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Barbless trophy ‘eye, Green Bay giant, Always use zoom

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Today’s Top 4


Look at this Lake of the Prairies BEAST!



Susan G., Lake of the Prairies, MB, 31″ and 13.5 lbs. And…how ’bout barbless!

> They had seen a large Mark on their flasher come in and out a few times but would not take the Lures they had been using. Susan told Roger she was going to tie on a 1/4-oz PK Flutterfish firetiger pattern.

> She pinched the barbs, added a small minnow head and Bait Button as to not lose the minnow head. She dropped the Lure down and twitched it a few times. The fish charged in and smashed the Flutterfish, almost ripping the rod out of her hands.

After an epic 5-min battle the monster was on the ice and in Susan’s arms. Susan could hardly speak and was shaking! (Add a tear or two!)

Way to go, Susan!

Giganto Green Bay ‘eye.




11.48 lbs! Big catch and an even bigger release. Green Bay, Door Peninsula:

Open-water bite still goin’ on Lake Ontario.




What a tank! TWI reader Rob H. with another Lake Ontario sow:

12lb-class fish smashed a Size 12 Rapala Jointed Husky Jerk.

Dudes didn’t give the lakers a break either!

Kids ice perch smackdown.




13.5″ sumo perch caught by 11yo Ryan E. A Northland Buck-Shot Spoon sealed the deal:

A pair of Devils Lake jumbos from 9yo Graci:

Big grins in the awesome Devils Lake public fish cleaning house:

The face says it all!

Ice Fishing

1. MN: Carbon monoxide poisoning claims life.

> One man is dead and another is in a Twin Cities hospital after an apparent carbon monoxide poisoning in an ice fishing house Sunday on Leech Lake, MN.

> The initial investigation points to propane devices used for heat were not properly ventilated and there were unsafe levels of carbon monoxide inside the structure, the release said.

> When you are in an enclosed space, DO pay attention to flu-like symptoms, especially if more than one person has them. Headache, dizziness, confusion, fatigue and feeling sick to your stomach are all common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Grim reminder to all those spending time on the ice. RIP, fishing brother.

2. Early Erie ice = risky.

The next day that ice could be across the lake. Just ask Capt. Ross Robertson:

3. ON: Lake Simcoe ice still sketchy.

4. MI: DNR announces Lake Michigan access points.

5. MN: Holst does hardhouse ‘eyes on Leech Lake.

6, Heater vs por fishhouse. Best way to patch & fix.

7. New “Fish-Well” from Clam Outdoors.


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1. OH: Shore-casting Erie’s winter walleyes. Hardcore!

2. DIY mapping on new Humminbird HELIX 9 and 10.

  • Generates maps in real-time, right on units.
  • No uploading to the Cloud or any servers.
  • Super bright screens.
  • Networkable with any Ethernet-capable units, iPilot Link, etc.
  • Work with new LakeMaster PLUS cards that offer satellite aerial overlay.
  • Price tag? Units start at $699.99. Su-weeet!

2. OR: Tiger trout to help control unwanted scrap fish.

3. NWT available on Roku.

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‘Eye Candy

Matt M. mining Lake Simcoe, a 14.75″ bar of gold on Lunkerhunt’s Magic Bean:

Tip of the Day



Interesting stuff:

> “Zoom isn’t just to enlarge the view. It actually improves the resolution and target separation for whatever you’re fishing.”


Quote of the Day


You know fishing’s good when the fish will hit cigarette butts.


Outdoor writer Brad Dokken spilling the beans on the epic backcountry trout lakes of Red Lake Reservation.

Shot of the Day


Uh-oh — ever happen to you?

Let’s go ice!

Check this stuff out!

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