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30-plus ‘eyes still biting, Zanderosaurus, Undervalued presentations

Just one Target Walleye this week because of the short week (THANK YOU to all who have served in our military!), back on schedule next week. Hope you get out after ’em this weekend — good luck and be safe!

Today’s Top 5




Caught somewhere in Europe, with a whole piglet:

Okay just kidding about the whole piglet part, but what does a fish like that eat? Maybe European perch like this:


Big ‘eyes still biting.




Just in case you thought big ‘eye catches were all about the spawning run….

32″ of Erie slob:

Cassy’s PB ‘eye on Lake of the Woods:

A 30.75-incher also from LOTW:

Stephen W. cracked this 10-lb Port Clinton minnow mower cranking from the shore:

How to make walleye taste better.



Tips you won’t find on the Food Network….

What’s this?




That’s 100,000 walleye fry. Guess how much they weigh?

1 lb.

So one 10-lb walleye weighs the same as 1 million fry.

Somehow this math is significant, just not sure how. Homer?

Walleye escape attempt.




Expression in the walleye’s eye seems to be, “uUh-oh I ain’t gonna make it!”



3. Yamaha adds Spencer Deutz to walleye team.


4. MT: Some want walleye spearing??

5. ND/SD: Oahe research results.

> “Fish tagged in North Dakota moved greater distances than those tagged in South Dakota. That could be due to the fact that the lake’s northern reaches have less steep shorelines, and drops in water levels might displace fish more easily.”

> “Walleye put on some growth last year for the first time since the flood of 2011. The forage has improved, and walleye condition has improved.”


6. MN: Juggling Red lake walleye pops.

7. IN: New regs.

Walleye slot bumped to 16″ on most northern Indiana fisheries. 44″ musky slot on Webster, Backwater and Kiser lakes. Still no bluegill limit.

8. New Humminbird Bluetooth Remote for ONIX.

> Take wireless control of your Humminbird. Our all-new remote lets you mark waypoints on the fly, zoom in and out, adjust sonar sensitivity and toggle through your favorite custom views.

> Each key has a short press and long press function, enabling you to customize the remote’s capabilities to reflect your fishing style. For instance, a long press of the Mark button can be programmed to power your unit on or off, deploy your 360 Imaging transducer or even create an i-Pilot Link Spot-Lock.


9. AR: Lack of food hurts Greers Ferry.

10. KS: Man finds car with Humminbird.

Body inside…RIP.

11. CA: Lead tackle ban would reduce fishing.


GREAT places to fish – check ’em out!

‘Eye Candy

When you can hold walleye up like this it’s not the best tournament in the world, but hey, any walleye derby in West Virginia is a good thing!

Tip of the Day

Gord Pyzer: Undervalued presentations.

> Pitching soft yellow perch-colored swimbaits: “Walleye and northern pike spawn well ahead of yellow perch in the spring, so as they recover they become hungry. They also look for warm, comfor surroundings, like cozy, black, mud-bottomed back bays where — by no mere coincidence — hordes of yellow perch are milling about getting ready to spawn.”

> “Another pattern many walleye anglers overlook is dragging a tube jig. Seems everyone mistakenly believes that soft plastic tubes are made only for bass, but we’ve had wonderful results dragging them for walleye. Especially when the big ‘eyes are grubbing along the bottom, eating crawfish and invertebrates.

Quote of the Day


It went all the way up to 64 lbs, then my scale broke and went into a thousand pieces.


– Lawrence Dillman, who recently caught a new MO record striper — 65 lbs 2 oz, 49″ long, 36″ girth — on Bull Shoals, from the shore, while sound asleep:

Was fishing a live 6″ chub minnow on 20-lb test. Not a walleye, but look at that fish!

Shot of the Day

Western NY guide Denis Kreze is bangin’ ’em — great shot:

Gotta check this stuff out!

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