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Special Issue: Greenback into March madness!

Had the chance to sneak up to Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba and lean into a pile of greenbacks! A bite that should just get better and more better-er until MB’s Southern Division walleye season closes Apr 6.

Gonna try to make it back up there before then…but in the meantime, hope you enjoy this special issue from our trip to “Big Windy!”

Today’s Top 5

First off: WTHeck is a greenback?!

A “greenback” is an emerald/iridescent green walleye people believe is unique to Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. No matter if they’re big or small…things are absolutely gorgeous! Might actually be the definition of the [heart-eyes emoji]:


Their B-E-A-utiful greenish coloration comes from the limestone-rich waters of the northern basin of Lake Winnipeg. Some say the greener the fish, the “fresher” they are to the south basin…or maybe it’s from all that MTN DEW they chug before making the trek? Lol! Eventually the green will fade/blend into a more white-ish look.


Either way they’re cool to look at and an absolute BLAST to catch.

Greenbacks love them some rattlebaits!

Not sure there’s a more fun way to catch walleyes than rippin’ a rattlebait [!!] and those Lake Winnipeg fish are notorious for scarfing ’em up. So much so that when I’m trying to pack light — and throw together my “one box” for the day — it looks like this. #RattlebaitBuffet


Case you missed it, I dropped a vid talking about a few rattlebaits I never leave home without, along with some tricks for how I fish each of ’em.

I use the same techniques on lakes ’round home too…just usually like to downsize the rattlebaits to something a little more edible the clearer the water is.

Btw all the gear I used (sizes, weights, rods, reels, you name it) is linked in the vid’s description. Hope you dig it!

Spoon feed ’em mid-day!!

Of course you still gotta have a few fluttery-buttery spoons with in case Mother Nature throws you a curveball and the bite is “off.”

Really like adding a feathered treble — like the VMC Dressed X-Rap Treble Hook — to any spoon I’m slinging. Couple of my go-to spoons are the PK Flutterfish (top) and Clam Peg Flutter Spoon (bottom):


Came across a pair of local favorites while snooping around Smoke N Fish bait shop in Selkirk, MB. I’m yet to see these spoons on this side of the border, but can confirm they kill it on Lake Winnipeg — the Pelican Lures Flutter/Trolling Spoons (top) and Xstream Tackle Rattle Stix (bottom):


NWT pro John Hoyer also switches to BIG flutter spoons for tough(er) midday bites. “Big” as in spoons that are actually designed for salmon.

Couple of the best catchers from his last trip up were a “sarge” color 4″ Original Moonshine Trolling Spoon (top) and the “viseen” color 4″ Moonshine RV Series Trolling Spoon (bottom):


He said the best way to fish ’em is to NOT mark it the entire time: Let it flutter waaaay outside the cone angle of the flasher…catch it about 6″ off bottom and shake it back to center.

Literally tries to shut his brain off to the fact there’s a fish on the graph and does not change up how he works the bait. Sorta opposite of the MN deeper-water game where you’re (typically) playing keep away in the cone. Clearly it works for him:


All that being said, I recommend NOT fishing with flutter spoons during lunchtime unless you’re okay with the constant interruptions lol:

We put 100 walleyes topside in a SnoBear!!! (VIDEO)

Not many places you can throw up a triple-digit day ice fishing for walleyes — AND do it with rattlebaits (aka lipless cranks) — welcome to Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba!

Sure Lake Winnipeg is known for its giant “greenback” walleyes, but it’s also an incredible spot to get into some ridiculous numbers of fish, too…. Quality AND quantity? [fist-bump emoji] Sign me up!

We heard some gnarly weather was rolling though, so we booked a DIY SnoBear rental through IceBound Excursions. That way no matter what sort of nastiness Mother Nature threw our way, we knew we could get out fishing and get back in one piece. Oh, and kicking our feet up with the thermostat set to 70°F was a nice change of pace too (lol).

Now sit back, relax, and commence with the whacking. #FlasherCam


Now that the walleye season is closed for most of MN (besides border waters) I’m thinking I better head north for some #MarchMadness next….

Yup, MB’s more than just walleyes…

Gotta little bit of everything, and it all seem to grow to stupid-big-dumb sizes…



…and Lake trout:


…and gators, oh my:


Big shout-out to fishing YouTuber Clayton Schick for putting in the work!

$150 Freedom Tackle Giveaway!

Have a shot at winning this stack of Freedom Tackle Blade Baits! Brand-spankin’ new and crazy versatile — can be rigged 3 different ways, including:

> “…the ability to rig the double hook on the top of lure head and lock it into place on the custom-design hook notch. This allows anglers to tap the nose of the lure on rocky bottoms without the fear of hang-ups…a preferred presentation for whitefish and lake trout through the ice.”

And it’s not just for ice fishing…. Open-water walleyes love them some blade baits! Especially early spring.

Takes just 10 seconds to enter — can share the link you get for bonus entries. Good luck! Highlights

Tip of the Day

How Roger Stearns tracks down Lake Winnipeg greenbacks.

Bringing back this OG Doug Stange write-up on how Roger Stearns makes moves for finding waldos in a lake that’s 250-ish miles across. For sure requires a different approach, but can definitely duplicate this type of deal in basin areas — or on larger pieces of structure — on your local lakes too…just scale it down a bit.

> “When we’re starting from scratch, our initial moves are about a mile. Drill some holes and monitor your electronics as you fish. If we don’t catch or mark a fish in 15 minutes we move another mile.

> “Once we find fish, we need to read their attitude. Say we’re marking and catching some fish, but they’re tight to the bottom or only 1/3 of them bite…a small move is in order, say 40 yards or so.

> “We’re dealing with neutral to negative fish that are just milling along. They may have just fed or they’re waiting to feed when they find baitfish. It often takes these fish 3 hours to move 200 yards.

> “To follow fish like these we usually leave one guy behind as we move. If we get into them again and they’re biting better, the stay-behind guy moves to our location. Occasionally, the school reappears under the angler that was left behind.

> “Say 2 of us put 15 fish on the ice in about an hour. If we’re not marking many baitfish, we probably hit the tail end of a baitfish collision. Suspended fish are hunting fish — and while they may stay in an area for a time, they’re likely to be moving.

> “When we move in this instance it’s at least 75 yards, sometimes 150. Again, the activity or lack thereof below is all unfolding on our electronics and we’re always trying to get a sense which direction the fish are drifting.

> “The beauty of fishing on Lake Winnipeg is that you never know when an even bigger school of fish is going to move in from a different direction.”

Great info! And lots more of it in Doug Stange’s full write-up here.

Lot more structure scattered ’round that “bowl” than you’d think. If you’re heading to Lake Winnipeg for #MarchMadness and have a modern Lowrance GPS unit, better get yourself an Angler’s Edge Mapping chip.

There’s now mapping for you ‘Bird watchers too. Humminbird ChartSelect released a Lake Winnipeg download this winter to use with a Humminbird fish finder or the FishSmart App on your phone.

Quote of the Day

“Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed….”

– Pretty sure I’d be making the same face as this grumpy waldo if my wake-up call was a rattlebait to the face:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Absolutely insane this fish is hardly considered a big one on Lake Winnipeg — could fish a lifetime ’round home and never stick one its size:


Then again a 3- or 4-fish evening is dynamite on most lakes around here (central MN) so it’s all relative to where you’re at.

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