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More alleged cheating, Trap nets are wild, Frumpy walleye caught

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Today’s Top 4

More alleged cheating in fishing tournaments???

Remember: Innocent until proven guilty.


This time the folks were allegedly trying to make their fish smaller…. 👀🤔

Stumbled into the details from this New Wave Fishing Academy write-up talking about some alleged shenanigans that happened during a recent length-based northern pike tournament where $10K+ was up for grabs.


It sounds like due to slot limits, and depending where folks were fishing, only 2 of their fish could be over 61cm…so catching the biggest “unders” to go with their “overs” can be just as important.


And supposedly there were a couple of different teams that were…


> “…suspected of cutting the tails on their fish to ensure they did not go over the 61cm limit and maximize their score!”


This first one looks about as blatantly obvious as it could get that the fish’s tail had been altered at some point:

> “Due to speculation of tail cutting incidents prior to the Classic tournament officials were directed to take photos of each catch on the measuring board for review if necessary. Pike normally have rounded fin tips and the photos…show a pointed edge that is too clean to have been caused naturally. Perhaps these fish were caught with tails cut from other anglers in the past, but this would be an unlikely situation.”


Here’s one of the other ones that was in question:

> “Within the weeks following the event polygraph tests will be conducted.


> “While a full investigation is yet to be completed to determine validity of the allegations and photos…it is not looking good for the anglers involved.”


Another thing to keep an eye out for…. 🤦‍♂️

What commercial fishing nets actually look like underwater. 🚩

I’ve always been curious what’s going on beneath the surface anytime I see those flags flying on the water. 🕵️‍♂️

First, a great little public service announcement that was recently posted by James Campbell in the Great Lakes Commercial Fishing FB group along with those ^ couple pics above:


> James Campbell: “We are now allowed by law [after Sept 15 on Lake Erie, OH] to set within 1/4 mile from shore. Which is anywhere between 1′ to 14′ in the Port Clinton area…and 1′ to 20′ in the Cedar Point area. These nets fish top to bottom, it is possible to get snagged or caught in them, for your safety use caution by these flags…we do not want to see you or your prop get damaged.”


Sounds like the nets that are close to shore are roughly 600′ long.


> “The single flag is the shallow end (closer to shore) and the double flag is the deep end (further from shore). Do not go in between them – go around.


> “Love us or hate us we want to see you have a great day on the lake. These nets target rough fish such as sheephead, shad, catfish, carp, buffalo, white perch and white bass…we do not keep any game fish. We are just trying to feed America and those who don’t have the ability to fish but would like to eat fish. I do not represent the industry as a whole, other fisheries may have different methods, laws and opinions….”


I guess in my head – anytime I’ve seen the flags or buoys – I have always pictured what are called gill nets. They look like this:

But in James’ post he’s specifically talking about trap nets, which have a whole lot more going on. Fascinating, really!

Regardless of what type of net is used…I reeeally think there should be some sort of little solar-powered strobe light on top of the flags. Reading some comments from commercial fishermen in that group, it sounds like they would need to be approved by the Coast Guard – tho you’d think it would be mandatory.


Probably not as big a deal most of the year (?) but no way I’m seeing those if I’m out pulling crankbaits at night in spring or fall…I’d imagine most folks sneaking out on a calm night will be trolling within 1/4 mile of shore and in 14′ or less.

These walleye are seriously bent out of shape. 😤

Saw this one shared by Bob Kirkpatrick that was all sorts of squirrelly from Tobin Lake, SK. Funny enough his buddy caught the same fish just 6 days later on the same spot:

Thing was shaped like a Fusion19 Slow-Turn Hook. 😅

Not sure if this is the same fish (yet again) but Rob Penner posted this one in the comments section under Bob’s original post that this fish was also caught off of SK’s Tobin Lake back in Oct 2020:

Imagine trying to fillet that thing?! But cool to see that it was released and caught more than once for others to chuckle over.

“…there’s always some kid who catches a 15+ on a Snoopy rod with a Mr. Twister off his grandparents’ floating dock.”

– That’s a line from this Jim Edlund (I always love his stuff) write-up in In-Fisherman where he does a deep data drive into the walleye numbers and size statistics on NY waters.


If I stopped the quote right there, you might think they’re coming off a bit, well…

Lol so I better include some context:


> “Seems like the envelope is getting pushed every year. Statistically, I really think the next world-record walleye is definitely swimming out in Lake Ontario – or the river. There aren’t tons of 15-lb or better fish, but there a good number.


> “I don’t pull a 10-lber or better every trip I book but we do catch 8- to 10-lbers on a daily basis. We also get 11s and 12s. Over 12s are less frequent but we do catch ‘em.


> “Of course, there’s always some kid who catches a 15+ on a Snoopy rod with a Mr. Twister off his grandparents’ floating dock. You’ve gotta love that. That’s what got me hooked on this whole fishing thing. I caught my first muskie fishing sunfish with my dad.”


Bunch of really interesting insight in the full write-up.


1. MN: “Keep It Clean” legislation passes.


I mentioned this was in the works last spring, but I didn’t realize that it had actually passed.


> In a nutshell…it will be illegal to place any garbage or waste on the ice. This means all garbage will need to be kept in your fish house, your vehicle or in a garbage can attached to one of the above.


Can’t just tie a garbage bag to something, because those love to freeze into the ice. Needs to be in a garbage can or container that’s attached so it can’t blow away.


Sounds like the penalty is $100, which feels to me like it should be higher. 🤷‍♂️ I believe the fine for littering on highways or streets in MN ranges from $400-$1,000?


2. MN Fishing Hall of Fame’s 2023 class inducted.


Big congrats to Tom Carlson, Russ Francisco, Jeff Sundin, Hank Ebert, FM Walleyes Unlimited, and Reeds Family Outdoor Outfitters. 🙌 Well deserved!


3. MN: Alumacraft laying off 68 workers at its St. Peter plant.


> …Alumacraft recently expanded its multi-building campus in St. Peter. The remaining [207] employees will work on a centralized first shift, and there will no longer be a second shift, according to BRP.


> Earlier this month, BRP Inc. reported Q2 results showing total revenue was up 14% to $2.8 bil in CAN currency ($2.1 bil in USD), but revenue in the marine segment was down 9% to $127 mil ($95.1 mil USD). BRP’s marine segment also includes pontoon boat company Manitou, based in Lansing, MI.


> The company attributed the segment’s declining sales to a lower volume of boats sold, extended supply-chain issues and unfavorable weather in the Great Lakes region, the largest market for Alumacraft and Manitou. BRP lowered its guidance for the marine segment’s revenue for the fiscal year but still expects total revenue growth of 5% to 10%.


4. OH: Lake Erie Fall Brawl kicks off Oct 14.


Costs just $35 to register in the Brawl and fish any time (during Oct 14 – Dec 3) in the OH waters of Lake Erie – from the bank or in a boat – biggest fish wins. Tons of prizes including a couple of fully-rigged Ranger boats ($140K and $110K) going to 1st + 2nd.


5. OH: National Fishing Expo’s ‘Walleye Slam’ starts Oct 20.


Giving away a $175K Warrior Boat package to the heaviest walleye caught thru Dec 3.


6. Cool vid on designing the Berkley PowerBait Power Switch.


From the Wired2Fish crew, who…


> …caught up with Berkley product designers Kyle Peterson and Aaron Wavra at Berkley Labs for an in-depth look at the Berkley PowerBait Power Switch.

7. MN: Steve Pennaz is speaking at the TCWU meeting Oct 5.


TCWU = Twin Cities Walleyes Unlimited.


And I’m sure you already know who Steve Pennaz is, but just in case:

> Steve is a 2x Hall of Fame angler who specializes in developing and building enthusiast media brands across various platforms. His credits include the successful launch of more than a dozen national outdoor television series, an award-winning national magazine and several digital properties.


> He is known internationally as a skilled multi-species angler who specializes in breaking down new waters, the driving force behind his popular national television series Lake Commandos airing on Outdoor Channel, World Fishing Network and


> Pennaz is a founding board member of the non-profit MN-FISH Foundation and currently serves as the organization’s secretary.


I had the chance to spend a day in the boat with Steve once, and had a great time! Tho I’d love to get a rematch….


8. Lovin’ the color selection…


…on these ACME Kastmaster Tungsten DR Spoons. ESPECIALLY digging the “glow hulk” color 😍 how can you not?!

If you didn’t know, they’ve also got a heavier 1/4-oz size this year.


9. MN: “Chili Bowl” walleye derby happening Oct 13-14.


Only a few spots left in the 13th annual tourney hosted by Border View Lodge on the Rainy River.


Catch-measure-release format, capped at 75 boats, with great payouts and prizes, followed up with a chili dinner/celebration afterwards. Btw this year there’s a free prime rib dinner at the rules meeting the night before.


Father/daughter duo Chad and Olivia Olson won it last year with a 5-fish bag that included: 25.5”, 24”, 22.75”, 21.25” and a 17.5”. 👏👏👏


10. FishUSA has a “walleye Wednesday” sale happening today.


With 15% off all walleye jigging/glide baits:

Tip of the Day

How Ross Robertson stores his spinner rods…

…with LONG leaders. Btw you can do this same sort of thing for your redtail/creek chubs rigs with those longer 7’ leaders:

Meme of the Day

There’s no better feeling than crushing it – but no worse feeling than curb-checking yourself lol. From @mysterytacklebox on Insta:

Now if you wanna try level 10, take your rig thru any/all Taco Bell drive-throughs. 🤦‍♂️

Parting Shot

Ready or not, the iceman cometh…. And Clam confirmed it with a magic crystal ball they must have sniped off the black market. 🥶🔮


> “We are looking into the crystal ball and we see big things ahead for this week! New products are dropping this week on a brand new website!”

Believe they’ll be posting new product updates on their FB and IG pages if you want to see ‘em first. 👍 Of course I’ll try to keep you updated here on the new schtuff that catches my eye.

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