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Today’s Top 4

Corn-fed beefcakes of the week!

Boom!!! @burbotbros stuffed himself a 30″ green-machine fishing from the bank in the Hecla-Grindstone Provincial Park on Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba. Caught it using a “homemade pickerel-rig contraption and some minners.” Guess he actually had 2 fish on at the same time — this 30″ and a 22″ — and said that it felt like reeling in a 20-lber lol. So awesome:


Have to say that @catchin.fattys sure lived up to his Instagram name (lol) with this one — a mondo 32″ Fort Peck, MT razorback he caught chucking a “chartreuse-orange core” color B-Fish-N Tackle AuthentX Pulse-R paddletail. #FinnedOut


Johnny Rosenbalm (@jrosenbalm13) thwacked this 28.25″ cornhusker — his new PB — throwing a #7 “firetiger” Berkley Flicker Shad on NE’s Lake McConaughy. Said he was casting at rocks that led to a big flat — “walleyes moved in shallow and were hunkering down around the rocks and gravel because of the alewife spawn.” Congrats dude!

Tom Boley’s slip-bobber tricks for walleyes.

Fishing YouTuber Tom Boley packs a pile of info into his vids, so for sure worth watching ’em for yourself over on his channel…but here’s a few quickie specifics I pulled from his newest slip-bobbering videos that I feel are important to dissect. Dude’s a quick talker so did my best to keep up lol:

> Runs his Humminbird Side Imaging chart speed at 3 all the time, whether he’s sitting still or looking for fish.

> Not casting unless he sees fish…Spot-Locks the second they show up on the graph, and fires the bait out right on their face.

> Uses his rod length to help set/change the bobber-stop’s depth quickly. Ex: If a 7′ rod…then about 2 rod lengths of line = set at 14′.

> Will sometimes run the bigger sizes in the Thill Pro Series Slip Float in shallower water early in the season, but says his overall favorite float is the big 3/8-oz Thill Wobble Bobber (that 3/8 isn’t the weight of the bobber, it’s the amount of weight it’ll support without sinking). Has a grommet on both ends so the line flies through it, and says it tangles up less on the cast.

> Use nylon bobber stops — don’t want the ones that feel like twine.

> He single-hooks the leech right through its sucker.

> Sometimes runs a plain hook when fishing super shallow, but says they’re harder to cast (than a jig) and tend to tangle more often.

> Uses a 1/16-oz jig the most in 8-15′. Has to be a super-wide-gap jig (like the Fire-Ball style) for hooking and holding fish — problem with most other lighter jigs is they have a crappie-sized gap. Will bump up to 1/8-oz jig when deeper in 15-25′.

> Likes running 10-lb Sufix braid for a main line ‘cuz you’re much more likely to hook a fish even with a little slack in your line. In clear water he runs a 3’ leader of 10-lb fluorocarbon…shorter if the water’s dirty.

> Swivel at the top of the leader with an 1/8-oz egg sinker so he can cast farther and get his bait down quicker. Will bump up to a 1/4-oz egg sinker (with the 1/8-oz jig) as the summer goes on and he’s fishing that 15-25′ stuff.

> Says having a long rod is crucial for slip-bobbering — “this is not a thing you do with a 6′ rod.” Needs the extra length for picking up all the loose slack on the hookset.

> Loves the Elliott Rods 7’6″ ML fast-action — same rod he uses for super finesse-y situations like hair jigs and rigging….

> Says a “very soft tip and lot of load. When that fish takes the slip-bobber, you wanna get tight on that fish before you set…otherwise what happens is you end up setting the hook on a slack line…you don’t know how far away that fish is from ya….”

> Basically pulls the angle out of the bobber (between you and the fish) before setting the hook…otherwise you’re sorta just pulling your bobber down and not getting a good hook in the fish.

Phew, okay…I’m out of breathe and I wasn’t even the one talking lol.

Now make sure you show Tom-Bo slice some love over on his YouTube channel so he keeps kicking out the goods!

First Lindy-Rig-catch picture EVER.

Lindner’s Angling Edge finally has an Instagram page (@lindnersanglingedge) and their newest post was a throwback snap of Ron and Al you definitely wouldn’t see nowadays…. #String’EmUp!


Get this: That’s the first-ever snap of a catch made on Lindy Rigs!

> Ron: “…we were trying to catch walleye, but bumped into a big school of bass instead…it was late in the year (3rd week of Sept). We had not put the Lindy Rig on the market yet (that would take another year) we just invented it and we were still experimenting with it.

> “Brother Al was just back from Vietnam. The catch came from Lake George, WI…we were using 4” chubs.

> “What I like about the photo (it was before “catch and release”…we still were using stringers…no beards…and notice the antenna arms on the TV) it takes me back to the old days.”

How cool is that?!

But gotta admit the very first thing that came to my mind was…

“Think your bait is too big? Look what this girl coughed up…”

– That’s fish-head Nate Altendorf talkin’ about this 24″ Lake of the Woods walleye that scarfed up a 12″ cisco, yet was still hungry enough to chomp his 2.5″ (1/2-oz) Lindy Glow Streak vertical-jigged in 28′ on the edge of a reef:


If you’ve never seen that Lindy Glow Streak before, it’s definitely unique…sorta like a hard-bodied jigging bait + a rippin’-style bait combined. Can also pop a glow stick inside the bait and the entire thing glows — not just the glow stick — since light radiates in the color of the lure:


Btw one of the cool things about fishin’ Lake of the Woods is you just never know what you’re gonna hook into…. Check out this close encounter of the sturgeon kind that Nate had, where the fish wasn’t lacking any dimensions, but his net was!


1. Updated 2020 NWT schedule comin’.

I haven’t seen any official announcements on it yet, but the National Walleye Tour’s FB page just created a few new “events” this morning — looking like:

  • Jul 23-24: Green Bay — Oconto, WI
  • Aug 13-14: Sault Ste Marie, MI
  • Sep 10-11: Lake Sakakawea — Garrison, ND
  • Oct 14-16: Championship — Lake Erie — Huron, OH

2. MN: Mille Lacs AIM won super shallow.

Most thought it’d be won out on the deeper mud flats with all the bug hatches happening. But Kirk DeCamp and Paul Schneider took home the ‘dubyah’ pitching big 5″ shiners on 1/4-oz jigs in as shallow as 4′! Their 5-fish bag went 40.58 lbs.

3. AIM “Quest for the Best” is happenin’ right now.

On Mississippi River Pools 3-5. A 2-day dealio with $15K going to 1st place.

4. Did you know there’s a place…

…to search for job openings in the outdoor industry? ‘Cuz I didn’t. Called I clicked on their “Fishing Industry Jobs” section and companies like Pure Fishing, Simms, Garmin, Mercury, CatchCo and Shimano — to name a few — have openings right now. Pretty dang cool.

5. MN: Fishing For Life still getting kid’s fishin’ this summer.

The non-profit org has virtual training classes, day camps, and meet-you-at-the-dock offerings goin’ on this summer starting now (full PDF here):

6. IA: DNR fisheries biologist receives Award of Merit.

> [Ben Wallace]…recognized for his efforts in community-based watershed management and lake restoration projects at Black Hawk Lake, North and South Twin Lakes and Storm Lake as well as shallow lake restorations at Lizard and Pickeral lakes.”

7. I’ve heard these ‘lectronics mounts are the deal.

Called the Cisco Sure-Lok Electronics Mount. Super sturdy aluminum mounts that don’t break the bank — they run $89.99-124.99 on FishUSA. I’m eyeing up a set of black ones for my new rig, but definitely diggin’ the blue too:

8. Lowrance units now integrated with Ghost trolling motors.

> …the new software update allows anglers to use their compatible fishfinders for anchoring, locking heading, controlling speed and navigating via programmed routes. The Ghost foot pedal can also be completely customized with a menu on the display.

9. New C-Map website.

General info. Highlights

Tip of the Day

Are you Shivering yet?

Definitely not from the cold…. This juicy The Next Bite TV write-up talks about Moonshine Shiver Minnow SZN, and how they basically bowhunt for walleyes…one rod, one lure, searching for big fish with their electronics before taking their shot:

> …used to switch between Berkley FireLine and Berkley Nanofil…but now we all agree: The new Berkley FireLine Ultra-8 Carrier is a mix of the 2 lines with the smoothness of Nanofil due to the 4 extra carriers and the abrasion resistance and strength of the original FireLine braid.

> In most walleye situations we use 10-lb, but moving up to 14-lb is sometimes necessary for heavy cover, zebra mussels or bigger fish.

> Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon leader material in 10-, 12- or 15-lb makes a great connection between the braid and lure. 24″ of fluorocarbon is generally enough even in clear water and greatly reduces the number of times the leader knot goes through the guides of the rod.

> The combination of braid and fluorocarbon creates an ultra-sensitive connection between the rod and lure so the angler can sense every change in bottom composition as well as every bite.

> The weakness in this system is that the no-stretch line and heavy lure give…no room for error when fighting a big fish. In this case we change out…with a larger #6 Berkley Fusion19 Treble Hook for better hooking….

> If the boat driver finds a mark and wants to cast keep an eye on the orientation of the boat, wind, and fish. Since it is common to be well offshore, it can help to watch bubbles or a specific spot in the wake of the boat while the driver maneuvers.

> After the lure hits the bottom, jig it up and immediately give the lure some slack. Keeping tension on the lure will reduce the side-to-side action that makes Shiver Minnows special…makes a huge difference in the number of bites.

> …the right motion creates a loop of line near the rod tip and involves a solid snap at the beginning of the stroke. Similarly, if the lake bottom is covered in moss, algae, or mussels timing your jigging stroke to stay above the bottom increases bites over time.

> Vary the height and number of jig strokes before letting the lure crash back down to the bottom. Many times, larger jumps will trigger fish but just as often this will pull the lure out of the strike zone. At the same time, fish occasionally suspend off the bottom and a larger stroke attracts their interest. Work both ends of the spectrum until a trend emerges.

Keep reading the full Next Bite write-up here.

Quote of the Day

“It’s the highest we’ve seen in 5 years…. It’s really, really, really good.”

– That’s MN fisheries chief Brad Parsons talking about the “walleye catch rate” on Mille Lacs Lake for the month of May — folks averaged 0.84 fish/hr, a 68% increase over the already-strong bite last year.

> DNR aerial surveillance consistently has counted more than 1,000 boats on the lake on weekend days and only slightly less traffic on the weekdays.

> …anglers fished for a combined 230K hours from opening day on May 9 until the end of the month. …exceeded last year’s May fishing by 40K hours. That’s extra impressive when you consider that anglers last May could keep 1 walleye. This year on Mille Lacs, it’s all catch and release.

> May’s daily average of 10K fishing hours was double the pressure exerted on Mille Lacs during the months of May from 2015-2018.

Now the, um…’guesstimated’ downside to folks out there enjoying some catch-and-release walleye fishing:

> Based on hooking mortality studies, the 1-2 punch of high catch rates and extra fishing effort meant that 5,500 lbs of walleyes (about 2,200 fish) died from being caught and released. That was nearly 3x the hooking mortality a year ago and it counts against MN’s 2020 walleye allocation of 87,800 lbs.

> The plan is for walleye fishing to close in July and reopen Aug 1 for catch-and-release through the fall.

> “At this point there’s no plans to change [that plan]. As we get results for June and getting into July we’ll just keep an eye on it….”

> One explanation for the strong walleye bite…is that the fish went into the winter undernourished.

> Fisheries biologists are hoping for hearty new crops of tullibees and perch this year to boost the lake’s forage base. Parsons said the extraordinary 2013 year class of walleyes — now upward of 18″ — still dominates the lake’s walleye population. The class born in 2017 also looks strong, but other classes since 2013 have been disappointing or average.

Man, the ever-changing Mille Lacs regz seriously play with my emotions. I’m SO looking forward to (hopefully) being able to target walleyes during the fall bite out there…something we haven’t been able to do on Mille Lacs in YEARS…but now after hearing about how good the bite has been + number of folks hitting the lake = I don’t want to get my hopes up and then get hit with another unforeseen early closure….

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Spinnerbait walleyes are a real thing — sometimes even on purpose. 😉 @jakepelton24 and @walleyeaddict have been casting ’em on 6-15′ rock structures and getting it done in a BIG way:

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