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Al’s rip jigging secrets, Outboard drift trick, Eye guys crush bass

We all love a good BBQ, but don’t forget what Memorial Day is really about: Remembering and honoring those that made the ultimate sacrifice for YOU. Hope everyone has a great + safe weekend and thx for reading!

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Today’s Top 5

Gargantuan water-melóns of the week!

This northern MN gargantuan decided to get a little tropical, smashing Stephen Roller’s ‘Caribbean shad’ color Rapala Shad Rap trolled in 9′:

That color’s been flying under the radar, but for sure catches ’em. I really like it ‘cuz it mimics shiners, perch, bluegills — basically anything in the system — with one bait:

Jiggy Andersen hoisting up a Leech Lake, MN water-melón — heard the bite’s been [fire emoji] for “overs.” Side note: Anyone else a sucker for lime green? Believe that’s the Blackfish Zenith Softshell Jacket. #MeLikey

Check the UT backdrop on Julian Pinney’s shot…yup, you read that right…some killer ‘eyes in Utah! Flavor of the day = “purple clown” Rapala Husky Jerk:

Al Lindner’s rip jigging secrets…ALL of ’em!

If you’re only going to watch ONE rip-jigging video, THIS is the video! Al gives up a few secrets that we were previously sworn to never talk about. Here it is from the man who perfected (invented?) “rip jigging” for shallow walleyes:

Al forgot to mention you’ll need plenty of spinach in order to rip jig all day:


“Any color works as long as it’s firetiger.”

Lol that’s what NWT pro Bill Shimota had to say about the always-fishy color, “firetiger.” One of those must-haves that catch ’em everywhere. Lots of companies are putting their own twist on it nowadays, which is your favorite?

Whoops…wrong pic. Dangit Google. Let’s try that again:

Much better. And ‘cuz I know people will ask…this should make it easier:

1. Rapala Jigging Rap
2. Clam Drop Tg tungsten jig
3. Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Walleye Deep Diver
4. Phantom Lures Boogey (brand new first look)
5. Berkley Flicker Shad
6. Someday Isle Tackle Water Puppet
7. VMC Hot Skirt Glow Jig
8. Northland Rippin’ Shad
9. Bagley Balsa Minnow

All quality stuff right there. #FiretigerForTheWin

“Walleye guys” crush the brown bass!

“Walleye guys” made their presence known at the Sturgeon Bay Open bass tourney last weekend on Lake Michigan’s Sturgeon Bay in Door County, WI. A pile of ’em finished high in the standing against a stacked 125-boat field.


How? Gary Parsons summed it up nicely:

> “You put a green largemouth in front of us, we all get scared…but smallies are almost walleyes.”

Lol touche man!

Korey Sprengel and Adam Neu were leading after day 1 with a 29.15-lb [!] sack of bronze. Caught throwing the same bait he used to win the Winnebago NWT — a “chameleon pearl” Berkley Cutter 90 Shallow:

Walleye-nuts Robert Blosser and Joe Okada finished 2nd overall with a 2-day bag of 51.47 lbs…dang near a 5.15-lb average on 10 fish!

Chase and Gary Parsons were slingin’ tubes, piling up 51.42-lbs of smalljaw for 3rd:

Mark Courts and Scott Walsh were in 2nd after day 1 and finished 11th overall with a 2-day bag of 48.56 lbs:

Willing to bet you wouldn’t see those same kinda results if the situation was reversed…would almost feel bad throwing a handful of bassin’ pros into a 125-boat walleye derby….

“I would be disappointed if this was an AIM tournament.”

Thought the Hunchback of Notre-Dame was in Paris, but NWT pro Robert Cardenas plucked this Quasimodo walleye outta Mississippi River’s Pool 4:


Should be an absolute slugfest! Some guys are saying it could take up to 60 lbs (2-day bag of 10 fish) to win.
Actually a normal thing that can help fisheries….

4. MN: Crawler bite will be here soon……on Lake of the Woods. Brush up on your bottom-bouncer skills with this Joe Henry write-up. Works:

Not good.

6. Skarlis talks The Ripper from Do-It Molds (video).Lovin’ the DIY stuff from Do-It Molds. If you’re a hands-on kind of fisherman check ’em out to make your own fish catchers. Chuck Ladenheim poured up eggsactly what the Dr. ordered:


7. Patrick Sebile back in the tackle biz.

From Someday Isle Tackle. Love that color on anything:

9. You seen this Aqua-Vu gadget yet?Called the XD Pole Adaptor and used for snooping around log jams, weedbeds, under docks or to see what the guy in the boat next to you’s using (lol):

10. NH doing lead tackle buy-back.

11. MN: 1st annual Blackfish Classic Tournament.

New bass derby happenin’ Jul 30 on Lake Minnetonka has a $10K 1st-place prize. Think any walleye guys can finish near the top o’ this one too? More deets here or click the pic below:


12. Johnson Outdoors mega giveaway.

Over $5K worth of stuff! Not our giveaway, but thought we’d share it with you.

Tip of the Day

Here’s Chase Parsons on how tilting the motor up and down, or putting it into gear (while off), can adjust your trolling/drifting speed:

Video Meme of the Day

Sound familiar?

Today’s ‘Eye Candy

I can’t wait to get back to Woodland Resort on Devils Lake, ND this July. Freakin’ gorgeous shots — like this one from Tanner Cherney — don’t make the wait go by any quicker:

Hope you get a night like this over the weekend!

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