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Another Erie giant, World’s biggest ice perch, Early season cranking


Today’s Top 5




Holy cow:

> 3-inch white Gulp! minnow and an 1/8-oz jig…we also used jigging spoons, and blade baits….

> If you can get on the fish, everyone was catching them! What an epic walleye adventure…. We both broke our PB walleyes through the ice.



World’s biggest ice perch?



Not sure the weight or location, but they look about 8 and 5 lbs haha!




Just in case you think shots of giant fish like this one…

…mean fishing Lake Winnipeg (a bowl lake) is easy, check out this short video:




Yes, 4 inches is the magic number for ice safety. This vid, with all kinds of math and stuff, shows us why:



Ready for open water?



If this pic doesn’t get you ready, send us one that does!


1. Erie: Ice season wrapping up.

Most ice still fishable — and big ones are being caught — but this recent warm snap isn’t helping the ice conditions. Here’s what the lake looks like now:

2. Lake Erie Walleye Trail starts April 11.

3. Great Lakes: Alewifes struggling, but smelt pop doubled.

Word is this is why the smelt are doing so well:

4. Newby/Wilson dominate NAIFC.

> Brandon Newby and Ryan Wilson recently capped another sensational season on the ice, capturing two more tournament wins as well as their third consecutive Team of the Year title on the popular North American Ice Fishing Circuit (NAIFC).


Nice dragon — she’s excited!

6. KY: New walleye regs.

Aimed at protecting 18-26″ slot.

7. OH: Walleye Festival looking for vendors.

May 21-25. Five straight days dedicated to our favorite fish sounds like a pretty good time….

8. MI: New juvy ‘eye cribs at Michigamme Rez.

9. Anglers asked to throw out soft-plastics.

> The new Pitch It campaign was the direct result of a proposed legislative ban in Maine on the sale and use of soft plastic baits.


10. MN: Pike with 40 perch.

> A big 20-lb class pike that was speared on Lake Mille Lacs (where spearing is legal) had 40 perch in it’s stomach.


1. WI: Fish University TODAY.

5pm -9pm at D.C. Everest Senior High School. Jason Przekurat talking about how to best utilize today’s electronics.

2. MI: Last Chance Walleye Derby begins TODAY.

Munuscong Bay.



‘Eye Candy

Okay — raise your hand if you would take a picture like this…and then send it into the paper!

Tip of the Day


Keith Kavajecz:

> In early season walleye situations, Keith will often start out throwing crankbaits. He’s typically using smaller profile baits that dive to 5 or 6 feet fairly quickly.

> He likes to look for a crankbait with rattles in it. When you’re fishing windy conditions, the water can become quite stained and dingy. Having a crankbait that makes noise can really help you trigger walleye in those situations.

> The key to fishing crankbaits at this time of year is not fishing them too fast. Occasionally pausing the bait can trigger a bite, particularly when fish are following the bait and after a missed strike. Keith uses no-stretch line (10lb test) to help identify walleye swiping at his bait and missing it.


Quote of the Day


In Wisconsin, a bait dealer will rent you a Shad Rap for $20 a day plus a $20 deposit. Lose the Shad Rap and you lose $40.


– Quote from a newspaper article about 30 years ago when there was a shortage of Shad Raps. Word is the governor was about to call the National Guard….


Shot of the Day


Mr. Bluegill with a great shot on Lake Poygan, WI:

Gotta check this stuff out!


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