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BEEFY Woods pike, Ice-fishing with sub, Beer by drone!

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Today’s Top 5

1. BEEFY Woods pike!

Check out this awesome pic, from MN’s Lake of the Woods – ’nuff said!

2. Biologists ice-fish with sub.

Even fish biologists get cabin fever:

> There was a submarine in Utah Lake on Tuesday on a mission to knock back invasive carp.

> Crews are using a remote-controlled submarine under the ice on the lake to set mile-long nets that catch eight tons of carp at a time.

> “We are able to catch more in the winter than we do in the summer because the fish tend to congregate together.”

3. Beer by drone!

Either that or rumors of MN’s skeeters gettin’ bigger are true….

One less reason to ever leave the fish house!

4. Bro’s Suh-WEET new ice ride.

FJ = fishin’ jeep??

5. Need the GPS points!

Ultra-sexy trout vid on the MarCum:

Homer say:



1. MN: World’s largest derby.

Tix still available for this Saturday’s tournament in Brainerd – $150,000 in prizes….

2. IA: Truck sinks on Clear Lake.

Guys okay.

3. MT: Trout derby results.

6 rainbows, 12.80 lbs, $5K, NAIFC qualifier.

4. WI: DNR ice clinics.

5. NY: Feb. 8 Waddington derby.

6. New ‘tweener jig.


7. VT: Free fishing Saturday.

8. MN: Fish. Family. Fun.

Great program to get kids and parents on the ice.


Fishin’ Reports

1. MN: Red Lake

Massive crappie schools visible from the air may be history, but Red is still kickin’ out a few giants…and lots o’ ‘eyes. Reed Ylitalo, Wings and Walleyes Guide Service:

 > “Ventured out of Westwind Resort, zig-zagging through the roads…bite wasn’t real fast but steady. Set up in 11’, catching a few walleyes and also one “Red Lake” crappie. Best colors were gold and green jigs.”

2. MN: Itasca County.

Jeff Sundin:

> “As much as folks like to moan and groan about the cold, it’s been doing a lot of good. Lakes around the Itasca Region become more accessible by the day. Anglers with pickup trucks are showing up on more lakes, and covering more territory every day.”

3. CO: Island Lake.

Rainbows “abundant.”

4. OH: Cleveland area.


Deals of the Day

Ice Force threads 20% off.

Tip of the Day

Top tip-up hacks.

Pat Kalmerton:

> …there’s a time and place for big hooks, but when in doubt, drop down a size. In the case of walleye warfare, he slides down to a #16 treble, usually opting for the extra flash of a gold Eagle Claw.

> “The thing I like about the snell knot is it pivots the hook when I really reef the hookset. I learned this from bass fishermen who fish punch baits…definitely ups hookset percentages.”

> “One reason people get turned off to tip-ups is they spend all day in no-man’s land…. Or setting tip-ups right on top of weeds, which can result in a tangled mess that fish will pass up 9 times out 10.”

> He searches out ambush locations like green weeds, breaks, river currents, bottom transitions, and other structure where baitfish hide, instead of directly on top or too far away.

> “Baitfish and predators are drawn to vegetation that’s still producing oxygen, not rotten vegetables.”


Quote of the Day

Meat whores need not apply.

– Brian “Bro” Brosdahl, talkin’ ’bout harvesting large bluegills….


Shot of the Day

Those some beauts or what??



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