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Massive 18-lber caught, Hub shack hack, Insane ice rides

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The next TW will be in 2020! Hope you and yours have a blessed Christmas!! Nothing better than spending time with loved ones, but:

Today’s Top 4

MASSIVE 18-lb walleye caught out west!

Brent Davis snatched the freak o’ nature outta the Columbia River (believe near the WA/OR border?) trolling a Bandit Walleye Deep Diver in 25′. Fish measured a ridiculous 34″ long x 20.5″ girth!!! Buckle up boys and girls:


Case you need help getting your bearings as to just how THICK that fish is:


Btw the crankin’bait he caught it on was a “purple hellcat” color custom-painted by Wicked Customs, and she sure is purtty:


Big, big, BIG congrats dude! Gonna be a tough PB to beat.

Speaking of custom-painted baits…

Here’s a few more gems that I might need to be adding to my arsenal:

1) Dane Heid of @dhcustombaits is back spittin’ [fire emoji] [fire emoji] [fire emoji]. Flavor of the day = Jackall TN60s:

Oh, and don’t forget how strong Dane’s Rapala Rippin’ Rap game is:


2) Jeramee Sauls (@pacifictacklecompany) has been using Do-It Molds to crank out some fish-sexy flasher jigs. His “blood series” Erie Underspin is lookin’ right:


3) This must be how JB’S Fishing Depot tests their custom-painted Rapala Jointed Deep Husky Jerks:

Don’t see that everyday!

Some rather interesting shots I’ve found floating around the interwebz that are just too good/weird/unique/WTHeck not to share. Enjoy!

1) I’ve heard of flying fish before, but this takes it to a whole new level…. Rhesa Walston might be the first person ever to hit a fish with her car?!?! Apparently a bird dropped the fish on her while flying over. Glad no one was hurt! And have fun explaining that to the insurance company (lol):


2) Not sure if you saw the banana duct-taped to a wall “art” that sold for $125K, but I’ve gotta assume that Off Shore Tackle’s version would easily sell for double that:


3) Speakin’ of ‘nanners….how ’bout Chris Willen (@cwguide) playin’ northwoods mythbusters with this WI musk-ox:


4) Apparently this is what ice looks like when it forms during a blizzard. Craig Oyler said these were 8″ slush balls all frozen together — would you have the, ugh…stones to step on it first?


5) Big buck down! Those Lund Alaskans work for catchin’ deers, too:

Check out these ice rides!!

One of the toughest things about ice fishing is just getting you and all your gear to the spot (thx to slush, deep snow, sketchy ice, you name it). Here’s a few off-the-wall mobiles that get it done in style…


1) Think if this was mine, I’d spend more time on the ice than land:

Few of my favorite comments under the original post:

> “This is how they get Coca-Cola to the polar bears.”

> “…case you get buried and have to stay put until spring thaw.”

> “I’m willing to buy a bigger X-mas tree to fit this thing under it.”



2) How ballin’ is Andrew Lang’s early-ice rig? Said it weighs 1/3 of what a wheeler does. Just had it out with 5″ of slush + 12″ of snow on top of it = no probs:


3) Would almost feel bad bolting an auger rack to this beaut:


4) Apparently double-tracked V8 snowmobiles are a thing in Sweden. #Braaap


5) Starting to think there’s more SnoBears in the Dakotas than trucks. The PK Lures crew isn’t gonna let a little slush stop ’em from getting out:


Speaking of SnoBears: I just booked one through Icebound Excursions for a couple days of chasing greenbacks on Manitoba’s Lake Winnipeg. Heading up after Christmas to ring in the New Year in style.

Content monster Jay Siemens was just scooting ’round in one last week — hoping he left me a little luck inside of that rig. #goals


1. SD: SUV went through on Waubay this week.

Their rig is sitting at the bottom of the lake, but luckily everyone made it out okay. Another (of many) scary reminders to play it safe….

2. SK: Another rig dropped through on Dore Lake.

Peeps made it out okay, but I think it’s important to note that:

> “…two people drove an SUV onto the lake to join other vehicles who were ice fishing.”

Just ‘cuz you see other rigs out there, does NOT mean you’ve got a green light to drive. Always check for yourself.

3. New hardhouse (online) ice-fishing derby this Jan.

Called “SHACK SLAM” and can fish any public waters in the US or CAN. Costs $10 to enter and they’re guaranteeing $5K+ in cash prize money.

Prizes are for the longest walleye and longest crappie. Cool thing is you don’t need to catch the biggest to win $$$…they’ve also got random payouts for 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th place, etc. LOVE the idea — more info here.

4. OH fishery building getting $300K in repairs.

Replacing the leaky 30-yr-old roof, gutters, downspouts, etc.

5. IA: Mudpuppy study happenin’ on the Mississipi River.

> “Did you know the mudpuppy is nocturnal, never leaves the water and is actually active this time of year? We have a study underway on these unique and threatened critters — so if you catch one by accident, snap a photo for us, release it, and let us know the location you caught it!”

Still waiting for Savage Gear to make one — it’ll compliment their 3D Burbot:

6. NY school has a “floating classroom.”

The science research class works out of a pontoon to survey Great Sacandaga Lake for invasives and track walleye populations. Definitely not falling asleep during that lecture! #SignMeUp

7. ND: Free ice fishing weekend Dec 28-29.

Also: Jan 1 starts the first year of a new 3-yr boat registration period.

8. So this is how the…

Northland Eye-Ball Spoon got its name:

9. Looking for Midwest fishing reports?

The crew from AMSOIL is kicking out a bunch of current videos — all in one spot. The newest Midwest Fishing Reports are out now:

10. NJ: Ladies-only ice workshop happenin’ Feb 15.

11. Garmin giveaway heads up!

We sent an email to the randomly-drawn winner of the Garmin Panoptix Livescope Ice Fishing Bundle giveaway. They have 7 days to respond else the computers need to draw a new winner.

If your email addy looks something like this — mark**** — better get to gettin’!

Headline of the Day

Sort of an oxymoron. Can you relate to this? [raises hand]:

> “We outdoorsmen and women do not have the common sense to go to bed early before a day outside.

> “We intend to, but end up fussing over our gear, checking weather forecasts, planning for the wind, making the next day’s lunch and deciding how we will over- or under-dress for the occasion. This typically keeps us up late enough that it’s hardly worth going to bed.”

Few Highlights

Tip of the Day

Bringing back one of my favorite (and quick) ice-fishing hacks from the last couple years. Here’s how Trevor from Catch Cover uses their Quick-Disc Wall Pucks to add rattle reels and other accessories to a pop-up shack:


Those Quick-Disc Wall Mounts were actually designed (and built in MN) for inside hardhouses — let you swap out a ton of different accessories without drilling more holes in your walls.

Might wanna dust ’em off if they’re sitting lonely in your permanent house waiting on thicker ice.

Quote of the Day

“People feel the winter’s further along than it actually is.”

– That’s Randy Simons of Randy’s Rentals on Mille Lacs talkin’ about the ice conditions in central MN. Lots of folks have been jumping the gun — dropping fish houses, wheelers, trucks, you name it, through the ice — not realizing there’s still a ton of spots with just 4″ (or even less) of ice.

Even though it seems like it’s been soooo cold for soooo long…heavy snow (15-20″) has insulated the ice, so it’s not makin’ it as quick as you’d think. Be safe out there! When possible: work through resorts and always check ice for yourself.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Bassin’ pro Seth Feider doesn’t discriminate when it comes to hooksets:

Or sweaters…

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