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Today’s Top 5


Monster ‘eyes of the week.



SK: Logan’s Lake Tobin leviathan — 32.5″ and 14 lbs on a PK Spoon:

Red River early-ice slob for Ryan K. — this 30-incher was suspended 12′ off bottom when she crushed a Whistler jig and minnow combo:

Randy G. busting ’em on Erie:

> Our best program was Hi Tech Custom Painted Baits DHJ tipped with Ziptailz, 80-120′ back. Our best speed was 1.1-1.3 mph.

Jake H.’s 30″ x 18″ side o’ ham, finned-out for the photo, hammered a Rippin’ Rap:

Yep it’s National Star Wars Day…


…even in ice fishing.

Brad Hawthorne’s go-anywhere ice fishing rig:

The Empire Strikes…Bro?

The Force is strong with this one:

This is awesome.


Not sure where this is from or who posted it, but we love it. Respect, fishing brother!

July 1955 on Leech Lake.


Wow have times changed — for the better:

Most of the 200 muskies caught that month were killed.

Not ice fishing but…



…don’t think we’ve ever seen this fish pose before:



Ice Fishing


1. IDO’s Wnterkill ‘Gills episode.
2. SD: Takasaki spills the beans…
…on crappie factory Lake Thompson.

3. Marcum advanced entry-level flasher.

Kicks butt, won’t break the bank.

4. ND’s fish-house regs.

5. WY: Lakes aren’t frozen yet.

6. Aqua-Vu now in High Def.

More tech talk with Aqua-Vu pro Pat Kalmerton.

7. Old sled far from dead thanks to Sea Foam.

8. Tank footage of the Clam Half Ant Drop.

> Typically it’s the subtle movements that make plus-sized panfish commit to biting. However, sometimes when they lose interest you need to get “noisy” to call them back in, before slowing things back down.

9. Vexilar battery tips from Tommy Z.

10. Crunch the numbers before hitting the ice.

Doug L. of ND Fish & Game on ice safety.

11. Ice fishing is tailgating with a pole.


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Fishing/Ice Reports


1. MN: Lake of the Woods.

> Cold weather is coming Thursday with single digits on the horizon! The lake and river are still open. Fishing had been excellent on the lake. Anglers no longer fishing the lake by boat as some ice chunks are showing up blocking navigation, but the river is still HOT! Good news is there is a pile of fish just off of Pine Island and in other parts of the basin. The bays have 2″-5″ of ice.

> On the Rainy River, excellent fishing in open water continues. Anchor up with a jig and minnow. Evenings best overall but fish being caught all day.

> Up at the NW Angle, ice is 6-8″ on the inlet, 2-6″ adjacent to Young’s Bay. Some resorts will start to fish this Friday, but not their normal spots until ice thickens. It won’t be long, but safety first. Work through resorts as they have the best handle on ice conditions.

Ballard’s Resort is optimistic for first ice. In the past they’ve gone from open water to open for business in less than 7 days.

2. ND: Devils Lake.

From Woodland Resort:

> Not much has changed the past week with ice conditions…. Creel Bay remains open for the most part along with Main Bay, East Bay, and East Devils Lake. Northern lakes are reporting 5-7″ and 3-4″ on Pelican Lake. Minimal snow (2-3″) where the lake is frozen. Will continue to update as the weather cools off.

3. MN: Upper Red Lake.

Tyler Brasel of Bear Paw Guides (218-368-3755):

> Fishing has been steady with most everyone I’ve talked to getting their limits with ease. The morning and evenings being prime time, but still picking up fish all throughout the day.

> At first light I would start out on the main break in 6-7′. Don’t be afraid to move just off the break in 8-9′ once the sun starts to rise and if the fish start to slow down. Slide back in shallow and set up shop for the evening run.

> I’ve been having great luck lately with gold and orange jigging spoons, but this time of year fish are so aggressive they’ll hit just about anything.

> The past couple days we have received roughly 4″ of snow. The wind picked up in our favor and blew a lot of it off the lake, causing spots that are bare ice — aiding the people dragging pors out by foot. We have been finding an average of 7.5″ of ice on the eastern side where we access the lake.

> That being said, I recommend everyone to play it safe and always check with the resort or access you are using for current conditions and places to avoid. Early ice is never 100% safe! There are lots of options for accesses on the east side.

4. MN: Mille Lacs Lake ice conditions.

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‘Eye Candy

Nice shot. That’s the new Rattlin’ Blade Spoon from Clam.

Tip of the Day


Ice Force pro Joel Nelson:

> The best ice anglers are lifelong students of their favorite species. They know about spawning, habitat, behavioral patterns, meaningful predator/prey relationships, seasonal movements, cover, and structure types that dictate their location throughout the season.

> The best anglers fish the best destinations. Not just the best places, but the best time of year, time of day, on the best structure, while using the best methods.

> The best guides and anglers I’ve ever fished with have an extremely positive attitude.

> The best anglers work hard. They’re mobile, but not just for mobility’s sake.

> For the advanced angler, technology isn’t to be feared, it’s to be exploited.

Shot of the Day

And away we go!

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