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Too early ice, 31-inch walleye released, Great under-ice GoPro vid


Today’s Top 5


Ya think?


Be careful folks – they’re just fish and they have nowhere to go!


31.25″ walleye released!


Video just published (rated R for language!), looks like caught this year in Alberta, Canada. Slob for sure!

Here’s the video of it being released.



Trout…but cool to watch the catching action:


Walleye spearing??


Pike spearing now allowed on Mille Lacs, MN – looks like some people don’t know a northern pike from a “walleyed pike:”


Aliens ice-fish too.


Want proof? Here it is – an ice circle, one of several found all over the world:



1. OH: Cleveland walleye bite hot.


2. Upper Delaware River ‘eyes (vid).


Drift boat, X-Rap Deeps and Lucky Craft Pointer 78s.


3. The Custom Jigs and Spins story.


All about the family biz.

  • “We can’t build enough Slender Spoons. I’ve already shipped tens of thousands of just our new hammered Pro Series Slender Spoons and it’s not even December….”

4. Year-round breeding coming?


For fish! In the lab:

  • “You could develop brood stocks that would spawn every month of the year.”

Is it us or does the guy on the left look a little grossed out?


5. AlumaCraft iso sales manager.


6. MN: Potash used to kill zebras…


…mussels on Christmas Lake.



Ice News



Click here to see the 2014-15 Ice Force catalog!



1. IA: Get to Hank’s Bait and Tackle TODAY!



2. ND: Fargo ice walleye seminar TOMORROW!


3. MN: Ice show this weekend!


Don’t miss it:

  • 1-9 p.m. Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.
  • Cost is $9 for ages 13 and up; $5 for ages 6 to 12 and free for kids 5 and under.

4. Ice Force apparel giveaway.


Sign up here.


5. Earliest ice ever on Great Lakes.

  • “The lakes never warmed up from our late ice season last year. It was late April that we had ice…and end of May we had ice that was floating around even up in Lake Superior.”


6. Bro’s new combos.


Brian “Bro” Brosdahl:



> “The Straight Line 371 is the fastest multiplier-style ice reel on the market. Its 3.7:1 gear ratio retrieves nearly 2 feet of line with every revolution of its oversized handle. Anglers thought of straight lining as a shallow water technique only – not anymore.”


> The new 371 reel adds a seamless free-spool function. Dropping a tiny jig into 5, 15 or 30 feet of water’s as painless as tapping a button…. An audible bait clicker even aids deadsticking presentations.


> Frabill has also added a second, interchangeable reel stem-one for anglers who prefer to palm the reel, and another longneck version for gripping with thick gloves and mittens.


> Affixed to this freeze-proof ice tool is one of six various Bro Series Ice Rods, each custom built to Brosdahl’s strict stipulations. Two of Bro’s application-specific ‘faves – a 24-inch Panfish Jig rod and a 36-inch Finesse Walleye model….


7. CO: 2 rescued from Evergreen Lake.


Anglers fell through the ice, 50 yards from shore, two passerbys just happened to see them.



9. ND: Ice house proximity reminder.


State law prohibits someone from plopping down an ice house closer than 50 feet to another ice house without the consent of the other angler.


10. CT: Free ice fishing classes.


> Wednesday, Jan. 14, 6 to 8 p.m. in Room 155 of the Margaret Egan , 35 Matthew Street, Milford. To preregister, call Chris DeForge at 203-877-7571.


Need some ice motivation? As if…but here you go anyway:

Lake of the Woods Report


It’s on!


> Anglers spent Thanksgiving weekend out filling limits of walleyes and saugers, with some big pike and some jumbo perch in the mix. Depths range from 18-26 feet. Hot colors have been gold, orange, bubble gum or glow tipped with live minnow on bobber line or a frozen shiner head on jigging spoon.


Get more info here.


Tip of the Day

Try lures for ice walleyes.


> …most winter walleye anglers learned to fish with the traditional minnow and bobber routine, eventually graduating to tipping a minnow onto a spoon. The next leap is using a lure and trusting in the action of that lure to trigger fish.


> If you are going to just sit and wait, use live bait. If however you work the lure and can analyze the response of the fish with electronics, soft plastics can work better than live bait. Here’s why: Soft plastics are much more durable and in some cases have as good or better action.


> Often I just use a pinched off minnow head below spoons or swim lures. With just a minnow head, the hook is in the mouth of a fish.


> If you don’t fish aggressively or at least give the fish that option at times, you will not see aggressive fish. Very rarely do you ever see an aggressive response from fish with passive presentations.


> There will always be times when an angler has to break out live bait but what will surprise many anglers is how often you don’t need live bait.

Quote of the Day


The reality is that live bait still tastes better than any soft plastic.


Jason Mitchell writing about ice fishing for panfish. We’ll take your word for it Jason hahaha!

Shot of the Day

Bee-you-tiful ice rainbow shot:

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