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Mammoth pike iced, Jumbos eat own eyes, Tiger trout video

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Today’s Top 5


Kid ices MAMMOTH pike!

Jerron H. from Redfield, SD iced this ridonkulous 30.08-lb (47″) freshwater ‘gator that’ll make ya think twice before ever swimming in Lake Oahe again:

The fish somehow squeezed through an 8″ hole — freakin’ mind blowing when you see it laying next to the auger:

WOW! Congrats dude!! Good luck topping that one, but if you do:

Jumbo perch eat their own eyes?

I was lucky enough to chase Devils Lake, ND jumbos with Jason Mitchell last week (more on that later) and had him break down one of his favorite ways to fill the bucket with deep fish. Found it super interesting that you want a bright-sunshiny day to reeeeally get those deep fish fired-up…because back home we like it gloomy:

Jason was using a Clam Speed Spoon on his signature Meat Stick Series Combo and 4-lb (1-lb diameter) Frost Ice Braid to feel those deep bites.

You probably noticed he was tipping with a…ugh…perch eye…. Gotta check your local regs, but perch eyes are one heck of a bait for chasing Devils Lake jumbos — they’re free, stay on the hook well and fish pop ’em like Tic Tacs:

Def not as easy as you’d think to “extract” them…unless you’ve done it a zillion times. Heard there’s a special tool made for it (?) — gross and awesome at the same time.

If it’s not legal — or you get queasy easy — gitcha some waxies or Impulse Perch Eyes instead. For the rest of you, here’s how ND guide Cody Roswick removes/hooks ’em without a tool:

Target Walleye/Ice’s “Pictoword” of the day.

Believe it or not, these 4 things have a lot more in common than you think. Can you sound this one out?

If you guessed: “Frosted Flakes smell fishy when you eat ’em cold in Canada” you were a bit off (lol).

A less wrong answer would be: “We caught tiger trout while ice fishing in Manitoba.”

My wife Amanda and I hit Twin Lakes near Roblin, Manitoba and were finally able to scratch tiger trout [!] off our fishing bucket list. Tigers are brookie-brownie hybrids and FREAKIN’ gorgeous. Check these patterns [heart-eyes emoji]:

Amanda’s first/biggest tiger popped the barbless hook in the hole, but my man Eric Labaupa (with Travel Manitoba) was able to make one heck of a save — on video — can’t fake this kind of excitement:

Guys said they’re aggressive enough to smash a Rapala Shadow Rap in the summertime. Can’t wait to get back up there to catch one of the super-colorful males — the fish in those pics are females!

Did you get the invite?

Looks like “the place to be” if you wanna go for a swim with all that open water:

Seen lots of funny boat names in the past, but how many of you have clever names for your hard houses? Let us know by dropping a pic/comment here.

New Off Shore Tackle tip-ups?

Hey planer board guys: Would this mean a bite, or not?

Lol flag’s down!


1. MN: Snowmobile hits portable fish house…

…on Chisago Lake. Left an 8yo boy critically injured. Here’s the GoFundMe account if you can spare a few bucks. If you’re the prayin’ type, please send a few his way.

2. MI: Pair rescued from Saginaw Bay.

Their ATV broke through the ice. Glad everyone was okay.

3. Mega Rapala giveaway $$$.

Check THIS prize list, wowza:

> The sweepstakes’ grand prize-winner will receive a StrikeMaster Honda 35cc LITE 8″ Auger, a MarCum M1 Lithium Shuttle Combo, a Polaris Generator P1000i, a Rapala Lithium ION Cordless Fillet Knife Combo, Rapala apparel and a $500 Rapala VIP Merchandise Credit Card redeemable at

Takes 10 seconds to enter, which you can do right here. Yo Rapala fam — can we enter too? Lol.

4. MN: DNR cutting back fingerling walleye stocking…

…after an analysis of the state’s “accelerated walleye stocking program.”

> The state stocked 110,000 lbs of fingerlings last year, with roughly 45,000 lbs of the total purchased from commercial operations at a cost of $840K.

> 70% of the lakes in the accelerated stocking program saw no improvement…plan to reduce the amount of fingerlings being stocked by about 25K lbs, or about a 20% decrease.

But they will continue stocking young fry as planned:

> Fingerling walleye cost nearly $1 each in the fall, when they’re stocked. Fry are released in the spring and come at a cost of pennies to the fish.

5. WI: 2019 USA Ice Team tryouts…

…happenin’ Feb 22-25 in Rhinelander. Be pretty sick to fish for a gold medal!

Also just announced the 2018 World Ice Fishing Championship will be in Kazakhstan — believe that’s the same place this famous ice-fisher’s from?

6. MN: 3-lb pike wins a new truck…

…at the Jaycee’s Ice-fishing Extravaganza on Gull Lake. There were 12,000+ people fishing — for over $150K in prizes — and Stephen Lyogky caught the biggest fish o’ the day: a whoppin’ 3.10-lb pike. Won himself a new GMC truck. Can’t seem to find a pic of the fish even tho thousands of cameras around?

7. WI/MI: New study to track Green Bay walleye movements.

Tagging 300 walters and 400 whities with transmitters to help determine which spawning areas are most critical.

8. OH: Most Erie walleye caught in 30 years.

Ross Robertson is finally leaving a few for the rest of us….

9. MN: Manning/Thompson win Minnetonka UPL.

Was a record number of fish weighed (431) and limits caught (27) at the last Ultimate Panfish League event on Lake Minnetonka (North Arm Bay).

Stuart Manning and Michael “MT” Thompson came out on top with their 15-fish bag for 7.135 lbs, including a kicker 1.21-lb slab that took big fish honors:

Love that smirk MT lol. Congrats guys!

10. MN: Dude catches an iPhone…

…that had been sitting at the bottom of Mille Lacs for a YEAR. Still worked and belonged to a Lindner’s Angling Edge employee that was texting on the job 😉

11. Lund 1875 Impact XS walk-through (video).

Won the 2018 Innovation Award in the aluminum fishing boats category. #Dibs

12. Ever have one of those days?

Got a kick out of this vid where ’bout 147 fish swim by on the Aqua-Vu HD7i Pro before one finally goes topside. Some days they just don’t wanna bite:

Headline of the Day

Drone-assisted fishing is real, and it’s pathetic.

Okay…how do you really feel? Not sure we feel any different….

Tip of the Day

Quickie tip that helps me get dialed-in on the bite fast and eliminates guesswork so everyone’s on the same page:

Can mean the difference between having an “okay day” vs. a “great day” when fish are cruising a specific contour, or if you’re breaking down a shallow flat/lake where a 1-3′ depth change is big.

Quote of the Day

Fish have tails, not mortgages, so they aren’t prone to stay in one place very long.

– More proof no one likes their mortgage being “underwater” lol. Love this quote from Paul Smith of the Milwaukee Journal where he’s talkin’ ’bout chasing Devils Lake jumbotrons with Steve “Zippy” Dahl outta Woodland Resort.

Was fun watching Zippy work his magic. He spent most the day fishing from his driver’s seat, and if he didn’t hook a fish within a few minutes he was hitting the gas pedal and makin’ a move. #Aggressive

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Eric cracked this 11-lb Bay of Quinte beauty (earlier this fall) on a Bay Rat Long Extra Deep Diver — great bait that’ll straight-line troll 25′ or better. Killer shot:

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