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Zander catches in ND, Parade of pigs, Humpback pike caught

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More ZANDER caught in North Dakota!

Case you didn’t know:

> The ND Game and Fish Dept stocked Spiritwood Lake, ND with 180K European zander fry and 1,050 fingerlings in ’89 after failed attempts in ’87 and ’88. The state scrapped the program in ’90 because of concerns from neighboring states MN, SD, MT and the province of MB.

Still a very small population in there, but they ARE reproducing successfully. Here’s a couple more that were caught this spring.

Alex Huber (@a_huber1) stuck this ND zandebeest on a 1/2-oz jig with an “Uncle Rico” color Berkley Ripple Shad:

Love how flawless and finned-out Josh Jaskowski’s (@jjoutdoors9) zander is! Caught on a VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig with a “fire tiger” Walleye Assassin plastic:

They’re not giants considering zander can grow up to 40+ inches and 20+ lbs…but they are super rare and awesome catches over here in the States.

Did some digging and found out the ND state record zander weighed 11-03 (32″). According to Game and Fish’s Whopper Club database it was caught Jul 17, 2013 by Christopher Sayler:

Pumped for you peeps lucky enough to catch one, but definitely a little jelly:

Heartbreak of the week.

Choose your net man/woman very carefully…. Clip from PK Lures. #OhNo

Don’t worry, looks like they redeemed themselves…. Hunter joined the 30″ club testing a PK Lures prototype — trolling for fish suspended 14-20′ down over 45′:

Parade of pigs!!

The walleye season is closed in lots of places across the walleye world, but there’s still plenty of fish to be caught if you’re willing to bundle up and put a few (hundred?) miles behind the windshield….

NWT pro John Hoyer (@johnhoyerfish) broke in his new rig with a 6-day trip to Lake Erie. He dialed in the BIGS running darker-color #11 Berkley Flicker Minnows and Bandits 80-120′ back on 12-lb Berkley Trilene XT (lo-vis green). #Dialed

Someone tell Austin Zimmerman (@azimmerman55) it’s okay to smile when you break your PB twice in one night…lol. Brought both of ’em to the bank with a “gold” #12 Rapala Husky Jerk. Congrats dude!

Casey Doran (@caseyp_doran) found himself a warmwater pocket and stuck this Green Bay slaunch working a “chartreuse shad” color #6 Rapala Rippin’ Rap along a break in 8′. Crazy how a couple-degree water temp change can turn ’em on (or off) like a light switch:

Another spring giant that scarfed up a Rapala Rippin’ Rap — a bait that needs to be added to your early-spring arsenal [hammer emoji]. This one caught by Matthew Zingler (@matthewzingler) and went a hefty 11.4 lbs. Great shot:

Justin Best got himself a 32″ Green bay teener (13.3 lbs!) on a “parakeet” color Northland Whistler Jig! Looks cold…but no doubt worth it:

Cullen Gress plucked this slob from the Missouri River, ND pitching shallows with a “firetiger” Berkley Ripple Shad on a 3/8-oz jig:

This fish is the definition of girth. Just 21″ long, but went a thiiiiiick 6.4 lbs. @swilleyjr caught it on a double bacon cheeseburger Walleye Assassin Turbo Shad:

No such thing as an “off-season” for Korey Sprengel.

When he’s not chasin’ NWT checks — or hardwater guiding on Devils Lake, ND — he’s dialing in his gear. Quick tweak he does to his Off Shore Tackle Guppy Weights for less line twist:

> Sprengel: “Rigged up some fresh Off Shore Tackle guppy weights for trolling. I like adding a bead chain and clip to keep down any of the line twist created from the spinner.”

Might not seem like a big deal, but those minor details are why Sprengel has racked up over $400K [!] in NWT winnings alone.

Asked him what he thought that number would be if it included other tourney winnings, local derbies, etc…and he just smiled:


Humpback pike caught.

Brandon Patnoe’s (@bpatnoe) buddy wrassled in this humpback water wolf — maybe caused by some type of injury when it was just a little pup?

So that’s why they look like arcs on the graph….


1. Blue walleyes have natural sunscreen?

According to Wayne Schaefer, a researcher from the University of WI:

> “The blue walleye of northern CAN are just a color variation of a regular walleye.”

Not the same thing as the “blue pike” subspecies that became extinct from Lake Erie by the mid-1950s.

> “The color…to my surprise…was found in the mucous of the fish — not in the scales. The mucous that creates the blue color — called Sandercyanin — is a form of protection for the fish [from ultraviolet radiation].”

Now you know….

2. Uncut Angling vs EVERYONE…round 2.

Uncut had an online tourney for the LONGEST walleye caught the last 10 days of March. Could enter (for $10) from anywhere the walleye fishin’ season was open.

Heads up: He announced the next one is happenin’ May 18-27. Few deets here, will follow up as Mr. Wiebe releases more info.

3. MN: MWC on Big Stone happenin’ Apr 26-27.

Registration closes Monday afternoon.

4. Awesome read about tourney legend Pete Harsh.

Love this opening paragraph:

> “Harsh is a matter-of-fact Minnesotan with a savvy and nuanced ability to maneuver through both the political business side of the sport fishing and boating industry, and to be able to function as one of the most skilled anglers that pro walleye fishing has produced.”

Definitely worth a read for you walleye tourney junkies.

5. TX is stocking Greenbelt Rez with 700K walleye fry.

They say “everything is bigger in TX” but the state record is just a measly 11.88-lber (lol). Honestly didn’t even know they had a fishable population down yonder, so props!

6. If you’re lookin’ for new shallow-water anchors.

Minn Kota’s got a deal goin’ until Jun 30:

> Buy any two 12′ or 15′ Talon shallow-water anchors by Jun 30 and get a $500 mail-in rebate.

I’ve got a 12′ Talon on the back of my rig. Between that and the Spot-Lock my Minn Kota Ultrex, only reason I ever put an anchor in my boat is if the regs (on certain waters) require me to. Spendy stuff, but honestly can’t imagine a fishin’ life without either of ’em now.

7. Underrated fishin’ YouTube channel of the day.

It’s not just another fishing show…it’s Another Fishing Show lol. Still trying to figure out how they only have 2K subscribers…show ’em some love if fishing podcasts and YouTube episodes are your thing.

8. Navionics adds SonarChart “Shading.”

Coming sometime mid-spring to their Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum:

9. New Power-Pole system keeps everything charged…better?

> The Charge [system] operates as a bi-directional marine battery charging and power-management built to divert power around to electronics where it’s needed most, while keeping batteries continually charged and monitored.

10. Pure Fishing’s new prez is from Goldman Sachs.

11. New Target Walleye Ts!!

Also got a bunch of stuff back in stock if you’ve been asking. Here’s a look at some of the new stuff. #FishHeads< /div>

Tip of the Day

From the looks of things spring is (finally) here to stay in walleye country. As tempting as it is to just jump in the boat and hit the closest open water, running through your rig beforehand can save you money and headaches.

This oldie-but-goodie Wired2Fish write-up has a pile of helpful info if you’re wondering where to start. Few excerpts below:


> It is very important to make sure that properly charged batteries have terminals covered and corrosion free — a drop or two of 3-in-1 oil can keep most deposits from forming. A small wire brush can be used to clean terminals and connections.

> …keep batteries filled but not overfilled…you can use battery acid that you can get at most automotive stores or as second option distilled water. NEVER use tap water in your batteries. It can shorten the battery life and may not provide a quality charge.

Trolling motor

> Remove the prop now and again to check for line on the shaft of the motor.

> We also lubricate and protect the foot, spring and head of the trolling motor after each trip. We use Cover-All Protectant for the non-moving parts and WD-40 for those that move and are outside the unit.

Livewells and sump

> Spring is a great time to wipe and vacuum out livewells and the sump area of the boat. Get all the loose particles from screens and from under bilge/livewell pumps.

> Rinse sump area with a light soap and flush. Never use soap in the livewell for obvious reasons — several companies have tank cleaners that don’t harm fish but will remove grime and residue.


> It’s always good to start with a ‘fresh’ tank of gas each year but using Stabil or Sea Foam in old gas will make sure moisture is eliminated.

> …inspect your prop for dings or dents — most of the time these can be fixed by local prop repair guys for a fraction of the price of a new prop.

Quote of the Day

If you like walleye fishing, we have a walleye fishery…we’re trying to keep it from becoming a better walleye fishery, yeah.

– That’s the IDFG talking about how [they think] walleye and mysid shrimp are threatening the kokanee, rainbow, and bull trout populations in Lake Pend Oreille….

> IDFG conducted a 3-week gillnet campaign in 2018. It caught and killed more than 1,200 walleye and donated 3,580-lbs of [walleye] meat to local food banks.


Today’s ‘Eye Candy

Weird…another ridiculously paunchy [!] catch from guide Doug Wegner (@dougwegner_fishing). Okay, not weird…. Inhaled a 4″ Keitech Easy Shiner:


Instagram hiding “like” counts in leaked design prototype. Not a huge deal unless you’re someone who’s just fishing for “likes” lol….

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