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Today’s Top 4

New PBs (personal bests) of the week!

1.  Mississippi River slaunch! @Charliewenkerfishing cracked this paunchy 28-incher pitchin’ a 3/8-oz Northland RZ Jig (firetiger) with a 3.25″ B-Fish-N Tackle AuthentX Pulse-R Paddle Tail (oystershell) to willows at sunset — fish came outta just 18″ of water! Said he’s caught longer fish, but his new PB weight-wise flirting with the 12 lbs, and was released to get even more bigger-er. Congrats dude!


2.  Props to Christina Truppe on self-isolating her way into a new PB walldawg on a WI river system. Also wanna say a big thank YOU for all you do to help others as an RN (registered nurse) — not just during this COVID-19 junk…but every day:


3.  Jordan Roob (@jordan.roob) thwacked his new hardwater PB soaking a fathead on a red hook ‘n split-shot under a tip-up. The foggy, somewhere-in-Nodak background of this pic might just be the definition of self-isolation…can I come? Lol:


4.  Dylan Foui ended his hardwater season with a new PB lake trout, breaking that magical 40-inch mark in northern MB. Congrats man! And wow…just WOW:

Caught on a custom-made tube from T.C. Moto Custom Baits:

> Had an idea for an all-white, giant 2-oz Hyper Glow Tube Jig with all-white glow tinsel. This weekend we named it ‘Vanilla Ice’…was epic.

Spoiler alert!

When you hear Rapala’s coming out with an all-new style of baits…


Called the Rapala Rap V Blade 06…little look-see for ya:

Yup, this is real life — more info soon!

Running low on groceries? 

BASS Elite Series pro Garrett Paquette ran outta ramen…no worries when you’ve gotta garage full of fishin’ candy lol:


Okay, here’s what’s actually going on:

> Garrett: “In storage I had some of the tails get bent…so I threw them in boiling water for 10-15 seconds and let them cool off — while laying straight — to take back their proper shape.”

Slick tip! Btw I’ve also heard of some folks (like Greg Boik in the comments section) also doing this:

> “Stretch the tails out just a bit while they’re still hot…gives them a bit more action!”

Might not hurt to add a little garlic powder, too…. 😉

Gussy’s fave hardwater walleye bait.

Q:  How many fish do you think Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson has caught on this Northland Tackle Buck-Shot Spoon…?

A:  It’s never enough!


1. IA: Search continues for missing fisherman.


Adam VanSyoc went into the Winnebago River last Fri…boat apparently struck a bridge cable and he was thrown from the rig. Still searching high and low for him — authorities say they’re “optimistic about recovery.”

Adam was the main provider for his wife Mandy and their 4 children. Here’s the GoFundMe account if you can spare a few bucks to help their family financially. If you’re the prayin’ type, please send a few their way.

2. Why the WA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife banned fishing.

Case you didn’t hear: Washington State didn’t just close public accesses…they banned all recreational fishing statewide!

The director of WDFW, Kelly Susewind, hopped on Northwestern Outdoors Radio to explain his side of shutting things down. Some pretty good insight — for sure worth a listen — and host John Kruse was definitely not shy about firing off some very direct questions/thoughts/opinions on everyone’s mind.

3. MN: What’ll the “fishing opener” look like this year?

No doubt less festive…some folks are even worried about a total collapse. This write-up chats with several folks in the industry and their expectations for one of the state’s biggest holidays.

4. Yetti’s got “smart” wheelhouses comin’.

Check this techy new feature available on Yetti’s 2021 fish house models:

> Control and monitor your Yetti Fish House on your phone from anywhere that has cell service with our new option, iN∙Command with Global Connect.

> Remotely turn your heat on so the house is warm when you get there, control interior/exterior lighting with dimming functionality, monitor battery voltage (low-voltage push notifications), water tank levels, and more!


Got to play with it this ice season and loved it. Being able to turn the heat up and lights on the “shack” before driving out after dark was super slick.

5. MI: Detroit River MWC cancelled/replaced.

Have added a stop at Lake Huron/Saginaw Bay area Jul 17-18 to make up for it.

6. US: Fishin’ boat sales started 2020 up another 6%.

Don’t even wanna see how those numbers take a hit after this whole mess.

7. Virtual sport shows are a thing.

Since the 88th annual Northwest Sportshow (usually held at the Minneapolis Convention Center in MN) was cancelled, they’ve created a virtual show you can “attend” from anywhere in the world.

8. FishUSA has Freedom Tackle Blade Baits in stock.


New design that makes it crazy versatile. If you’re ice fishing, can rig the double hook on the top of the lure ^ for pounding bottom. Also can rig it like a traditional blade bait with the hook on the bottom for fatty-magoo spring ‘eyes.

9. SBA loans available for small tackle/marine businesses.

> “…small businesses including marinas and tackle shops can apply for loans available through the Small Business Administration (SBA). These loans are part of the $2 trillion COVID-19 relief package, CARES ACT, passed by Congress and signed by President Trump last week.

> “The CARES Act includes upwards of $350 million of forgivable loans to pay for up to 8 weeks of payroll costs, including benefits. The loans can also be used to pay mortgages, rent and utilities.”

10. Episode 3 of the One-Boat Challenge is out now.

11. ND cancels paddlefish snagging harvest season.

> “Paddlefish snaggers concentrate in large numbers in a small area, and often participate in snagging while shoulder to shoulder. There is no realistic way to maintain proper separation.”

Surprised those dudes/dudettes can even get within 6′ of each other with whoopin’ sticks like these: Highlights

Tip of the Day

Pretty interesting read from Nicole Stone where she breaks down the science of what walleyes can (or can’t) see. Will say it makes a pretty solid argument for why “firetiger” is one of those colors that always seems to catch ’em….

Meme of the Day


Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Love this shot from @derelict_fishing of a Lake Oahe, SD walleye that has all them teeth, but no toothbrush:

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