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Force walleyes to eat, Record laker caught, Pig fishing buddy

On the run so a shorter-than-usual Target Walleye today. Hope you like it and have a great weekend, fish-heads! 

Today’s Top 4

Simple trick to make fussy walleyes bite (flasher cam!)

Sometimes you’ve gotta stoop to their level and frustrate ’em into biting!

Doesn’t matter if you’re ice fishing with rattlebaits or jigging spoons…this fun little trick can help turn sniffers into biters:

BONUS: This isn’t just for walleyes. Works well for jumbo perch, and I even do the same type of thing in the middle of the water column for suspended crappies….

Slush melon of the week!

Dalain Préfontaine cracked back-to-back mondos on Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba dangling a 1/4-oz Northland Glo-Shot Spoon. Mondos as in a 28″ and his new PB at 31″ [!!] just minutes apart. Gotta love “Big Windy!” #Greenbacks

Got any fishin’ buddies that act like this?

We’ve all got “that one fishing buddy” we love to death, but they ALWAYS make a dang mess of the fish house or boat. At least Greg Boje’s fishin’ bud looks more cuddly than mine lol:

Would you rather watch flags go up…or drop down??

This one’s for you folks having Off Shore Tackle Planer Board withdrawals:

Hang in there fish-heads!


1. We lost Patsy Genz.

You might still be fishing outside on a bucket if it weren’t for Patsy…she was a huuuuge player behind hubby Dave Genz’ original Fish Trap concept.

She sewed up 20-ish of ’em by hand the first year — and believe 80 the next. Couldn’t agree more with Barb Carey’s recent comment that Patsy should be nicknamed “The Godmother of Ice Fishing!”

Prayers to Dave and the entire Genz family.

2. NH state-record lake trout shattered!

Thomas Knight thwacked a 37.65-lb (40″ x 27″) lake trout outta Big Diamond Pond in West Stewartstown crushed the previous record (1958) by 9 lbs!

Fish was estimated to be 50-60 years old. Congrats on the record, man!

3. MN: New regz on Mississippi R. border water.

Walleye and sauger limit decreased from 6 to 4. First comprehensive update of Mississippi River border water regz in nearly 70 years.

4. Rattlebaits aren’t just for walleyes…

The Yo-Zuri Rattl’N Vibe Mini is a tasty 1-5/8″ (3/16-oz) size that jumbotrons love to scarf, too:

5. MT: Canyon Ferry launch restrictions lifted.

> “…allowing all boaters to access all boat ramps for the 2020 boating year. MT FWP sought to remove the launch restrictions after 3 years of testing resulted in no detections of invasive quagga or zebra mussels.”

6. SD: New invasivez bill signed.

> The law will require people to decontaminate their boats by cleaning and draining them after they get out of the water.

> It also allows the state Game, Fish and Parks Department to set up inspection stations to combat the mussels and other invasive species.

7. MN: Prior Lake Assoc. removed 10,000-lbs of carp.

Talk about some heavy lifting: Highlights

> Top 5 most insane walleye videos ever

> Special Issue: Greenback into March madness!

> Behemoth 19″ crappie, Merp pumpkinseed, Tip-up pike

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Quote of the Day

“I was so concentrated on this fish I didn’t realize the crowd that had actually come around us.”

– That’s Mark Kottke talking about plucking a 54″ long x 27″ girth muskie outta Mille Lacs Lake, MN. ‘Bout a dozen people fishing nearby bopped over to see what all the commotion was about:

Said he got that quick pic and back down the hole she went….

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

These Northland Eye-Ball Spoon shots trip me out every time:

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