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19-lb walleye caught, Walleye pheasant hybrid, Rock moose of the week


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Today’s Top 5

Rock moose of the week!


This freak-nasty walligator supposedly went 19.6 lbs and was caught at Cooney Dam, MT. Would’ve been a new state record if it wasn’t released. Working on more details, if it’s true…either way it’s a PIG:

Kris Guane stuck this gold-cheeked sowbelly while running a Northland Tackle Rock-Runner bottom-bouncer and spinner-rig in 32′:

Brady Kampsula’s 29.5″ MN rock moose ate a #7 Rapala Shad Rap in the color hot pink clown:

We hadn’t heard of that color either, so had to ask him. Turns out it’s an exclusive color you can only get here:

Drew Christenson cracked this bulbous worm disposal while fishing with Captain Jim Hanley on Lake Erie. Caught it pulling a crawler harness over the tops of weeds in 12′ on an Off Shore Tackle Mini Board:

Why you’ve gotta run tattle flags.


It’s simple — you’ll catch more fish! Plus if Fishing 411 TV host Mark Romanack uses ’em, you’ll for sure want to add ’em to your arsenal. Read the full article here, few excerpts below:

> “Setting up your planer boards with spring-loaded flag systems not only makes it easier to see when you’re getting a bite, it makes it obvious when your lure has hooked onto a piece of floating weed or other debris.

Think of it as the opposite of a tip-up…there’s a fish on when the flag folds down.

> “It’s amazing how often when trolling with Tattle Flag kits I see the flag fold down, then pop back up quickly before the board even moves. When a walleye or other fish strikes at your lure — but doesn’t get initially hooked — the Tattle Flag will telegraph that missed strike.
> “If you react quickly, it’s even more amazing how often you can tease that fish into biting again and with more enthusiasm. Simply open the reel bail and let that board stall in the water while continuing to troll forward. After a few seconds flip the reel back into gear and watch what happens as the line pulls tight.
> “Most of the time when that board begins to plane out, the flag will snap down and the board immediately starts rocketing backwards. Teasing fish into biting like this is highly effective and without the Tattle Flag kit you would’ve never know a bite occurred in the 1st place.”Mark’s got a lot more info on Tattle Flag kits here.


Rare walleye/pheasant hybrid caught.


Well sorta…. How’d you like to catch this golden pintail during a length-based tourney:

Darkest sauger ever?


Kris Gaune pulled one of the darkest saugers we’ve ever seen out of the Winnipeg River near Powderpuff:

Said it ate a Northland Tackle spinner-rig pulled behind a bottom-bouncer in 32′. BTW Powderpuff is the name of an island — not the girls football game your high school prom dance was funded by:

Angler catches flying rat.


Here’s one good reason why walleye pro Max Wilson considers himself a multi-species angler:

> “We were trolling over a pod of bait and the seagulls/pelicans took notice. One of the juveniles came down to get some lunch and got tangled up in our main line. A big walleye actually hit that line while we were bringing it in and then we had another on our outside board!”



> Jason Przekurat: “The Side Imaging on my HELIX 10 SI GPS helped me eliminate unproductive water quickly. I set the SI range to look 150-200′ off each side of the boat…dropping waypoints at the start and end of each cluster of trees. This way I’d know exactly where I was all the time and when I could turn around to make another trolling pass.”

Congrats again man!

2. ND: MWC comes to Devils Lake.

3. SD: Tournament app fee proposed.

> “A tournament with 20-49 boats, or 50-99 participants, would be assessed an application fee of $200. Tournaments with 100+ boats, or more than 200+ participants, would be $800.”

Money generated would go directly to the states ‘game fund’. It costs money to make lose money lol.

4. MN: Little Pine AYA tourney.

Ray Welle, Hunter Welle, and Evan Carr won it all with 18.50 lbs to take home a new 12′ Lund with a 5 hp Mercury, trolling motor and graph. That’ll be the ultimate starter boat for the little man! Here’s how they earned it:

> “We worked shallow wind-blown points in 10-14′. I was using a bottom-bouncer with slow death and crawlers. My son Hunter and his friend Evan used a Lindy rig with a 1/8-oz bullet weight and crawlers. I tried keeping the speed up to 1-1.2 mph moving along as spot dried up.”

5. MN: Zeebz in 5 new lakes.

West Battle, Otter Tail, Florida, Pocket, and a network of abandoned mine pits near Ironton/Crosby. That’s zebra mussels, not zebra muscles:

Proper grammar makes things a lot less confusing.

6. MN: Starry stonewort in Bemidji’s Turtle Lake.

> “Grass-like algae that may produce dense mats, which could interfere with use of the lake…also may choke out native plants and alter habitat for young fish.”

Only the 2nd known infestation of the invasive macroalgae.

7. MN: Mille Lacs advisory committee meeting.

Aug 23 at Izatys Resort and open to public.

8. WA: Fishing license fee increases proposed.

9. Onyx Impulse A-24 in action.

Here’s what would happen if your buddy pulled the cord on your inflatable life jacket:

Serious life savers. Check ’em out here.

10. Rapala app passes 5 million downloads.

Catch fish, not Pokémon with this sweet free game called “Rapala Fishing – Daily Catch.”

11. Get paid to protect your fishing gear (video).

Great way for you tourney anglers to score some extra dough from LEER.

12. Jason Mitchell rod giveaway winner.

Michael Dallager (MN) was the winner of the 3 new Pro Walleye Series Rods from Jason Mitchell:

> Michael said, “You guys just made my day!! I will be putting the rods to work! I always read every Target Walleye email!!”

We’re glad they’ll be put to good use. It looks like you’ll be doing some reel shopping in the near future!


Fishing Reports

1. ND: Devils Lake.

> “Try using 1.25-oz or 1.5-oz bottom-bouncer when fishing in 20′ or less, and use a 1.5-oz or 2-oz when fishing deeper than 20′. Spinner blade colors in firetiger, red/white, white/silver, and hammered gold are a safe bet for Devils Lake walleyes.
> “The fish seem to be transitioning off breaklines of old lake shoreline. Set your trolling speed between 1-1.3 mph, starting shallow and working your way out to deeper water until you find the fish. Mark a waypoint once you catch a walleye and turn right back over it.

> “If there’s any bit of wind, try and fish the wind-blown side of the shore as this is where the baitfish will be holding. Some areas of the lake to try are: Doc Hagens, Six Mile Bay, Golden Highway, and Pelican Lake.”

Don’t forget the big bonus fish:

2. MN: Lake of the Woods.

> “Drifting on sand flats, anchoring near/on rockpiles and jigging, and pulling cranks in the basin in 28-32′ have all been producing fish. Some big walleyes (28″+) are being caught daily. Gold continues to be the color of choice along with secondary colors such as pink, white and silver.

> “Some nice eater-sized ‘eyes are being pulled from the Rainy River during those windy days where the big lake is bouncy. Many anglers are pulling cranks and spinners.
> “Up at the NW Angle, bottom-bouncers and spinners with crawlers or minnows, or trolling crankbaits continue to be the go to methods. Try areas around Four Blocks, Little Oak to Oak, and Garden Island in 20-24′ of water. Gold, pink and orange are active colors, and the mud is currently hotter than rocks.”

Beth Seydel recently caught this 29 incher while fishing out of Arnesen’s Rocky Point:

3. WI: Green Bay.

Green Bay Trophy Fishing:

> “Sunrise and sunset walleye trips have been very productive when walleyes are at the height of their predatory nature. Rip jigging with Rapala Rippin’ Raps, Jigging Raps and jig/plastics combos has been very productive.

> “Daylight trolling has been extremely effective in covering water and locating active fish. We are targeting shoreline breaks, mud/gravel humps and weed edges using a variety of techniques. Some of the best have been Berkley Flicker Minnows, crawler harnesses and Storm Hot ‘N Tot crankbaits to name a few.”

Great places to catch ’em

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Tip of the Day

Gord Pyzer: Bassin’ for walleyes.

Walleye fishing doesn’t have to be boring — fish shallow and be aggressive. You can read the full article on how Gord Pyzer bass fishes for walleyes here, few excerpts below:

> “The 2 biggest walleyes I’ve caught over the past couple of weeks — both giants nudging 31” and 11 lbs — were swimming in ankle-deep water. I was amazed that I didn’t spot their dorsal fins and backs poking through the surface.
> “You’re probably wondering why they’d be found so shallow in the heat of the summer? The answer is always the same…food.
> “In some cases you’ll see schools of shiners flickering on their silvery sides. In other lakes the predominant forage is young-of-the-year yellow perch or crayfish. In most cases it’s a variety of all 3.
> “Concentrate your fishing on the breezier side of the lake, structure or cover, you’ll increase your odds of nabbing a giant walleye even further. Think of the wind and wave action as the walleyes’ air conditioner and food conveyor belt.
> “I’ll pitch a Rapala Scatter Rap Minnow or Shallow Shad Rap close to shore and then retrieve it so that the lure bumps bottom as I work it back to the boat. Often you’ll feel the bait run into a rock and ricochet off to the side, only to be gobbled up immediately by a big walleye or bass.
> “When the walleyes are gobbling up crawfish, my favorite approach is to cast out a lipless Kamooki Smartcraw — the crawfish paint pattern on these lures is exquisite. The lure is uniquely weighted and lacks a belly hook so that it stands up on its nose and rarely snags on the bottom.”

Meme of the Day

Gotta pay for all those new Rapala’s somehow:

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

This 26.5″ gravel lizard got tagged by a northern while IG user @rgk_1984 was cranking her up:

Guess there’s some crazy big gators in Keg Lake, ON — must be something in the water….



“Cupping” is the newest fad of athletes at the Olympics in Rio. That’s those purplish circles on the swimmer’s upper body:

It’s caused when heated glass cups are used to create a suction and supposedly increase energy flow…. And here we just thought there were lamprey in the pool:

Check this stuff out!

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