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Legend of the Griz, Frog eating walleyes, Keep minnows livelier

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Today’s Top 5

“Lessons from the Griz, the last great fishing legend of the North.”

Absolutely amazing video posted on Outdoor Life’s YouTube channel last night. I for sure 10/10 recommend sitting down and watching it when you’ve got around 24-ish minutes to really soak it all in.

There will never be another Midwestern folk hero quite like the Griz. He’s a true pioneer to the walleye world:

Thank you, Griz 🙌 and thanks to all who helped create that masterpiece of a video.

Frog fishing for fall walleyes?! 🧐

Think bass have a monopoly on frogs? Think again…. You might remember this wild shot of a fall walleye getting its Frogger on:

Folks have actually been targeting these frog-eaters for yeeeears…they just don’t tell the rest of us about it LOL.

Luckily for us, Jim Edlund hooked up with Devils Lake guide Jason Feldner to get the deets on the little-known technique of frog fishing for walleyes:

> Each fall armies of leopard frogs migrate from woodlands to water where they burrow into soft bottom for winter. …on many Sept and Oct nights across the Midwest, there are countless miles of unexploited shorelines lined with walleyes waiting for the kill. …skinny, marshy water, areas you wouldn’t normally associate with fall walleye fishing.

> I first experienced the annual frog migration/walleye connection as a kid. My dad and his buddies would shoulder a gunny sack of frogs and set up camp on the north end of a lake just outside of town. Over a few beers and bologna sandwiches they’d swap stories around a campfire, watching the tips of long fiberglass rods planted into improvised rod holders.

> The rigs weren’t rocket science: a hook, a 10-12” mono leader, barrel swivel, and a 3/8- to 1/2-oz egg sinker. Sometimes the fish were close to shore, other times a bit farther out. Duck hunting waders made it easier to get additional casting distance and land big walleyes.

> Like fall shore walleye fishing in general, froggin’ for fall walleyes has fallen under the radar in today’s high-tech world – which is really too bad, it’s a heck of a good time.


> Areas to investigate include bays of larger lakes, river backwaters, and shorelines only a road crossing away from wetlands mixed with woods or pasture land.

> Guide Jason Feldner says that Devils Lake, ND has a good frog-walleye bite that old-school anglers have kept on the down-low for years. The same deal applies to countless other lakes in the Dakotas and west-central MN.

> Jason: “I typically look for cattail areas, which have a softer bottom and is where frogs are going to hibernate. If you see frogs crossing the road towards water, just follow them.

> “The first frost is a good marker for the frog bite….

> “Although the old-timers mostly fished at night from the shore, there can be a good frog bite during the day from a boat, too. I just trim up my big motor, use my bow-mount Minn Kota and Talon down in the soft-bottomed bays.

> “As far as the night fishing goes, fishing a couple days before or after the full moon is hard to beat.”


> Feldner’s main live frog set-ups include a Lindy-style live bait rig or a jig head w/stinger hook combo, each fished on 8-lb mono. The first approach is set-it-and-forget-it – the jig head set-up is fan-casted and worked back to the shore or boat in a slow jigging or swimming fashion.

> “Some days the walleyes like the Lindy Rig, other days they like ‘Kermit’ on a jig. You’ll cover more water with the jig head and stinger hook, but there’s something to be said for letting that frog swim on a tether around a bell sinker.

> “I hook the frog through the top lip only, sometimes with a weedless-style hook so the frog can still breathe but stays impaled to the hook.”

I believe when he’s talking about “weedless-style hooks” he means something similar to this Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap Weedless hook which basically pins the bait in. I’ve used this exact hook before (fished weightless) when pitching BIG, expensive creek chubs into shallow water for late-fall walleye:

When to set the hook:

> “When they hit it, they hit hard once…that’s the kill. The second hit is when they inhale it. So, don’t set the hook until that second thump.”

You got all that, Kemit?

How to keep minnows livelier for longer.

My absolute least favorite thing about fall walleye fishing is baby sitting creek chubs and redtails between fishing trips 😂 such a pain in the butt unless you build yourself a big ol’ bait tank – basically a mini version of what they have in baitshops.

But most of us are keeping our leftover scraps in a simple live-bait cooler such as an Engel, etc. Plugging that bad boy into a wall outlet, changing water every day, and keeping the water cool by rotating frozen water bottles in and out of it.

Here’s another little quickie tip to add to whatever is currently working for you, and no matter what your cooler or tank situation may be…

If you’re a tournament angler, you likely already use T-H Marine G-Juice in your livewell to help keep your fish alive and well before weigh-in:

> “G-Juice liquid activates instantly to add essential electrolytes, replace skin slime coat, and is known to stop fish from bleeding.

> “The livewell formula keeps your fish swimming in the tank in other ways by removing chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia from the water. The formula detoxifies nitrites and heavy metals in the livewell water while helping to maintain pH levels.”

But diehards have been secretly using it to keep their bait fresh and healthy too. A 1/2 oz treats a whole livewell…so obviously only need a tiny little snippet in your bait cooler:

Am I the only one who didn’t realize you could just squeeze the bottle and it would fill that little measuring chamber up? I’ve been using the stuff for years and had no idea.

Nebraska is technically considered the Midwest…

…but I’m going to have to mentally slide it over to the “Wild West” if I keep seeing things like this pair of big ol’ spinnerbait-eaters posted on @finfishinginnebraska’s Insta:

Apparently trolling and casting spinnerbaits around flooded timber or shallow rocks is something folks do all the time on Lake McConaughy, NE.

Spinnerbaits catch walleyes around here too, but most still refuse to use ’em because of what their buddies will say…. Hahaha!

How many fish do you think have been caught…

…on this “goldaliscious” color Shaky Shad from Walleye Nation Creations?!

A whoooole lot! You can’t fake that kind of abuse….

Little info on the Shaky Shad: Has a “one-of-a-kind wobbling action and loud internal rattle.” On 10-lb mono the #5 (2.25″) runs 7′ and the #7 (2.75″) runs 13′.

And in typical Walleye Nation Creations fashion, they have some killer colors. Here’s a smattering of ‘em:


1. SK: $100K Vanity Cup happening Sept 30 – Oct 1.

Only had about 6 spots left as of yesterday to fish the 30th-annual derby on Tobin Lake.

Troy Robinson and Terry Magel took home the $100K [!!!] 1st-place prize last year with (10 fish) 34.76 lbs. I can’t even imagine!

2. MT warns anglers not to eat trout…

…after a train carrying liquid asphalt derailed into the Yellowstone River. The Environmental Protection Agency has removed more than 200K pounds of asphalt liquid petroleum since June.

3. MI stocked more than 9 mil fish in 2023.

> …over the course of 2,233 hours and more than 89,000 miles…. DNR fisheries crews in 17 specialized trucks took 375 trips to stock fish at 705 different sites.

Btw 2.7 mil of those were walleye fingerlings stocked at 90 inland lakes and rivers, and Lake Michigan.

4. MB: Selkirk Walleye Championship, Oct 14-15.

On the Red River. Two-person teams with a 4-fish bag of their longest walleyes (55cm min) each day. Catch-photo-video-release format. Says they’re doing $5K to 1st even if there’s less than 40 boats that fish it. 🤑

5. MB: 16th-annual Red River Greenback Classic, Oct 13.

Enter your single longest fish for a chance at dough – they pay the top 20. Catch-photo-video-release format. It’s a $50 entry fee per person, and can fish as many people in one boat as you’re legally/safely able to, if you want…or go on a solo mission to that secret spot you refuse to take anyone to lol.

6. Look at the size of this V10 Merc with 400 ponies!

I’d say The Next Bite TV crew is ready to race for pink slips. 😳

Come on, guys…you could totally sneak a 600-hp (7.6L V12) Verado on there. 😅

7. OH releasing 20K muskie yearlings (10-12″) in 9 reservoirs.

8. AL: 2023 Crappie Expo is happening right now.

In Birmingham. Attracts more than 100 vendors and up to 25,000 fishing enthusiasts to the 3-day show.

> The Crappie Expo is held in conjunction with the Mr. Crappie $300K Invitational Classic. The 2023 Classic is to be held at Lincoln’s Landing on Logan Martin Lake. The Mr. Crappie Invitational Classic is the world richest crappie tournament with anglers from all over the southern United States competing to win $100K for 1st place.

> The World’s Largest Crappie Fry is held on the Saturday of the Expo each year. This year’s Crappie Fry will be Sept 23, 2023 beginning at 11am and lasting until the crappie is gone! This portion of the event is free to all Crappie Expo attendees.

9. Garmin completes acquisition of JL Audio.

10. Power-Pole Move ZR wins 2023 Anglers’ Choice Award.

11. Honda debuts all-new BF350 V8 outboard.

12. Hypothermia vs hyperthermia.

Where I live, I feel like you could be subject to both in the same day this time of year.

13. MN: Winnipeg Ice Fishing Show, Nov 4-5.

At Red River Ex Place.

14. SD: Dakota Angler Ice Institute happening Nov 10-12.

At the Sioux Falls Arena & Convention Center. One of the biggest and baddest ice shows in the nation with over 100 vendors and they always have a killer lineup of free ice-fishing seminars.

15. MN: Blaine Hard Water Expo, Nov 17-19.

At the National Sports Center.

16. MN: St. Paul Ice Show, Dec 1-3.

At the St. Paul RiverCentre.

17. MN: Arrowhead Ice Fishing & Winter Show, Dec 8-10.

At the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center.

Tip of the Day

Korey Sprengel’s shallow-water cadence.

Quick hitter on how Korey matches his presentation to the conditions (calm vs windy) when targeting shallow-water waldos. You might be spooking more fish than you’re even getting to look at your bait:

Side note: I think a lot of people see the profile of baits like the Berkley PowerBait Curly Bones and instantly think they’re only for fishing in rivers and current…but they can (and do) absolutely crush it on your backyard walleye lakes, too.

Meme of the Day

The bite is only going to get better from here on out! So get your life right, John! 🤣

But for real…check on your friends that have already put their boats put away. They are not okay and likely just too nervous to ask you to take ’em out for a hookset lol.

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Glorious shot of a blue-finned 28” walleye that hit TJ Erickson’s boat the other day on Rainy Lake. 😍

Parting Shot

Lovin’ this shot of a “Barbie” color Freedom Tackle Ultra Diver Minnow that with that lip, was obviously getting down to where they live – can dive up to 25’+ on the troll and sounds like they do a great job of deflecting cover:

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