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Ever try ice fishing walleyes with plastics?

by Brett McComas

I know a lot of people have (finally) been playing ’round with plastics while ice fishing for panfish, but they can work just as good-er for walleyes….

Walters typically come through in small pods, so lot of times you can boost the number of fish you catch simply by being able to instantly drop back down on ’em…instead of dinking around with live bait.

Of course I wouldn’t mess with it on an “off” bite, but can work awesome when fishing jigging spoons more aggressively — constantly keeping ’em moving.

The particular combo below is an Impulse Minnow Head threaded onto the hook shank of a 3/8-oz “red dot glow” PK Spoon:

Pull the treble hook off and thread the shank through the middle of the Impulse Minnow Head, so the hook eye just pokes through the top. You can fish all day with this setup since the fish can’t pull the threaded minnow head off.

Recommend pre-rigging several different spoons from the comfort of your kitchen table (wife permitting lol) ‘cuz split-rings and cold fingers don’t mix.

Or maybe get a Northland Minnow Head Hook so you don’t run out of Band-Aids — also helps keep the swinging motion of the hook since the plastic can’t cover up the split-ring to restrict that motion:

Give plastics a shot the next time you’re on a decent bite. The best way to boost your confidence using the “fake” stuff is when you’re already on fish….

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