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Diseased walleyes, Fish stay shallow, Waypoints fer dayz

Today’s Top 4

How many waypoints does Korey Sprengel have?

A million? Two million??


Lol maybe close, considering this is what ONE spot looks like after he drops digits on each boulder:

Sprengel’s gonna needs an administrative assistant to stay behind that wheel — where do I apply?

Shallow fish stay shallow all day?

On a lot of lakes right now you’d be hard-pressed to get a bite (bass don’t count lol) during the day…but sneak out after dark and it’s game on. So WhereTH are those fishing going? Or not going…

Believe it or not, most of the fish you’re catching after dark right now will stay in those shallows all day. [chin-scratch emoji] The difference is in the daytime they’re not actively feeding, so you need to target ’em differently:

> Al Lindner: “Early in the season, a lot of these fish don’t leave these shallow rocks [or weeds]. You can come up here with an underwater camera [during the day] and you’d be amazed how often you can look in 3-6′ and there’s walleyes all over…but they quit feeding and the deeper fish turn on.”

Some interesting/timely info from this throwback AnglingBuzz vid where Al and Jimmy thwack ’em using VMC Hot Skirt Glow Jigs with boot-tail plastics to slow the drop speed — a minnow is going to fall faster and more erratic:

Fishin’ is for the dogs….

1)  Someone better get @mohsstacy’s furry fishin’ partner another cup of coffee — or maybe a hookset — stat!


2)  This walleye has a nicer kennel than my dog. @winsemiusd shot:


3)  Bassin’ pro Kevin Short says a Jewel Hound Dog Lure Retriever on the end of a retractable dog leash has saved him thousands of $$$ in crankbaits. This is no joke!

Walleye that’ll make you go UGH!  

1)  Ever seen a wart-nosed walleye?

TW fan Kelley Kerling caught this Lake of the Woods waldo that was carrying a little extra baggage:


Called lymphocystis, but is usually described as warts or tumors:

> Although the virus occurs naturally in the environment, infections occur at a much higher rate during cold periods in late winter and early spring.

> It’s not usually fatal to the fish unless it affects their feeding, breathing or a secondary infection occurs.

> Not known to infect humans…however, proper cooking of any freshwater fish is recommended. Dispose of uneaten portions by burying [lol] or in household waste.

Looks like a great time to practice catch-and-release lol, yuck:


2)  Creamy AND crunchy?

If you get queasy easy, you might wanna skip this next one lol. Nick Chiodo sent me this pic (thx man!) of a 22″ walleye he caught this week, and said:

> “I knelt down to get the hook out of the net and dang near puked it smelled so bad.


WARNING: Here comes a close-up of the stank…might ruin creamy PB for you:



> “…sent the image to a friend that works with the DNR locally.  He said it’s a bacterial infection of a wound.”

Hard pass.


1. WI: Merc Nationals cancelled.

First time cancelled since it all started in ’78. Believe the Lake Winnebago derby usually fills up with 300 teams each year. Will be relaunching the event next year.

2. MN: Fishing guides back in biz.

Starting Mon, May 18. Sounds like there can be a total of 3 people in the boat, which includes the guide.

3. “Bro” says we’re approaching peak spring bite.

> The peak spring walleye bite usually happens when surface water temps break the 60-deg mark. The males bite early in the season, but by late May the larger female walleyes are fully recovered and ready to feed.

> I measure surface water temps first thing in the morning on my Humminbird Helix 12. I always have water temp on my sonar readouts, regardless of the time of year. I like to track what temp the lakes are able to hold overnight — not the spikes in temperature that happen during the day.

4. South Africa banned online tackle sales?!

Here’s the crazy why:

> “…online sales continue to suffer under the Trade and Industry Minister’s decree that e-commerce is also not allowed simply because it is deemed ‘unfair’ to those businesses that do not have access to a digital sales platform.”

5. New FISHhead Video Library launched.

Launched by Lindner Media Productions…so you know it’s jammed full of some incredible content. Sorta reminds me of a fishing-version of Netflix. #BingeWatchFishing? #YesPlease

6. These Ezee Steps look legit.

Not cheap, but dang would they ever be slick for getting in and out of the rig:


Hey Ezee Steps folks – If you ever need a plus-size model to test out the weight capacity, I’m your guy! Lol

7. MN: Let the DNR know what you think…

…about their proposal to reduce sunfish bag limits on 150-ish lakes. Would either go to 5- or 10-fish bag limit in hopes of growing larger ‘gills. They’ve already seen some pretty incredible results in test runs:

> “We’ve tried [special] regs on about 60 lakes in MN. …lakes with the 10-fish limit have generally maintained [bluegill] size quality. When we go to a 5-fish limit we’ve seen an improvement in size quality. …average length has increased by almost an inch….

I’m all for bigger ‘gills and already took the survey — hop on it here if you want.

8. FLW basser Sonar “Miles” Burghoff loves Zero-G Lift Assist…

…on the new MotorGuide Tour Pro, a true cable steer with GPS anchor. Says it’s the lightest-to-lift unit on the market if you’re a runnin’ and gunnin’ — takes half the effort to stow:

9. MN DNR says less small pike = more better-er fishing.

Want you to keep a few of those little “hammer handles” to help balance the fishery out:

> “The smaller pike do a number on perch and walleye fingerlings. By culling some of the smaller pike it not only takes some competition away from larger pike, it helps other fish populations like perch and walleye. So if you like catching walleye, it may be useful to you to keep some small pike.”

Okay, who knows a REALLY good pickling recipe?

10. MT: Out-of-staters must buy AIS pass to launch.

11. SD: GFD bought Roy Lake Resort.

> “The resort will now be managed by the Roy Lake State Park district office, including watercraft rental, hotel and cabin reservations and the management of the convenience store.”

Headline of the Day

Want a little math with that walleye?

Quickie Jeff Burdick write-up talkin’ snap weights, and WTHeck someone’s talking about when they say they caught ’em running 20/20, 30/30, or 20/100:

> “The first number in the series designates the amount of line let out before the snap weight is attached to the line. The second signifies the total amount of line let out before a planer board is attached or the rod is placed in a rod holder….”

Tip of the Day

‘Nother quality write-up from Jason Mitchell here, few quickie excerpts below:

> My absolute favorite situation for trolling crankbaits early in the season is what I call a “hot wind.”  The first warm days of late spring when the temperatures are bumping up and the wind starts to blow hard and feel warm.

> The surface water temps might jump 4+ degrees in an afternoon and this warmer water is quickly getting mixed deeper into the water column. In these conditions, fish really seem to respond well to the vibration and speed of crankbaits.

> …when fish are relating to shoreline contours which they often do early in the season (especially if wind has been pounding into the locations), we get focused on the irregularities. We look for points or inside turns…maybe a flat protrudes out or there are some tighter contour lines along an area where the break is much sharper. These irregularities are often where fish get concentrated and focused and if the spot is small, go back to rigging and jigging. Some shoreline contours however can be bland and uniform…this is another perfect scenario to troll crankbaits to cover water.

> Especially during calm conditions, I often troll crankbaits early in the season with the bow-mount trolling motor and find that I catch a lot of fish by bumping down my speed to 1.4-1.6 mph. In the wind — or if the water temps are really climbing — I find that I can troll much faster and catch fish.

Keep reading for a lot more info here.

Meme of the Day

Came across this awesome @emptypocketsoutdoors shot of a walleye legit smirking…couldn’t help myself and just HAD to meme-ify it:

Quote of the Day

“Each of us owes them a ‘thank you’ by laying cash on the counter.”

– This quick read is a good reminder from TW’s Jim Kalkofen to drop in and support your local bait and tackle shops after things get back to the normal…whatever that new normal may look like. Of course that goes for other local businesses too.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

If this Jake Billings (@Jthooker.outdoors) shot is a selfie, then this dude’s on a whole ‘nother level. And check the caption:

> “Walleyes in the grass…with bass gear…off of a kayak!? What!?” #BassFishForWalleyes

Love it, dude!

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