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Best ice house?, Worst walleye tune?, Proof: bass dumber than ‘eyes


Happy turkey day fish-heads! We hope you have a safe, relaxing time…and catch some fish…if the ice is safe. We also hope none of the following things make an appearance in your homes:


Today’s Top 5


> Dave Novak of Foley, MN came up with an idea for a fishing shelter to end all fishing shelters. Novak’s shack is small, only 5 feet by 8 feet…what is unique is that it comes with its own detachable trailer.

> Novak has been making various fish houses for 40 years, and looks for ways to improve them. This one may be his last invention, he said.

> He calls this house the Five by Eight Rock and Roll. “All it needs is a four-wheeler to haul it out onto the ice.” The shack is attached adjacent to a two-wheeled flatbed trailer by hinges. A winch tips the house onto the trailer. The same winch lifts the house off the trailer back onto the ground.

> “Drop the house onto the ice, mark the spot for the hole, then lift the house off the ice. When the hole is ready, drop the house back onto the ice. It’s on the correct spot and you are ready to fish.”

Pretty cool!



Maybe it’s just too musically complex for us…maybe:



Not sure what language they’re speaking, but that kid ain’t even cold! And nice pike!


What does this megamouth ‘eye weigh?


Anyone hazard a guess??




Do you make fun of bass fishing and bass anglers? We don’t, but we know folks who do – and now they have proof that bass are dumber than walleyes:




State has proposed changing walleye statewide rules to a minimum size of 12″ and a daily limit of 8 fish. Right now it’s min size 16″ and daily limit 5.

> Smooth Moves is a product originally designed by and for tournament walleye anglers. “The adjustable Smooth Moves seat bases act as shock-absorbers to reduce the harsh pounding that could negatively affect neck and spine,” said company owner Kevin Christianson.

More on the seat bases here.


Hopefully the judges hear this: “Yada, yada, yada tribal netting!”

Howz that look Homer?

Cool new thing from a company called Floating Island International:

> …buoyant artificial wetlands, nearly 6,000 of which are now deployed worldwide….

> A suite of islands installed behind a museum in Durham, NC, improved total nitrogen removal by almost 30 percent. Another increased ammonia removal from a Billings, MT wastewater lagoon by 38 percent.

Here’s a shot of one:

7. Humminbird intros Helix fishfinders.

> …a family of compact-format fishfinders that feature a best-in-class, widescreen color display and powerful, professional-grade features.

> Anglers on limited budgets now have access to incredible fish-finding features with minimal investment. HELIX offers the highest resolution of any fishfinder in their price category.


Book it fast!

> The Devils Lake bays froze early, and even the main lake pulled an ice sheet overhead recently.

> Something happens at first ice…the northern pike put on the feedbag. Fishing in the bays, near weedbeds, in the trees and along shoreline breaks creates all-day races for the tip-up flags (best bait is dead smelt or ciscoes).

Click here for Devil’s Lake Tourism.

> The method we prefer to use is to tie on a Clam Drop jig…a large tungsten jig with a line tie coming out of the top at nearly a 90-degree angle. New this year, is the Drop Jig XL with a larger hook – this allows the angler to load it up with a lot of maggots. We fished this jig last year and tipped it with a Maki Plastic Mino.

> In deep water we prefer to use the Clam Speed Spoon or the Bomb Spoon. These spoons drop like a rock in deep water and if you tip some of the hooks with Maki Plastics and maggots, you will discover that they stay on the hook longer. This combination is dynamite especially when it is dangled right in front of a nonaggressive perch.

Lure of the Day

Rapala Tungsten Tubby Jig
Gotta love the name…more importantly it works great!

  • High-density tungsten offers the same weight as traditional lead at half the size.
  • Power Gap Hook for increased hook setting power and performance.
  • Precision-balanced with 90 degree line tie – keeps your jig in the perfect position at all times.
  • Ultra Glow colors give you up to 15 minutes of charge: Green Orange Glow (GOGL), Orange Chartreuse Glow (OCGL), Pink Chartreuse Glow (PCGL), Glow (GL), Glow Chartreuse (GLCH) and Glow Red (GLRD).

Tip of the Day


Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, good article, worth a full read:


> “There’s a reason the ice has an unusual look to it in different places. Springs bubbling up from the bottom, a patch of still-green weeds radiating heat from the sun’s rays and even a slight difference in depth are all possibilities. And all will attract fish throughout the season.”
> Bro bores holes along the paths where clear ice butts up to white, heaves protrude from the flatness, cracks have been created and anyplace snow has piled. And when he checks each hole with his Humminbird ICE 688ci HD, sure enough, there’s structure, or better yet, fish below.
> In holes not created directly over cover, he confirms the presence of favorable structure and cover with his Aqua-Vu AV Micro 5 underwater viewing system.
> “Anywhere light penetration is reduced overhead, even if there is none of the “classic” cover [weeds, wood and rock] nearby, fish will gather. Think of it like a swimming platform or dock during the open-water season….”

> Darkness overhead can be considered “cover”, and it’s where fish congregate, summer and winter.

Quote of the Day


When you get outside of New York and Los Angeles in middle America and rural America it’s ducks in Arkansas, walleye in Minnesota. These are holidays. They’re a big deal, a big part of the economy.

TV newsman Tom Brokaw, doing what TV newspeople do best: state the obvious! But we are glad that someone from NY and LA knows what a walleye is!

Shots of the Day


Look at this slob walleye, caught from Chatfield Reservoir, CO. Wow!

Okay not walleye or ice, but a PIG of a brown (22 lbs) caught and released last week by Eric Haataja.


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