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Most controversial lake ever, Giant walleye caught twice, Crank warm falleyes

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How to catch a 31″ walleye…

It’s easy: Just gotta let the fish go when it’s a 30-incher so it has the chance to grow [shrug emoji]. That’s exactly what fishin’ guide Taylor Klimczak did with this bruiser…caught her 2 years ago when she was 30″, and then again last weekend when she hit 31″. Notice it’s missing a chunk of its tail:

She fell victim to a Reef Runner the first time, and a #11 Berkley Flicker Minnow this time. Caught about a mile away — both times off the edge of a sand point topping out at 15-18′ and dumping into 30′. Such a sick catch!

Taylor posts a pile of big fish pics on his Instagram page — hit it up here.

Mille Lacs CLOSING for walleyes…again.

We shared a Mille Lacs Messenger write-up last week talking about the lake’s current situation and how the DNR expected Mille Lacs would be open to catch-and-release walleye fishing for the rest of the summer:

> Mille Lacs fisheries manager: “The key is that we feel we have enough safe allowable harvest to get us through the rest of the season, and we will be monitoring it and communicating with you.”

Fast forward 1 week later and this MN DNR news release comes out saying that walleye fishing will be CLOSED starting Fri, Sep 6.

But whyyyy???

> MN DNR fisheries chief: “Because angling pressure and walleye catch rates were high, the coming closure is necessary to stay within established limits.”

So basically it’s closing because of how good the fishing has been this summer — and it doesn’t say they actually reached the quota #??

The one that almost got away.

Look on the bright side, Jason Makela…you didn’t lose your Rapala Jigging Rap:

If that eyeball was about 4x bigger, I’d say it belonged to Don Evans’ fish. Pic posted by @EagleClawFishing:

Imagine the stories that one will tell its grandkids:

Do walleyes whiten their teeth?

Ever seen a walleye with yellow teeth? Us either. Yet all those pearly-whites and no one wants to kiss ’em before the release…like our bass-head friends do (*cough* Jimmy Houston *cough*). Here’s a few sharp reasons why:

1) This mean-mugger chowed an “icy hot” color Phantom Boogey:

Were you too busy staring at all them chompers to notice its voluptuous belly?

Btw that banana-shaped Boogey can hit up to 24′ on a flat-line troll! Its wide horizontal profile creates a beefy target and moves a pile of water — while its skinny vertical profile produces wicked slashing tail movement. Rattles to call ’em = jackpot.

2) Can’t tell who’s happier in this shot…prairie Sportsman host Bret Amundson, or this Tobin Lake’r? #SayCheeeeese

3) Look at the massive head [!] on this Lake of the Woods waldo Nate Altendorf caught on the new Lindy Glow Streak, which clearly isn’t just for ice fishin’:

4) Francis Audet (@frankaudet) has been flossing ’em with Livetarget Twitch Minnows doused in Liquid Mayhem shad scent:

Francis ^ and @alexandra.lafreniere have been getting into some absolute slaunches with those Twitch Minnows, including back-to-back PBs up to 31″! Here’s a couple of average ones. #DailyDouble


1. MN: Hank Williams Jr. hit “The Big Pond.”

Flew in on his private jet to fish Mille Lacs, but…well…

> “He came to fish for walleye. He didn’t know he couldn’t keep the walleye though.”

Lol. Sounds like Tony Roach came in clutch and brought Hank to an “unspecified lake north of Mille Lacs” to catch a few for shore lunch. Pretty cool.

2. WI: Two caught “trapping” Wolf River walleyes.

Took some incredible dedication from the DNR wardens to catch ’em in the act:

> The two men also had what is known as a “miracle minnow” — a female with spawn — in the trap to lure the male walleyes. On this day, the two men had caught 5 walleyes in the fish traps and brought back the “miracle minnow.”

Well I’ll be darned.

3. ND: NWT Championship comin’ to Devils Lake Sep 11-13.

Giving away 2 fully-rigged Rangers on the pro side and the top-finishing co wins a rig too. Oh, and something worth more than money:

> “The NWT Angler of the Year Awards is also up for grabs at the championship. The pro and co-anglers with the most points earned after the championship will be awarded custom rings and paid entry fees for the 2020 season.”


4. MN’s training bugs to control milfoil???

Research students are using “weevils” to eat away milfoil on Christmas Lake:

> “The idea is that the hatched and hungry larvae will devour the milfoil stalks, causing the plants to collapse and die off.”

5. Great Lakes: Groups want ship ballast water treated…

…to kill invasives. Surprised it’s not being done already.

6. Northern MB Walleye Championship happenin’ Sep 1.

On Paint Lake. Over $25K in cash + prizes goin’ to the top 10 teams regardless of how many boats are signed up.

Can check all the other upcoming fall derbies and results right here.

7. MN: MWC finale hits Leech Lake, Sep 20-21.

8. ME: Live bait banned in northern mgmt zone.

Guess to protect the state’s wild brook trout.

9. MT: Artificial islands can clean nutrients outta lakes.

Pretty cool idea:

> “The floating islands, made from recycled materials, act as filter and improve water quality. The roots from plants inserted onto them reach into the water and take up nutrients while creating a healthy food source for fish.”

10. NH: GFD stocks remote trout ponds…

…with a helicopter.

All-new ION G2 Giveaway!

How’d you like to be the FIRST person to get your mitts on the all-new 8″ ION G2 lithium ice auger? It’s lighter, faster, smoother and runs longer:

– Lightest power auger ever made at 17 lbs.
– Cuts a foot of ice in just 6 seconds.
– Drills up to 2,000″ of ice on a single charge.
– Easily re-drills old holes.

Takes 10 seconds to enter and can share the link you get for bonus entries — good luck!

Tip of the Day

How Jason Mitchell targets warm fall walleyes.

> When the water is cooling, you can focus on a spot or location. When the water warms during the fall, you need to cover as much water as possible. Many fish will be transitioning, and trolling crankbaits can be a great way to target them.

> As fish transition and travel between point A, and point B, they typically take the shortest and easiest route. What this means is that primary main lake contours and the old river channel on reservoirs essentially become underwater highways….

> Cover water over big locations. For specifically targeting big fish…don’t be afraid to double the length and profile from what you would typically use the rest of the year.

> Don’t get hung up on an icon or waypoint…or troll until you find the fish and then assume that you will catch more from the same location. Instead focus on your fish per hour. On a tough bite, I’m happy with a bite an hour…2 would be considered good in some cases.

> Scattered fish often have a more difficult temperament…they’re not competing with other fish and in some cases are stressed from the distances traveled.

> This is exactly why I love to troll crankbaits in the fall when dealing with tough conditions. Not only do I cover water and contact more fish, I can also do a better job of getting a reaction strike by using speed to trigger fish.

Keep reading here.

Meme of the Day

Came across this pic of a big walldawg caught outta Delaney Lake Lodge…couldn’t help myself and just HAD to meme-ify it:


Quote of the Day

“I’m a bass fisherman at heart, but it never hurts to catch a big walleye from time to time!”

– That’s former MN Vikings D-end Brian Robison (@brianrobison96) showin’ a little love for the gravel lizards!

I’d imagine the hookset looked something like this. #FlexinOnEm

Really diggin’ B-Rob’s new Transition Season vids on his YouTube channel. Bass heavy = yup. Quality stuff = you bet. Keep doing your thing, man!

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Is it still considered ice fishing if you’re plopped on a bar stool…fireside…watching the game on a big screen…in your slippers…and all while it’s 72°F in your Yetti Grand Escape? #Roughin’It

Yup, I’m down! Especially on those -20°F days….

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