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Goggle-eye walleye, Frogs for ice walleye?, Inside Sprengel’s tackle box

Today’s Top 5

Goggle-eye walleye!


Kids, this is what can happen when you spend too much time on your phone:

Whoa! Sent in by Toby K of Leisure Outdoor Adventures. Have a phreak phish? Send it in!


Frogs for ice walleye??


Check out this shot from Bry’s Guide Service on Devil’s Lake, from the belly of a 17″ walleye:


Korey Sprengel’s tackle box.


Got a peek at “young gun” Korey Sprengel’s tackle box (okay — we made him send us a pic!), here it is along with his four top tips for catching our favorite fish:

1) Preparation is most important step.
2) Understand the fishery and seasonal fish movements.
3) Let your electronics do the fishing and tell you whether you should wet a line.
4) Have confidence in yourself.

Don’t forget: Have every color of everything ever made…just kidding Korey haha!


From cradle to grave, corn ethanol is more polluting than gasoline by 33%, according to recent research by the EPA.


From a post. More:

> More than 5 million acres of wildlife habitat (and counting) have been cleared and planted over to grow corn….
> Ethanol contains less energy than pure gasoline, so it’s less fuel efficient. Drivers get fewer miles to the gallon with greater concentrations of it.

>…5 gallons of water are needed to refine 1 gallon of gasoline compared to 170 gallons needed for one gallon of E10. [This is nuts!]

Write your congressmen – include as much money as you can so they’ll listen….


If your lake was 385 feet deep…


…you might catch something like this:

No idea what it is, but was caught by somewhere in Europe ice fishing in 385 feet. Seems like a long way to reel for a little fish….

Ice News

1. ND: Winnipeg monster greenback seminar.

This Thurs!

2. MI: 2 saved from Saginaw Bay.

Ice thin because of power plant nearby.

3. MN: 3 trucks go thru on Gull.

No injuries.

4. MN: Shaw’s Reef, Mille Lacs.

We heard everyone was okay:

5. IA: Ice still iffy in south.

6. Gussy goes after ice pike.

Here’s the rig:

7. Dinner’s ready!

From the North American Ice Fishing Circuit:

> Getting dinner ready for the rule meeting! Let’s get it started!!

2. MN: Team Extreme at Clearwater.Feb. 8, register by Feb. 4.

3. NY: Northern pike tournament.

St. Lawrence River Walleye Association’s Northern Pike Challenge, Feb. 21. 1,000 anglers?




1. MN: Cannibals hurting Mille Lacs ‘eyes?

> “The potential increase in cannibalism may be due to a combination of many large adult walleye and fewer lake cisco. One hypothesis is that Mille Lacs walleye once preyed heavily on lake cisco that are no longer available therefore the walleye resorted to cannibalism, even though many yellow perch are available.”

2. MN proposes invasives training/decal program.

Why? Invasives are inevi….

3. 2015 AIM Weekend Series…

…schedule and payouts are out.

4. KY: Walleyes for Wounded Heroes.

5. Lund Spring Catch savings.

6. ON: Illegal gillnetter sentenced.

7. OR: PNW Sportsmen’s Show.

8. Lindner’s Angling Edge TV schedule.

‘Eye Candy

Yet another Quinte ham!

Tip of the Day

Walleye pro Mark Brumbaugh:

> “I am always trying to fish close to cover, like weeds, rock and wood. But I also like to fish right over more subtle spots, like where the bottom composition changes, say where gravel butts up to clay or mud.”

> …lowers the lens of an Aqua-Vu underwater viewing system and searches for structure and variations in bottom composite. If neither are visible, Brumbaugh cranks up the power auger and drills another set of holes, moving until a bottom irregularity appears.

> He fishes fast when he’s hopping hole to hole. He uses heavy lures that fall fast, not wasting time getting into the money zone.

> …uses a 5/16-ounce Custom Jigs & Spins Slender Spoon with 10-lb superline and an 8-lb fluorocarbon leader.


Quote of the Day

Not a quote, but a picture is worth 1K words. Yes, StrikeMaster augers are cool even in photographs:


Shot of the Day

“Hardwater Chix” on Erie — very nice!

Gotta check this stuff out!

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