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Record ID perch, Giant WI brown, When eelpout attack

Welcome to the Ice Force IceBlaster, your 2x/week email with the best ice fishing info IN THE WORLD! Enjoy!

Today’s Top 5

1. Record ID perch caught.

> Luke Spaete’s fish weighed 2 lbs 11 oz and measured 15 1/2″, topping the old record of 2 lbs 9.6 oz and 15 1/2 inches set in 1976 and tied in 2012. The fish that tied the record was also caught at Lake Cascade.

> He already landed a 13 1/2-inch and 14-inch perch when he saw a big fish appear on his fish finder at about 25 feet depth.

> “All of the sudden all the little ones went away, and this giant mark showed up. It was one giant blob, and I thought, Don’t miss this one.”

> When he pulled it through the ice “it’s belly and dorsal fin were scraping the sides the 8-inch hole.”

2. Biggest ice brown on video?

> WI guide/TV host Eric Haataja proves Milwaukee ain’t all beer, brats and baseball. Dang harbor is loaded with giants … like this stoopidly-big brownie. Wowzers!

> Belongs on the same A-list with Lake of the Woods, Devils Lake, Quinte, etc. Seriously … do it. Bring yer lady and kids and put ‘em on big ol’ salmonids and troutsters. Dat Eric is a family man and gets it.

3. Tungsten tips for big ‘eyes.

UA’s Aaron Wiebe rocks rattlebait earrings, red vanity glasses, and flat-out catches ridiculous fish in this su-weet vid. Yo-yo’ing ain’t just for river current slippin’.

Gotz to get up to Selkirk soon. Just sayin’.

4. Trick track machine.

5. When eelpouts attack.

They call ‘em lawyer fish for a reason…mean, like a bad DA.



1. WI: NAIFC Open on Manomin.

Lots o’ cribs and crappies. Big weights expected.

2. ME: Big lake trout caught.

3. Ice team USA in Belarus.

4. MN: LOTW poaching?

However you slice it, “double-tripping” = poaching. Don’t do what these doods did.

5. MI: Yoopers ‘Quit complainin’.’

6. WY: Carbon monoxide fatalities.

7. ME: 50 yrs o’ weighing fish.

8. MI: Muskegon ice may be done.

9. Fishhouse removal soon.


10. New ‘Bird units less $.

11. ND: Bismarck Tribune Sport Show.

Jim Lindner seminars, Sat and Sun.

12. MI: Auto worker USA Team pro.

Cool story, cool guy.

13. ND: Lots of ice season left!

14. Great Lakes 3/4 frozen!

15. MN: Panfish factory closes.


Fishin’ Reports

1. LOTW: Consistent ‘eye action.

2. MN: Grand Rapids area.

11th hour walleyes.

3. MN: 25-pound pike vid.

4. WI: Hayward area.

5. ND: Devils still hot.

6. SD: Bitter.

  • “Mainly a late-night walleye bite.”
  • Enemy Swim doing okay.
  • Nice perch on Indian Springs, Dry, Waubay, and sloughs around Webster.

Vid here.

7. NE: Nice ‘eyes.



Tip of the Day

Tortured crappies.

> …35-plus years of guiding have taught him three scenarios that typically offer top shots at overlooked crappies: flowing water; small, hard-to-access lakes; and waters on the mend from past atrocities by the bucket brigade.

> Approached with ample caution, flowing water systems can offer oases of big fish amidst an otherwise hard-fished landscape.

> Grzywinski seeks main-river areas with slack current. Once a school is found, he goes to work with a #3 Rapala Jigging Rap. “Fish it plain, no bait, a foot off bottom, and you’ll catch crappies plus bonus saugers, walleyes and bass,” he says. “Give it three snaps, let it sit a couple of seconds, and repeat. If you don’t catch anything after 10 minutes, move on.”


Quote of the Day

There is NO excuse for pictures/video of frozen or stressed fish. Bush league.

– Aaron Wiebe, Uncut Angling, gettin’ worked up.


Shot of the Day

No whiffin’, all whackin’. NICE Simcoe whitefish with Jiggin’ Rap.



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