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Lizards of the week, World’s most interesting angler, Flutter spooning

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Most interesting fisherman…




…in the world:

Ted Takasaki with Jonathan Goldsmith, aka the Dos Equis “most interesting man in the world,” at the Lund Boats Dealer Conference. Our questions:

1. Is this real or Photoshop?

2. Is that really him or a lookalike?

3. If that’s really him, does he travel every where with a Dos Equis bottle??

Caption this shot here — as in, “I don’t always…but when I do….” Best one wins…something!

Sometimes fishing sucks!




Keith Kavajecz talking about odd, bad conditions on Green Bay. Great video explaining it:

Lizardsauruses of the week.




32″ and 13.5 lbs of Canyon Ferry, MT beat caught by Lyn Z:

Green Bay slobasaurus:

Thanks to a generous hold, this beast has zander-like proportions:

Was this a NY state record muskie?




Claimed to be 52″ and 42 lbs. Let us know your opinion here on Facebook. Funniest comment so far:

> “If Bruce Jenner can be a woman this fish can be 32″ and 42 lbs.”

[LOL! We mistakenly first posted the length at 32″….]




Is this the future of trailer bunks? Posted by Bass Cat boats, which also makes Yar-Craft walleye boats.

Polyethylene Pillow Block Bunk System utilizing individual air pillow tubes, heavily coated in Scorpion urethane.



1. MN: Lake of the Woods report.

> Still great numbers of fish…a mix of walleyes and saugers filling limits and plenty of photo-worthy walleyes. …either drifting with spinners or trolling/down rigging…hot colors are gold or pink tipped with crawlers, or frozen shiners when using spinners.

> Try Archie’s Reef, Long Point, or the Morris wash out in 24-26 feet. …down-rigging the mud between Starren Shoal, Garden Island, and Little Oak in 28-31 feet. Also try north of Long Point in 27-29 feet.

> Rainy River: Sturgeon keep one season is still in full swing. Try east areas from Clementson headed towards Birchdale using a circle hook and a gob of crawlers. Anchor over a deep pocket and cast in. Walleye and smallmouth bass have been active along shorelines 17-19 feet.

> NW Angle: Walleye continues to be on fire. Points of islands in 20-28′ of water have been consistent. Jig and minnows and crawler harnesses. Crappies starting to turn on with colder evenings and warm days. Muskie fishing continues to be strong.

For info on fishing and lodging, go here.

Walleye pro Mark Brumbaugh likes to fish Lake of the Woods from Witch Bay Camp near Kenora, ON. Ripple Shads and big plastics on jigs turn walleye heads. In August he targets rocky humps in 30-40 feet in August, spot-locks his bow mount, and casts and rips the jigs within 2-4 feet of bottom — or drops over the side and vertical-jigs.

2. MN: Leech Lake fishing report.

> …taking advantage of the wind-driven shorelines and low light periods. It has been a short window of walleye feeding activity in the shallow flats, the rocks and deeper bars. Day fishing has been tough, and many anglers have gone to pulling crankbaits and using spinner rigs while covering a lot of water.

> Covering a lot of water is a key, and using a No. 5 or 7 Shad Rap in perch, crayfish or minnow-silver colors, works for the best presentation. Bottom-bouncing in the rocks while pulling a crawler rig is also great.

During the day, the Goose Island flats along with the Meadows and the Duck points in 10-12 feet seem to have the most aggressive fish. In the evening, Cedar Point and the Sand Point Flats…slow-trolling a Lindy crawler rig, or slip-bobber fishing….


3. MN: Snap-jigging Winnibigoshish.

Leave your 1/4-oz jigs at home, bring 3/8-oz instead.

4. MN: Mille Lacs stocking will cost $3.5 million.

> The planning document, obtained by MPR News through a data practices request, is asking for $500,000 for land acquisition and project design, $3 million for construction, site infrastructure and contingency and $50,000 to pay a new research scientist. Most of the funding could be financed through public debt.

Public debt = MN taxpayers!

5. MN: Red Lake County named worst place…

…to live by Washington Post. Obviously walleye were not factored in.

6. New Rapala collector website.

7. NPAA partners with Aqua-Vu.

8. NWT gets BoatUS.

9. ON electrofishing for Asian carp.


10. CA: Angler refuses polygraph.

Bass fishing tournament, a man fishing alone in a team derby won it. Refused the poly:

> …consulted a lawyer and was advised not to take the polygraph.

> Due to the refusal, [he] will be banned from [the circuit].

It’s an interesting question: If a lawyer you call advises you not to take the poly, what do you do?

Another one: Is it worse to take the poly and fail or to refuse to take it?

11. CA: “Shade balls” released on reservoir.

To allegedly help with drought/decrease evaporation (then why are they black?). Could this help Mille Lacs??

12. USDA secretary adds animal rightist…

…to committee. Why is this important? The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is anti-hunting and -fishing.


Big Catfish News


1. MO: Trotline cat breaks 50-year record.

Blue cat, Missouri River, 120 lbs 8 oz, 55 1/8″ long, 45″ girth. “Alternative method” record, beating a 117-lb blue caught in 1964.

2. MO: 10-yr-old catches 30-lb cat…

…while bass fishing with plastic worm.

3. IA: Amazon cat caught in MO River.


Click here to enter and win! And please forward the link!




GREAT places to fish – check ’em out!

‘Eye Candy

@thenorthernfox in a beauty of a shot with a beauty of a LOTW mule:

Tip of the Day


Flutter-spooning for walleye.

From In-Fish:

> Flutter spoons — thin, lightweight, flexible spoons commonly used by trout and salmon anglers — have superb applications for walleyes. Unlike wide or thick casting spoons, flutter spoons are thin and flexible with little weight.

> Spoons allow faster fishing than spinners and most crankbaits, and they easily cover larger areas and at varied depths with the same rigging. Directional divers like Luhr Jensen’s Dipsy Diver are perfectly geared to spoons. This allows you to set out numerous rods, with planers set to dive down and out at different angles, to strain the water column.

> Anglers also troll small spoons on a three-way rig, removing the traditional sinker and replacing it with a deep-diving crankbait. Different crankbaits sizes can be used to target different depths.

Quote of the Day


Walleye in the 1920s was considered such a delicate fish flesh across northern climes that it was -named “Susquehanna salmon.”

– Who knew? And who in their right mind would think salmon tasted better than walleye?? (Quote from here.)

Shot of the Day


Tommy Skarlis says where the road ends is “where excitement begins.” Yep!

Gotta check this stuff out!

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