? #sightfishing #eaglehaslanded

Let’s go ice!

Check this stuff out!

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