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Today’s Top 5

Hawg-bellies of the week!

1)  Dan Berghoefer iced and released this 31.5″ x 21″ hawg-belly on a Rapala Jigging Rap fishing with Green Bay guide Bret Alexander:


2)  The show goes on at Lake Winnipeg, MB. One of the few places where a 28.5″ walleye can weigh over 11.5 lbs! This one guided by Donovan Pearase of Blackwater Cats Outfitter:


3)  Jared Schwartz (@jared_schwartz_195) thwacked this paunchy slush melon ripping a #7 Rapala Jigging Rap in 15′ on Bay de Noc:


4)  NWT pro John Hoyer night-shifted this Häwgen-Dazs on the not-yet-released #13 Berkley Hit Stick — believe it’s being released at ICAST this summer:


The Next Bite TV just dropped an episode (shot late last fall) testing out the prototype in super-cold water. Couple things Keith Kavajecz said that stood out:

The bait works (rolls and has tail wag) at super-slow speeds of just 1.0-1.2 mph. Weighed discs on the bottom make it cast much further…also act as a keel to keep the bait running straight at higher speeds. Click the pic to watch the full vid:

Online walleye tournaments are a thing.

Lots of events — including fishing derbies! — are being cancelled across North America thx to *cough* coronavirus *cough*…. And if they haven’t been cancelled yet, the weigh-ins will probably look something like this:


One tourney that won’t be nixed is the Fishing Fights Cancer global walleye tournament hosted by Uncut Angling that kicks off TOMORROW (Mar 21-31).

Cool thing about walleye derbies (like this ^ one) gettin’ digital is you can fish it from anywhere the walleye season is open — don’t even have to give up your secret lake or spot, or worry about those annoying slot limits.

Get this: Costs just $20 to enter and 100% of the entry fees go to the American Cancer Society (ACS) and Canadian Cancer Society (CCS).

Longest walleye entered wins a Garmin Panoptix LiveScope Ice Bundle. #Dibs

Also be dishing out some serious prizes to the top 3 longest walleyes entered every day of the tourney, including: StrikeMaster Lithium 40v ice augers, Aqua-Vu HD10i underwater camera, SIMMS Challenger Ice Suit, Dakota Lithium batteries, a pile of Target Walleye gear [smirk emoji]…just to name a few.

Don’t worry…the smallest walleye each day wins a prize too LOL!


I’ll be signing up (through the Fish Donkey app) and gunning for that smallest-fish spot! Bummer the walleye season is closed in most of MN, but still some solid border-water options to be had….

Lot more info on the derby in this to-the-point(s) Uncut Angling vid:


Definitely think you’re gonna be seeing more and more online catch-record-release derbies like this going forward — options are endless….

Be a fishing guide, they said…. It would be fun, they said….

Guess it’s “shoulder day” for guide Dale Stroschein and his crew:


Dale: “In my 36 years of fishing as a guide out of Sturgeon Bay, WI I’ve never ever had a year with this deep of ‘shove ice’ to drill through! The drill alone is about 4′ long and I had to put two 24″ drill extensions on = about 8′ of a drill assembly [!!] and we just barely get through as you’ll see….”

WTHeck are those “black spots” on bluegills?

Have had this question asked a few times recently, so bringing back this OG vid from Ice Team pro Jason Durham where he explains what those black spots are and if they are okay to eat:


Welcome to the Midwest…

Have seen Otter Sleds used to haul deer, float decoys, drag firewood…but apparently they make good umbrellas too (lol). Ice Force pro Kee Kong thinkin’ on his toes:


Never know what you’re gonna get this time of year:


1. Lake Superior the 2nd fastest-warming lake on the planet.

Average peak ice coverage has dropped 33% since 1973 — scary trend. One Great Lakes researcher thinks “if we continue to emit greenhouse gases at the rate we are now, Lake Superior may stop freezing by the 2060s….”

Uh…maybe? Not? Local fishing charters are saying they just can’t get out to where the good lake trout fishing has typically always been anymore.

2. IL: Spring Valley MWC rescheduled to Oct 2-3.

On the Illinois River = considered “one of the continent’s top sauger fisheries” but also have a chance at some fatty walters.

> …at certain of its propulsion and boat operations over the next few weeks….

> …begin to take effect on Monday, March 23 and are expected to range from 2 to 3 weeks in duration depending on the specific circumstances for each brand, model and operation. The company intends to continue to staff and support distribution, customer service and other critical operations during this period strictly following the agency guidelines for safe operations.

 4. MN: Wake-surfing bill headed to Legislature.

> “…a bill aimed at keeping wake surfing — in which boats create waves big enough for people to surf without the need of a tow rope — 200′ from shore, docks, swimmers and other boats.”

Honestly 200′ still seems like nothing. That’s 66.67 yards…which I’m pretty sure is about one loooong cast with NanoFil line lol?!

I’m all for having fun on the water, but definitely seems like hard guidelines or regs need to be laid out — then again the people causing the most ruckus on the water probably aren’t the type to read a reg book….

5. MN/WI: Bunch of Asian carp netted in Mississippi River.

> “The DNR identified 39 silver carp and 11 grass carp caught in Pool 8 of the Mississippi, just south of La Crosse…and 1 silver carp caught in Pool 6, about 20 miles upstream. All invasive carp recovered have been given to the US Fish and Wildlife Service to determine their age, size and gender.”

Uh oh!

6. Sportsman’s Warehouse bought 2 more F&S stores.

In Kalamazoo, MI and Crescent Springs, KY. They bought 8 other locations (in MI, PA, NY, and NC) back in Oct.

8. Did you know Virginia had walleyes?

The VDGIF stocked approximately 677K walleye [!] and 60K saugeye fingerlings in 2019. Their 2020 Walleye Fishing Forecast (PDF) has a pretty interesting breakdown.

9. Episode 1 of the One-Boat Challenge is out now.

You’d never catch me dangling my boat from helicopter lol:

10. ND: Need new fishing licenses Apr 1.

11. Ross Robertson is giving away a Simms Challenger suit.

Just gotta subscribe to his YouTube channel and comment under this vid to enter. I’d be blowing that comments section up if I didn’t already own the same suit — love it.

12. Had the chance to hop on the Fish House Nation podcast.

Podcasts are sorta like talk radio shows, except you can listen to ’em anytime and anywhere you want.

We were chattin’ all things burbot. Worth a listen if you’re into those slime balls, or on the road and sick of hearing the same 12 songs on repeat.

Late-ice Panfish Giveaway! ($225)

Have a shot at winning this late-ice panfish spread from Northland Tackle, including a 24″ UL extra-fast action Cherry Picker rod!

And how ’bout that pair of massive, glowing replica Glo-Shot Spoons?! Some killer (wo)man-cave material right there!

Takes just 10 seconds to enter (click the pic below) and can share the link you get for bonus entries. Good luck! Highlights

Tip of the Day

See ALL the panfish with an underwater camera.

Late ice crappies and ‘gills often come through just a couple feet under the ice (sonar blind spot!). Dropping an underwater camera can help catch those fish you never knew were there.

Lindner Media’s Jeremy Smith and Mike Hehner like having one guy drilling the holes and the other following behind with an underwater camera — they won’t even drop a line until they see fish:


Those Aqua-Vu Micro Revolution 5.0s are slick units. Found myself using it WAY more often than my older units — probably 10x as much — because it has a reel system for cranking up the cord = no wet hands.

Btw the “Pro” model adds DVR for recording.

Meme of the Day

“Yeah…you’re gonna want to clear these people out asap….”

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Cheralyne Gibson found this Canadian pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow. #StPaddysDaySpecial


If Eskimo’s ever looking for a great contrasting color to go with their pop-up shacks, they should consider “jumbo perch.”

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