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New walleye and ice fishing stuff from ICAST (part 2)

Part #2 of our special “ICAST” issues talkin’ new walleye and ice-fishing schtuff comin’ down the pipeline. Check out part 1 here. Enjoy!

Bunch more open-water gooooods. 

Here we go!

In no particular order.

1. Bandit B-Rotan

Designed for zander so instantly has my attention lol. Bait’s actually a 4.75″ hybrid of their popular Walleye Deep and Shallow series. Supposed to have a super-wide rolling action and is REALLY loud. Check it:

> “…features a more pronounced wobble on the retrieve, and has 2 separate rattle chambers outfitted with steel rattles for increased sound. When cast it reaches 8-10′, and when trolled it dives to 16′.”

2. Sufix ProMix Braid

> “We took every characteristic that pros tell us they want in a braid — zero stretch, high abrasion resistance, flotation, tight weave and roundness — and on top of that, made it so it would hold its color for twice as long,” said Ben Miller, Sufix product development mgr. “And we’ve done it at a price point [MSRP is $12.99] you can appreciate if you fish a few times a year or every week.”

3. Berkley HD patterns

I shared the HD Flicker Shad patterns in the last Target Walleye (part 1), but have to hit ’em again after coming across this Facebook post from Berkley bait-developer Dan Spengler:

> Dan: “This year, I had the opportunity to work on a new line of HD Flicker colors, using high-res photos to create colors like yellow perch, emerald shiner, fathead minnow, blacknose dace, among others! It’s pretty cool to see fish you’ve personally captured on fishing lures! Especially the dace, that one was fun. I literally fell face first in a small stream trying to catch one”

Props to Dan for taking (a wet) one for the team! Can’t get over just how good these things look:


And if you’re lovin’ those new HD patterns (can’t imagine anyone not!) you’ll be pumped to know they’re coming to a handful of soft baits too, including the PowerBait HD Hollow Belly, Grass Pig and Pre-Rigged Swim Shads:

4. Eagle Claw Weedless Pro-V Eagle Eye Jigs

> …utilize the newly announced American Made Lazer Sharp LV570 Pro-V jig hooks with lead “Aspirin-style” jigheads and feature stainless steel weedguards. The weedguards protect the gap between the hook and soft plastic, keeping weeds from snagging the bait, and allowing for great bait presentation in grass and weeds.

> …the Pro-V bend in conjunction with the “Aspirin-style” head offers a more streamlined profile when falling through the water column and when dragging through grass or weeds. …also stronger than comparable round-bend jig hooks, and creates a pocket in the hook throat that holds live bait in place.

> Large holographic eyes and premium paint in a wide range of colors….

5. Colored Fusion19 EWG Treble Hooks

Add some extra goodness to your cranks with these white, orange, and chartreuse Berkley Fusion19 EWG Treble Hooks:

Same sticky-sharp treble hooks that catch EVERYTHING, including @skiezoutdoorsguideservice lol:

6. Moonshine Lures Fat Bottom Series

You already know (and probably really love) the OG Shiver Minnow. Darts and glides like other jigging baits, but what makes it different is how it rolls over on the drop — like baitfish do — with a bit of slack. Some prefer it’s nose-forward design (with no front hook) for pitching and casting to walleyes and they nailed the colors.

Now Moonshine’s got a Fat Bottom Series coming out soon-ish that reeeeaaaally glides. Not much info floating gliding around out there on ’em yet, other than this from Moonshine Lure’s FB page:

> “The name speaks for itself on the design. This design was a request of the pro staff and many others. The gliding action is outstanding on this bait. It comes in 3 sizes for now (2.5, 2, 1) and only available in glow.”

Keep you posted as I learn more.

7. Eagle Claw AXS Drop Shot Hook

Dropshotting for walleyes? Yup! One of those off-the-wall techniques most walleye guys refuse to try. Can drift, cast or vertically fish it, and it ALWAYS keeps your bait in the strike zone.

Eagle Claw’s AXS Drop Shot Hook has their all-new AXS Keeper and is gonna come in Lazer Sharp and Trokar options:

> …whole new system for securing and presenting baits…. The AXS Keeper is a specialized double-barb bait keeper that is secured to the hook between 2 movable stops that slide along the shank. …adjustable window for the bait to travel along the shank from eye to barb.

> …design enables the bait to move along a 3D plane. The AXS Keeper and the bait along with it, can travel 360 degrees around the shank while remaining securely attached.

> The AXS keeper prevents bait loss caused by head shakes from [fish].

> Improved hook-up ratio as the AXS Keeper is designed to slide out of the way and allow deep hooksets.

> …can be situated anywhere along the axis of the hook shank to customize bait presentation.


8. Okuma Convector Low Profile Line Counter Combos

Bottom-bouncer pullers are lovin’ the low pro line-counter Okuma dropped last year. Has a bait-clicker and “Quick Drop” feature that works like a flippin’ switch…lets you adjust the depth of your bait with one hand. Big spool yet compact in the hand, and the graphite helps keep it just 11.7 oz:

Now Okuma’s adding 7′ 10″ and 8′ 6″ combos — designed specifically for walleye — paired with the 354D-size reel:

9. Yakima Spin-N-Glo Bottom Walker

First off: I must be late to the party ‘cuz I didn’t know the Yakima Spin-N-Glo Bottom Walker was a thing. Believe it comes in 1- to 3-oz sizes but they’re gonna be adding a larger 4-ozer for 2021:

> The Spin-N-Glo Bottom Walker is unique in that it incorporates the patented Spin-N-Glo buoyant spinner body into its design, as each bottom walker has a size #4 Spin-N-Glo pre-rigged on the horizontal wire arm.

10. VMC Hybrid Swimbait Jig(head)

> The hook on the new VMC Hybrid Swimbait Jig features a wider gap to maximize hooksets and a hybrid bend for extra strength. It’s 1X strong and made from Hi-Carbon Steel with a forged shank.

> “…the [hook] diameter is perfect. It’s not too thick, so you don’t have to use it on too heavy a rod, and it’s not so thin that you have to worry about it bending out…it penetrates really well.”

The head doesn’t come painted:

> Pro bass guy Jacob Wheeler: “I like that plain lead head. That’s the most natural color you can have. That lead-gray head, for me, matches up with more colors than any other for swimbaits.”

> …wide-diameter spring keeper…. “When we were filming a promo video in June, I caught like 12 or 13 bass off the same swimbait body,” Wheeler said. “And I could have caught more on it….”

MSRP of $4.29, 4 sizes: 3/16-oz (2/0 hook, 4/pack), 1/4-oz (2/0 hook, 4/pack), 5/16-oz (3/0 hook, 4/pack), 3/8-oz (3/0 hook, 3/pack) and 1/2-oz (4/0 hook, 3/pack).

11. Eagle Claw Pro-V Teardrop Jigs (LSTDPV)

> Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp introduces the new LSTDPV Pro-V Teardrop jig series. These jigs are fitted with American Made L570V Pro-V Needlepoint Jig hooks to provide greater penetration and holding power than a standard round bend jig hook.

> The hydrodynamic head design allows a faster fall rate and prevents tangling in weeds by allowing the jig to slip through obstacles easier than a round ball-head jig.

> …painted using a premium chip-resistant paint and feature 3D, holographic eyes. The metal barb is longer than average helping to secure soft plastics or giving anglers the option to tie on their favorite bucktail colors.

Available next month.

Some possible hardwater heroes?! 

1. Eurotackle Live Spoon


> Made from ABS plastic, the Live Spoon is unlike any fishing spoon on the market. Its design and composition provide a unique fluttering action…actually swims through the water….

> …features an internal rattle chamber…and is finished off with a custom treble hook. Sort of a hybrid of the rattling spoon and the flutter spoon.

> Being that it’s ABS, the paint jobs like to hold up better than your typical metal spoon — no chipped up spoons from bouncing around in your tackle box. …many of the color schemes come from the Z-Viber lineup.

Comes in 2 sizes: a 1/16-oz (1.25″ with 8 colors) and a 3/8-oz (2.25″ with 5 colors). Available in Sep.

2. New Yo-Zuri Rattl’n Vibe colors

Added 3 new colors in the tasty 1-5/8″ (3/16-oz) size Mini Rattl’n Vibe for you ice-heads, and also in the 3/8-oz Rattl’n Vibe. From top-to-bottom…here’s luminescent (glow), wonderbread and luminescent perch (glow):

*** Fish not included


Awesome shots ^ from fish-head Mark Maule, who said the Rattl’N Vibe Mini is one of his absolute favorite baits for early- and late-ice walleyes because “it can be worked aggressively for active fish…but is small enough to fool more-finicky eaters as well.”

Has a “downward shimmy swimming action on the fall, and a really tight wobble action on the rip.”

Said he targets sand and/or rock flats in 10′ or less, and that the fish are there “to pack on weight for the upcoming winter and then for the spawn respectively.” Fishes ’em on 4-lb Yo-Zuri Hybrid Ice Line or TopKnot Fluorocarbon Ice Line (2 new ice lines manufactured right in Yo-Zuri’s Japan facilities).

Here’s a look at 4 other UV colors that were designed specifically for ice fishing:

3. Lunkerhunt Big Eye Tail Spin


> Glow-in-the-dark patterns, an enticingly bladed tail, sharp heavy-weighted short shank hooks, and a pair of thunderstruck eyes that bring everything together. Ideal for vertical jigging or extra long casts, once you see it in action both you and the fish will be hooked.

Comes in 8 colors and 1/4-, 3/8- and 1/2-oz sizes.

4. 13 Fishing Black Betty FreeFall Miami Nights

A special “Miami Nights” edition (aka tricked-out version) of 13’s popular Black Betty FreeFall Series:

> “The 13 Fishing FreeFall Miami Nights features the revolutionary FreeFall trigger that allows hard water anglers to hit specific depths, and get instant hookups by releasing the trigger in the target zone. Expect easy one-handed operation, smooth drag, and the perfect all-around gear ratio for shallow to mid-depth (5-50′) ice fishing.”

Also came across this sneak peek on of a yet-to-be-named second “Trick Shop Special Edition” — I’m diggin’ the classy red-and-gold combo:

Bunch other new fishy gear. 

1. Line Cutterz Dual Hybrid Micro Scissor

Won “best of category” for cutlery, hand pliers or tools. Looks pretty slick:

> “…world’s first dual hybrid fishing line cutter. The Micro Scissor consists of a patented corrosion resistance fixed ceramic blade in the back end and a stainless-steel scissor action in the front end. This dual hybrid fishing line cutter offers a fast, safe, convenient and durable way to cut braid, mono and fluoro fishing lines. Attach it to hats, retractors, PFD’s, lanyards and fly fishing vests so you always have a fishing line cutter within reach.”

2. KastKing V15 Vertical Rod Rack

> “…unique patented design allows you to store as many as 15 rods or combos in a very small amount of space — less than 18″. The key feature is the tacky polymer v-grooves which can grab and hold any size rod up to 1/2″ in diameter. This allows you to stagger the height of the reels in the fishing pole rack thus reducing the amount of wall space used to store rods and combos.”

Out right now here.

3. Millennium Marine R-500 Pontoon Boat Rod Holder

> “…easy and simple to add rod holders to pontoon boats or boats that have existing rails. It easily and securely mounts on your existing rail with no holes to drill. …mounts seamlessly to round or square-tube rails from 0.75″ to 1.5″. Patented Spyderlok Technology guarantees incremental locking angles and a 360° rotation, and it has a rugged design that will last a lifetime.”

Like the idea of turning that cabin cruiser (pontoon) into a fishing machine after you kick all the joy-riders off. Have also heard of folks clamping ’em onto fishin’ piers….

They’ve got a bunch in stock right now.

4. SIMMS Challenger Insulated Jacket and Bib

> “Built with an all-new waterproof/breathable Toray fabric and PrimaLoft insulation, Simms Challenger Insulated Jacket and Bib keeps anglers warm and dry in the coldest conditions. Equipped with an insulated hood, the jacket also includes a chest pocket with a built-in sunglass chamois, and handwarmer pockets.

> “The bib features a plier sheath, handwarmer pockets, abrasion paneling in the seat and knees, removable knee pads, and thigh-high zips for easy on/off. Jacket and bib sold separately.”

I’ve been running the original version for the last couple seasons now and LOVE it. One of the only ice suits I’ve ever worn that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing an ice suit. Tough to imagine that they could’ve made it even more better-er, but I’m down to check it out.

Way more new stuff coming your way soon! Stay tuned. Highlights
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