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Flashy jig mods, Selfie underwater cam hack, Find ice spots now

Only one TW this week ‘cuz we’re chasing giant greenbacks in Manitoba! Yup, you can catch ’em during the open-water season too!! All the deets when we get back next week — stay tuned to social media for updates.
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Today’s Top 4

Rock melons of the week!

Russell Wasylnuk nabbed this Winnipeg River, Manitob-ugggggh rock melon on a VMC Hammer Head Jig and frozen shiner:

Dario Baidel lives for walleye fishing…and is pretty darn good at it! Here’s a Huron, OH beef brisket he caught pulling Reef Runners behind Off Shore Tackle planer boards — nice one dude!

Tony Tschirren was pitching jigs from the bank and caught a couple of reasons why many consider Devils Lake the walleye shore-fishing capital. #WaderNation

Michael Dallager and Brandon Johnson have been spankin’ the SoDak razorbacks (up to 29.5″) casting BFishN Tackle Pulse-R paddle tails on flooded roads and timber:

Loons eat Jigging Raps?

This one did anyway…dang!
> Jay Epping: “Yikes…Jigging Raps catch everything…. After a little minor vet work, he’s happily back fattening up for his winter migration!”That bird lucked out: Jay is an actual veterinarian when he’s not competing on the NWT. We’re guessing he’d rather stick to taking off walleyes, ‘cuz he also said:

> “They bite!! A lot!! You should see what my hand looks like!!”

Gonna have to send you a couple of these fashionable Rapala filet gloves, man!

Simple tweak to add flash to your jigs.

A jig and minnow is like the meat and potatoes of fall walleye fishing, but there’s a way you can dress ’em up and add a little flash. Yes we ran this before, but it’s time to learn up again…and maybe gitcha some hambones like this:

Here’s the spin-jig mod Scotty Brewer does to offer a different look for finicky or pressured fish. Works especially well in the fall baitfish run:

Cheap, easy, works. Make your own by adding a small split-ring + swivel + blade combo to the stinger hook “trailer hitch” of your existing Fire-Ball Jigs, or you can stock up on an already-made version like the Northland Fire-Ball Spin Jig:

Sometimes arts-and-crafts pays off in the fishing world. Gonna have to give this a shot when we’re in Pine Falls this weekend….

Don’t chuck that selfie-stick your in-laws bought you….

Ice-nut Steve Thompson figured out a non-embarrassing way to use a selfie-stick (seriously it’s possible lol!) that involves his MarCum Recon 5+. Check it out:

> Steve: “Since the monitor is small and lightweight, I purchased a selfie-stick with a built-in tripod and threaded it into the built-in 1/4-20 insets [threaded hole on the bottom of cameras]. Set it up with the MarCum Wireless Camera Panner and you’ve got a lightweight, mobile setup.”

Like your style man! See you and your selfie stick at the St. Paul Ice Show.


1. OH: Lake Erie Fall Brawl deadline today.

Last day to register and costs just $30 to fish for $100K in prizes:

> Between Oct 20 and Dec 3, the biggest walleye caught in the OH waters of Lake Erie by a registered contestant will win a fully-equipped Warrior boat worth $75K. The next 4 largest walleye win thousands of $$$ in cash prizes.

Started in 2011 as a bunch of buddies throwing in $25 towards a “big fish pot.” Now more than 2,500 people are signed up from 15 states. Up until last year, someone fishing from shore has always finished in the money! #Stout

Send us pics walleye-heads!

2. SD: Walleye stocked in Black Hills reservoirs…

…for the first time ever. Ice Team pro Craig Oyler is probably already ice fishing for ’em…. Last year he found fishable ice — on a secret high-elevation lake — Oct 24. Life isn’t always fair.

3. MN: Massive bog breaks loose on North Long.

Size of 3 football fields and shredding docks/lifts as it drifts by. Insane:

4. OH: Too much algae in Erie’s western basin.

Locals looking for federal help.

5. MN: Last chance to register for the…

…first-ever Fishing Careers Workshop happening in Brainerd. Learn how you can break into the fishing biz from Al Lindner and friends. More info here.

They’ll be giving away a bunch o’ schtuff too, like this 20th anniversary Ice Team Voyager from Clam:

6. MN: Lake of the Woods resort for sale.

Don’t usually share stuff like this, but how freaking cool would it be to own a resort on LOW?!

7. MN: ‘Eelpout Festival’ might be on Lake Bemidji?

Been happenin’ at Leech Lake for 38 years, but organizers have now sent in an application to hold the event on Lake Bemidji.

8. New glow Crystal Reapers…

…from Vexan. Will also have a glow epoxy resin treble. They look tasty:

9. MN: Researchers hope to use fish virus against carp.

10. New editor in chief of Game & Fish Mag. 11. Rapala Fishing Pro coming on PS4 and XB1.

Guess you can catch ’em from the couch after all!

12. Have you entered this Catch Cover giveaway?

The CC crew is giving away another $100 gift card for some of their must-have hardhouse goodies. Click here or on the pic below to enter:

Headline of the Day

Fish respond to predator attack by doubling growth rate. 

Interesting article about a perch study where they grew much more quickly because of a pheromone they release when stressed. Sounds like it could also be an explanation for that “freshman 15” folks put on in college lol.

Tip of the Day

Joel Nelson: Find ice-fishing spots right now.

SPOTS, not necessarily fish!

> Our mobility is better than it’s ever been as ice anglers, but it’s drastically limited by the need to drill a hole to gather info. So why not put in the work when it’s easy?

> Using electronics from a boat to find fish — more importantly find areas that will gather fish — is far easier on a 60-degree fall day than a 10-degree winter one.

> Many times these locations are consistent producers during all months, yet others are specifically good for ice, like: shallow transitions from mud-to-sand, or sand-to-rock, as well as small gravel or rock patches in shallow weeds.

> Early-ice fish push to these places, especially after sundown in clear-water systems. Spots no larger than a kitchen table can seem impossible to drill out and find, while they stick out like a sore thumb on side-scan.

> Side-scan technology could be the #1 asset to an ice angler this time of year, as few things hide from it. If you don’t own this technology, chances are you know someone who does and you could get out for a day on the boat with them.

> Harder-bottom areas generally show up brighter or “whiter” (timber, fish-cribs, or other sunken gems). Soft bottom shows up darker. You’re looking for any break or transition in the substrate — the more sudden that change is, the more valuable it can be.

> Shallow water usually provides the first opportunities to fish on safe ice, so don’t worry about anything more than 15′ at first.

> Think about how/where you access the water-body. Focus on the areas immediately adjacent to shore…chances are (even if you’re walking out) your spots will be need to be within a 1/2 mile of your access point.

Keep reading Joel’s full write-up here.

Quote of the Day

No better feeling than realizing the snag is actually a fish.

– What David Shmyr Jr. said ’bout catching this dump-truck-sized Canadian walligator that hit his “yellow perch” color Bagley Deep Diving Minnow B so hard it peeled out 40′ of line before he could get her turned around:

Sheesh! Usually those hits end up looking more like this:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Brandon Patnoe caught and released this oldie-but-goodie while chuckin’ a Rapala Rattlin’ Rap in 6′:

> “She was missing lots of teeth…the ones she had left were all rounded off! I’m probably the last guy who will catch the ol’ gal — it was an honor!!”

Great release, man!

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