Brett McComas

Things walleye fishermen say…. (PLUS my go-to deadstick setup)

Sheesh, ice fishing for walleyes can be SO dang frustrating. Why do we do this to ourselves LOL?! Sometimes they cooperate…but usually they don’t. 🤦‍♂️

We’re not quite to the “dog days” of winter yet, but have noticed that set-line bites (deadsticks, tip-ups, rattle reels, etc) have been accounting for more and more fish. Soooo….

Do you use your split-shot as a pivot point to adjust how far the minnow is able to swim away from center? 🤔 Or how about adjusting how/where you hook a minnow to change how much “action” it’s giving off??

That plus a few tricks I use to get those fussy buggers to bite when they won’t commit to the jigging stick:

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