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Burbot hot tub, Whopper ‘eyes still being caught, Weird ice derby rules


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Jason R. posted this…may be a sign that winter’s been a bit too long:



Whopper ‘eyes still being caught.




If you have a heart condition, please avert your eyes:


11+ lbs

Last but not least this whale:





Remember this fish from the White River?

Well, he caught it on this — this is the actual bait:

Seems like often when it comes to truly giant fish, the “big bait/big fish” rule doesn’t necessarily apply.





A bit…different…backwards?

> International rules allow a single palm rod no more than 11 inches in length [!!!!] and a single mormyshka, or Russian jig, no larger than about 0.6 of an inch. No electronics are allowed, and only hand-operated augers can be employed.

> Lines are wispy at 1-pound test or less, and baits are so small that larger fish hardly, if at all, take notice. Fish counted in competitions — sometimes at 5 grams — might seem no bigger than bait to the bulk of anglers. “It’s not about size. It’s about how many you catch and how fast you can get them.”

> Drilling dozens of holes with a hand-operated auger during the span of a few hours requires a certain level of strength and fitness. Competitors don’t get to sit on a bucket while waiting for a fish to peck at the bait. Instead, they squat over a hole in order to be able to quickly yank a hooked fish onto the ice and rapidly get bait and line back into the water.

> Five team members from each country may fish, and each competing fisherman is permitted a spotter who keeps his distance from the fisherman while keeping the competitor informed on what and how much is being caught in fishing zones nearby.

The 2015 world championships will be held during the last week of March in Finland. In case you think the U.S. dominates:

> A year ago in Belarus, the U.S. team finished 12th among 14 squads, far behind medalists Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, and just ahead of Mongolia and the last-place Czech Republic.

> The United States claimed a world title in 2010 when the tournament was held on home ice in Wisconsin.






Get your ‘Bird out! Awesome idea, remember it for next year:



1. Marianne Huskey gets Garmin.

2. MI: 7.95 wins Flushing ‘eye derby.

3. WI: WI River open at Dells.

And the Fox River too:

4. MI: Walleye eggs to be collected on Muskegon.

5. MI: Detroit River walleye charters.

6. ND: Record cisco.

Jack Fletcher, Lake Oahe, 2-lb 9-oz cisco, beat the old record by 1 oz.

7. Outboards up 5.5%…

…in Feb, rolling 12 months.

8. New U.S.-Canada border deal in works.

To speed up travel between the two countries.

9. MN: LOTW fishing report.

Ice fishing continues for some resorts, others have pulled their houses. Resorts monitoring ice daily, safety first.

> Fishing has improved this week. Mixed reports off of Pine Island with some good fishing coming in from 20-24′. Morris Point area reports continued pike action as well as decent walleye bite in 26-28′. Arnesen’s and Long Point reporting better walleye fishing this week as well. Some pike activity.

> Up at the NW Angle, walleye action continues with mixed in jumbo perch. Good morning/evening bite in 20-26′ on south end of Oak Island. Some fishing still on east side of Little Oak. Crappie action good on the Ontario side. Pike anglers having success.

> Rainy River — Word is have your boats ready. As of Monday, open water 5.5 miles east of Birchdale. Open water showing in the middle of river in front of Birchdale.


A pic is worth 1K words so here you go:


1. MI: Lake Huron workshops coming.

If you’re interested in the state of fishing on Lake Huron. Dates:
> April 13th – Oscoda, MI
> April 28th – Cedarville, MI
> April 30th – Bay City, MI

2. MN: Northland Tackle meet/greet.

April 25, noon to 4pm in Bemidji.



‘Eye Candy

Very nice:

Tip of the Day


Quote of the Day


I was winning and doing well with the tournaments so I didn’t need to work anymore.


Mark Martin talking. Guess he doesn’t think fishing tournaments is work!


Shot of the Day


Awesome Billy Lindner shot. Can’t wait for open water!

Gotta check this stuff out!

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