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Walleye engulfs transducer, Daytime crappies hide, Slobs of the week

Only one TWI email this week ‘cuz I’m chasin’ jambalaya perch and walters out of Woodland Resort on Devils Lake. GREAT people and an awesome experience! Back to the normal schedule next week. Thanks so much for reading fish-heads!!

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Today’s Top 5

Slobs of the week!

This blimped-out slush melon went 32″ x 19″ [!] and was caught outta Wekusko Falls Lodge in northern Manitoba — fishin’ a steep break in 30′ with a 6″ white tube:

Fishin’ guide Matt Cornell said this jolly green giant scarfed up a Rapala Rippin’ Rap on Manitoba’s Lake Winnipeg. Serious amounts of WHOA:

Sam Sobieck beached this south-metro MN whale using a Clam Snow Drop XL Jig on an Ice Team Professional Series spring-bobber rod:

Steve Rowbotham must’ve busted out the 14″ auger to get this slob laker topside. Looks like it was caught on a Sebile Vibrato?

TW fan Justin Vortherms cracked (and released) this supa-thick 28″ Lake of the Woods walter on a “rainbow” Lindy Foo Flyer. Said he was fishin’ in 30′, but saw her come through about 14′ down on his flasher. #Jackpot

New PB alert! Devils Lake, ND may be known for its jumbo perch…but don’t forget about the incredible walleye fishing!! Tyler Mohr stuck this THICK finned-out walter using a 1/8-oz Clam Leech Flutter Spoon (red gold) in 11′ outta Woodland Resort:

How Jason Mitchell targets mid-winter crappies in the weeds.


A big percentage of crappies pile in deep holes this time of year, but those spots can shut down in the middle of the day. Depending on the lake…sunshine, predators and angling pressure can all push slabs up into the weeds around the edge of the hole.

Jason Mitchell likes fishing areas where there’s 4-7′ of water between the top of the weeds and the bottom of the ice. He fishes the top-half of the water column for nicer fish ‘cuz the smaller ones are more reluctant to lift up out of the weeds (since they’re prey for bass, pike, etc).

Crazy how now-a-days we can learn a lifetime of crappie knowledge in a few minutes:

Jason was using a Clam Drop Jig XL (white/pink glow) with a Maki Spiiki (red). Said he can make it look like anything a crappie eats: quiver ’em to replicate an invertebrate or use bigger strokes to look like a minnow.

Seen it in person, but still can’t believe how hard he pounds his bait to call fish in. Almost looks fake until you see him set the hook (again and again). #Works

Ever had this happen?

Guide Donovan Pearase found a new big-fish bait for Lake Winnipeg greenbacks: a Kamooki SmartFish tipped with a…ugh…Marcum LX-5 transducer puck?

Sounds like those Kamookis were originally designed for open-water casting, so they only had one treble hook on the back to be more snag free:

Donovan tweaks his for ice by adding a wire snap to the eyelet with a second treble. Surprised it doesn’t get tangled up, but sure seems to be working for him! Check it:

Keep whackin’ ’em dude!

Eskimo now making skid houses?

Well the Swayze family converted theirs into one anyway. Seen people use foam puzzle mats for floors, but never anything like this:

That’s the big ol’ insulated Eskimo FatFish 9416i Pop-Up Shelter. Has 109 SqFt of fishable area, fishes 7-9 people and weighs in at 66 lbs. Looks like a good place for a Super Bowl party to me!

‘Eye candy of the week!!

Way too many b-e-a-utiful ice shots sent in this week to only share one, so here’s a laundry basket full of dirty snaps:

Yo Brody Smith – gonna have to recommend a pliers — or one of those stainless-steel Rapala Fillet Gloves (lol) — to get your Acme Hyper Glide back. #ChompChomp

Owen caught this photogenic ‘gill on a Clam Caviar Drop jig. Same look you make when you realize you shouldn’t have eaten that last bite:

Christian Fournier’s fav kind of “Ice Ice Baby” is rollin’ with his 5.0 (amp-hour) ION X:

Tanner Cherney gettin’ all artsy on us with a Devils Lake, ND razorback. #SunsDownFinsUp

Team Hawg Hunterz playing real-life video games with their Aqua-Vu HD10i. Aweome shot! But the real question: did it steal your spoon? Lol:

Tip of the Day

Don’t throw away all that old lead stuff! Tungsten rocks, but mid-winter panfish sometimes like the slower fall and different movement of a lead jig. #BroKnows

Quote of the Day

Walleye have been regarded by the department as a vaguely-tolerated house guest that needed to be closely watched.

– An Idaho newspaper describing how walleyes have “worn out there welcome” as far as the ID Dept of Fish & Game is concerned.

Guess they’re salty ‘cuz the walleye population is doubling each year and they’re worried how it’ll impact the kokanee (salmon, not beer).

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

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