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Today’s Top 4

Davids catching Goliaths of the week!

David Grosulak cracked this Mississippi River goliath pitching to a heavy current seam with a 3″ ringworm on a 5/16-oz jig:

David Shmyr Jr. is back at it with a sumo mid-day giant caught pulling a Bagley Deep Diving Minnow B 04 (gold perch) 100′ back in 22′ at 1.7 mph:

Davey Cook III slime-ified his Thunder Rage jacket/bibs with this MN 29-incher he caught dragging live bait with long snells over deep-water humps:

You don’t need a boat to catch walleyes this fall.

Not everyone has access to a boat, which is one reason ice fishing is so popular. Don’t wait until freeze-up to get in on the action — get ’em from the bank right now! Check the full Tim Allard write-up here, but a few excerpts below:

Presentation pointers

> Walleye have evolved to be specialized night hunters, but they’re not perfect. A slow, predictable retrieve gives them an easy target. It’s boring, but it works.

> Generally, I don’t go dainty in the dark. Big baits push a lot of water, making it easier for walleye to locate.

> A lure should be retrieved above walleye at night. This lets them see its silhouette against the moonlight. When bank fishing northern lakes and rivers, I typically catch walleye on baits swimming just beneath the surface to a few feet down.

> Wind-blown shorelines contain turbid water and disoriented baitfish, which attract walleye. A wave-hit bank is always worth casting.

> Walleye can be anywhere along the bank at night. Use different casting angles to cover water and determine fish location. If a spot doesn’t produce, move to another one until you find actively hunting walleye.

> When fishing flowing water look for current seams. Moonlight reflecting on the water’s surface can reveal different ripples where fast and slow flowing water meet. Cast here. Pay attention to where you get bit and cast back to this area.

> Walleye have a habit of bumping hard baits before they hit. This can feel like a “tick” in the rod or a vibration change. It’s a neon sign a fish is interested.

> Sometime it’s best to keep reeling and let the walleye overtake the bait. If this doesn’t happen quickly, stop the lure. A pause forces a following walleye to swerve away or hit the stalled bait.

Top locations

> Vegetation attracts yellow perch and minnows…ideally near deep water. A few feet of water between the weed tops and the surface is all you need…. Even better if you’re within casting range of the outside edge of the veg.

> Points are highways for walleye movements into shallow areas, and then back to deeper water once their bellies are full. Being able to walk out on the point is a bonus as it gives you more casting options.

> Walleyes gravitate to sand areas in fall. Sand bars with a mix of grass or rock are especially good nighttime spots in rivers.

> River bends are walleye magnets. In lakes, inside bends leading into coves and bays are excellent nighttime areas.

> Walleye like current. Fishing an in-flowing tributary is a good strategy. Likewise, a culvert funnels water and attracts fish. The base of rapids is another productive zone.

> Marina break walls, piers, bridge pilings and riprap banks are common hunting grounds for walleyes at night in the fall.

Tim does a full breakdown of his equipment here. For sure worth a read. Be careful and be safe out there!

Ever seen an “augerita maker” before?

How’d you like a StrikeMaster “augerita maker” for your fish house or garage?

That Honda 35cc powerhead probably has more run time than all of our augers combined thanks to: sports shows, get-togethers, football Sundays and slow fishing lol. 4-stroke is key ‘cuz carbon-monoxide poisoning ain’t cool man!

StrikeMaster just released another new smokeless ice-cuttin’ machine called the Lithium 40v Electric Ice Auger and sheeee’s purrrrtty:

Few deets for you:

  • The 8″ model cuts up to 100 holes through 16″ of ice on a single charge.
  • The 10″ model cuts up to 70 holes through 16″ of ice on a single charge.
  • 40-volt, 5-amp hour Lithium ION Battery.
  • Electric DC brushless motor and Lazer blades.
  • Forward and reverse to flush slush from the hole.
  • Built-in LED lights.


Can’t wait to try one. More info in this Ice Force vid.


Some fishin’ kiddos hooked on real-life video games!

Who needs daycare when you’ve got a Lund 2075 Pro-V?! Chanda and Eric Gebhardt’s little man was tuckered out from all the catching:

Joel Nelson was watching football when his 9yo son showed up with a tricked-out Lego boat with a custom-graphics package. Won’t be long before he has a bigger walleye up on that wall than you, man! Unless that is his:

Brandon Smoley is blessed with two ladies that love to get out fishin’! #Goals


1. MN: Coots Unlimited buys fish house for public.

Yup, that’s a real sportsman’s club in Ashby Minne-snowta. They bought a new 8×16 Ice Castle Trophy Hunter and plan to let people use it — free of charge — on Pelican Lake near Ashby:

> It will be set up from Jan 1 to Feb 25…available 7 days per week with two openings per day. The heat will be on and the holes will be drilled, so users need only bring their bait.

How friggin’ cool is that?! Wish there was more of it ’round the ice belt so everyone had the chance to experience fishin’ the hardwater.

2. Where’s our hard-house people at?

Coming to a lake near you…soon-ish:

We know a lot of you kick back in the permie while diving into each TW email…so we’re gonna try to bring you s’more tweaks/hacks/fishing tips that are specific to hard-houses. As always: any special requests, send ’em in!

3. Plano Synergy’s websites winning awards.

Revamped sites for their 18 brands (Frabill, Plano, etc) have been catching people’s attention, including that of the Web Marketing Association.

4. Lunkerhunt sells sushi?

Called the Sushi 110 Jerkbait and believe it was new this season. Mmmmm:

Suspending rip bait with super loud rattles, dives 6′ and weighs 1/2 oz. Weight-transfer system means longer casts and helps give it an erratic darting action.

5. Ron Schara Productions hiring videographer/editor.

Producers of: Minnesota Bound, Due North Outdoors, etc. More info here.

6. Honda outboards got a makeover…

…on the inside and out:

7. DC: Glenn Hughes named future ASA prez.

American Sportfishing Association. Was the VP. He was unanimously voted in by the board of directors, and ASA’s members and staff…which may be the first unanimously voted in person for anything, ever lol.

8. DC: E15 (even-higher ethanol) bill defeated.

Means no year-round sales of E15 this year.

Tip of the Day

> When water temps start approaching 50 degrees, baitfish (shiners, smelt, etc) begin migrating out of large bodies of water into adjacent feeder rivers…big walleyes are always close behind.

> This migration occurs all across the walleye world. Big greenbacks move from Lake Winnipeg, MB into tributaries like the Red River and Pine Falls. Lake of the Woods ‘eyes follow schools of shiners into the Rainy River. Some Lake Superior walleye will run into the St. Louis River. The list goes on and on.

> Start near the delta areas where the river dumps into the lake and work your way up from there. You’ll primarily be looking for holes, current breaks and back eddies. Feeder rivers and runoff pipes that pour into the primary river are also key spots. Scan with your electronics until you come across some activity. If you can find the bait, you’ve found the fish!

> Lindy Rigs with a redtail chub is a tried and true tactic that will catch fish. The classic jig and minnow works great too. You could even try a jig tipped with a salted minnow (“salties”).

> Trolling stickbaits and glidebaits (Shadow Raps, Husky Jerks, etc.) can also be effective. Anglers targeting monsters should slow-roll big swimbaits…4-5″ paddle-tail swimbaits are a great option.

> These bites can continue until these rivers are almost unnavigable due to ice. In spring of the year, the walleye will start dumping back out into the lake after they spawn, but that’s another story.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Only fitting Marc Tremblay caught this night hawg on a “zombie” color Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Walleye Deep Diver. Baby got back:

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