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Pigs of the week, Walleyes make you skinnier, Big pike tips

Today’s Top 4


Pigs of the week.




Darrell’s Wood’s 13.17 fatty. Guessing it’s from Erie — gotta love that weather!

TW reader Dale G. from MT sent this Missouri River fish in:

> Was trolling a #7 Berkley FlickerShad on a spot I marked a bunch of fish on my Lowrance HDS Gen 3 earlier in the morning. She was pre-spawn, about 31″…a dandy, but I didn’t have a scale to weigh her. Caught and released.

Great fish, but the Lab doesn’t look impressed!

Can walleyes make you look skinnier?




Apparently they can:





One of walleye’s hottest anglers finished in 14th with 80.9 lbs at the Detroit River MWC. Great video, give it a watch. Couple highlights:


> One of Korey’s big players was a 4-inch Ripple Shad on a 3/4-oz jig — firetiger shallow and pearl-white deep. A stinger treble was important for getting more hookups.


> A standard 4″ minnow bait in smelt color was another go-to bait. He didn’t use any live bait.


Plus this has a great story/cause:


> Terry Leffel is a hardcore walleye angler. His reputation for catching big walleye is only preceded by his reputation for his big heart. Late last fall, Terry contributed his time and talent as a walleye guide to a fund-raiser for a young woman who is fighting cancer, Amber Johnson. At Terry’s request, Mepps produced and contributed custom-finished Trolling Rigs to raise awareness and much needed funds.


> Fast-forward to this past weekend. Terry made the trip to Lake Erie, where he traditionally starts his walleye season. This year, he worked one of the Amber Johnson-model Trolling Rigs into the mix, and the first fish of the trip was caught on that lure-a beautiful, 8-pounder! Keep up the great work, Terry, and keep up the good fight, Amber! See a quick video of the catch here.


Couple more things:

> Mepps only made a limited number of those rigs for the benefit last fall.


> That’s the Mepps Trolling Rig that Mepps came out with in mid-2014. Now it has the new Mepps Crawler Harness, which is similar but without a dressed hook and with a Colorado blade instead of an original Mepps Aglia blade.

> Help Amber here. Go Amber!


1. WI: ‘Bago walleyes NOT in rivers.

> Walleyes in the Lake Winnebago system have abandoned the Fox and Wolf rivers in droves, setting up intense post-spawn action on the main body of Lake Winnebago.

> Guide Jason Muche credits the walleyes’ early river exodus to a lack of baitfish. “The shad population is way down. With nothing to eat in the rivers, the fish went right out to the lake. And they’re hungry. If you put a bait in front of them, they’ll eat it.”

Tips for how to catch those walleyes are at the link.


2. MN: Mille Lacs businesses already hurting.

3. MI: “eyes for Warriors registration on.

4. MT: Can now register for WU tournaments.

5. NE: Sign up for Clayton memorial tournament.

6. MN: History of Willie Walleye.

LOTW opener is May 9! Fishing tips here.

7. IA walleye update.

8. Cabela’s Q1 results.

> For the quarter, adjusted for certain items, net income increased 6.9 percent to $27.5 million compared to $25.7 million in the year ago quarter.

> U.S. comparable store sales decreased 0.4 percent.

> “During the first quarter, we opened two new stores and plan to open a total of five stores in the second quarter, four stores in the third quarter and two stores in the fourth quarter.”



GREAT places to fish – check ’em out!

‘Eye Candy

Not a walleye but a zander from Holland. Wow!

Tip of the Day


And other places:

> …more than 100 pike exceeding 40 inches for the LaFleur team [local residents Boyd LaFleur and sons Blake and Nathan] in the past 3 years. That compares to 87 trophy pike that size or bigger caught and released in the state’s release program from all state waters from 2008 to 2012.

> “After wondering where these top predators hid out, we started fishing them exclusively about 10 years ago. We went everywhere; fished every lure imaginable; cast and cast; searched and searched; and for the first 3 years caught zero pike over 40 inches.”

> The breakthrough came when he asked his sons to pick up the gaudiest, most obnoxious large lures possible on a trip to Fargo. They returned and dumped out a 3-blade spinnerbait weighing 2 oz on his desk. He laughed, but took it to the lake. Fishing an 8-foot-deep weedline on a big flat, he flung the hardware as far as he could. “Three cranks of the reel handle, and a fish hit. It was a 44-inch pike. I caught three that day over 40 inches, and the game was on.”

> The discovery led them to narrow down typical big pike spots to large expansive flats, usually quite a ways from shore with weed growth being the key. Deep water must be nearby. These are “rolling flats” in about 6 to 10 feet of water.

> “They like large lures, and we fish 7 ½ to 9 foot rods with at least 40-pound braided line and a 100-pound fluorocarbon leader. Top lures have been the size 15 Glide Rap (not being produced, but available on the internet); the 7-8” Shallow Raider; and the Lil Hustler 2- to 2 1/2-oz spinnerbaits with gold blades and cream/brown skirts. [Interesting!]

> The largest pike the family landed and photographed (and released of course) was a 48-inch trophy. “I know a ’50’ is swimming in Devils Lake,” Boyd said, “And I’m amazed how many trophy walleyes we catch on these large lures.”

Read the whole article here.


Quote of the Day


It may get you out of your comfort zone, which can be a great thing to becoming a better angler.


Brian Bashore talking about fishing tournaments again. For sure getting out of your comfort zone is the only way to improve, and tournaments MAKE you do that!

Shot of the Day


Raise your hand if you wish this was your view at work today:

Gotta check this stuff out!

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